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Who knows the impact of this virtual conventions patent ?

Landmark Patent for Online Conventions Granted to Software Management, Inc.

Pittsburgh-Based Company Secures Major Competitive Edge in Internet-Based “Virtual Conventions” and Event Management

Pittsburgh, PA, September 22, 2009 Software Management, Inc. (SMI), a Pittsburgh company that developed a “virtual convention venue” for conducting online meetings, conventions and trade shows, has been granted a patent for its technology by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

With this patent, SMI now holds exclusive patent rights to their highly effective software application which is essential for online conventions in the destination management industry.  The company will now make full use of its proprietary technology to enhance its existing products and services.

“This is a very significant development in our industry and certainly for our company,” said Jennifer W. Reichenbach, President of Software Management, Inc.  “Most of the concepts covered by this patent were introduced and incorporated in our product technology following our application for a patent in December 1998.  We now intend to evaluate a variety of strategic alternatives based upon this issued patent, and continue to enhance the functionality of our Destination 3000 products in the marketplace.”

Since 1998, Software Management has worked to complete the technical and legal requirements to secure government approval.  Th patent, entitled “A Method and System for Conducting a Plurality of Cyber-Based Conventions,” was issued on September 15, 2009 (Patent No. 7,590,688).

It was invented, designed and developed by Software Mangement founder and retired CEO Paul D. Franke, Sr.

SMI’s patented technology enables industry associations, convention and visitors bureaus, meeting planners and others to conduct and augment multiple industry events online, simultaneously, including the ability to manage and conduct virtual expositions and attendee registrations.  For example, the user can register and “attend” an industry conference or trade show simply by viewing it at their computer from a remote location.  Users can register online, participate, and enjoy the benefits of the event in much the same way that others who would travel to the event would.

The SMI system receives and stores convention data and parameters from meeting planners.  It then receives and stores exhibit booth display data for the convention from exhibitors.  Based on search criteria provided by participating attendees, the website server releases stored database convention information based on the attendee’s interactive use online.  In this way, the SMI system creates a “virtual convention venue” for conventions that exist only online.  Additionally, the system supports and augments a convention or meeting being held in a physical or venue-based center.

“Many of our clients have supported our efforts to seek this valuable patent protection,” says Reichenbach.  “They have placed their trust in SMI’s technology, products and professionals, and now share in our excitement with a long-term future now protected with rights under U.S. patent law.”

For more information on Software Mangement, Inc., visit us at www.softwaremgt.com.

About Software Management, Inc. and Destination 3000

Software Management, Inc. (SMI) delivers powerful, affordable and customizable sales, marketing and customer relationship management solutions that are designed “from the ground up” for destination marketing organizations.  In business for over 25 years, SMI is an established and experienced technology provider.

SMI’s client list includes destinations of all sizes and operating budgets, with customers ranging in size from over 100 employees to some with just one or two full-time staff.  This versatile customer base demonstrates the flexibility and affordability of our solutions, putting our Destination 3000 technology product within the means of any destination that wants to realize the power of true and complete sales and customer relationship automation.

About Paul D. Franke, Sr. (Inventor and Patent Holder) Retired Founder of Software Management, Inc.

Paul D. Franke, Sr. has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, and a total of 36 years software and computer industry experience.  A management science graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University, Franke helped design the world’s first on-line ATM banking system, and has lead his own company’s efforts to develop and deliver the destination industry’s first Windows-based database management system currently in use in over 50% of the major “top-travel” cities accross the USA.

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The Conference Starts Before Anyone Shows Up

David Meerman Scott’s view on Social Media for events highlighting Singapore’s 1st Tattoo Show as an examnple…

The 1st Singapore Tattoo Show, held Jan. 9–11, 2009, was endorsed and supported by the Singapore Tourism Board and included show ambassador Chris Garver of Miami Ink. The goal was to get 5,000 visitors to the show, where more than 120 artists from around the globe representing all the various modern tattoo styles ticked away with their machines and all sorts of fun and funky exhibitors showed their wares.

Promotions leading up to the Singapore Tattoo Show were anything but ordinary, and what I find particularly impressive as a show promotional tool was the Facebook Group called Tattoo Artistry that was started by organizers 3 months prior to the event. Facebook turned out to be a terrific way for people to connect well before the physical event, and the Tattoo Artistry Facebook Group quickly gained 3,000 members, securing a place as the center of this artwork for the region. The physical show started with a virtual group.

The passion of the members of the Tattoo Artistry Facebook Group for “their event” meant thousands of people promoting to their Facebook friends. The online community aggregated people eager to attend the live event. Instead of relying on buying expensive advertising, a community of passionate fans built anticipation and buzz.

With more than 15,000 people attending, the Singapore Tattoo Show brought three times the expected number of attendees Just as interesting, The Tattoo Artistry Facebook group is now Asia’s largest social network for the tattoo industry, tattoo enthusiasts, and fans. The group will continue to grow as an online destination to connect, and plans are already underway for the 2nd Singapore Tattoo Show in 2010 with the Facebook group as the center of the free promotions for the event.


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