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Tattoo Pride for Tattoo Artistry in Asia

The 2nd Singapore Tattoo Convention – TAT2 2010 brings together once again the international practitioners, tradesmen and enthusiasts of tattoo art in a 3-day show to be held for the second time in Singapore.

Fans of this unique art form can witness live tattooing of world renowned artists at work, serving as canvas for their inspiration while friends and supporters participate in seminars, watch performances and vote for their favourite tattoo artists in the tattoo contests.

This event brands Singapore on a global map and proudly says ‘its uniquely Singapore!’ to the overseas visitors who will attend this tattoo show.

The 2nd Singapore Tattoo Convention – TAT2 2010 – Tattoo Pride for Tattoo Artistry in Asia


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Tattoo Artistry

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Amazingly awesome crowd of 15,000 attendees, Chris Garver of Miami Ink, Paul Booth, Bob Tyrrell and our supporter Singapore Tourism Board (STB) welcomed Singapore’s 1st Tattoo Show to the Shores of Singapore


Over 120+ Local & International Tattooists to converged on Singapore Expo 9 – 11 January 2009 to Showcase, Educate & Celebrate Tattoo Artistry.

Show included exhibitions, entertainment, & contests and was open to the Public



Singapore October – 2009, Event organizer, today announced the 1st Singapore Tattoo Show 2009, to be held at the Singapore Expo from 9 – 11 January 2009. The event is endorsed and supported by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) with Show Ambassador Chris Garver of Miami Ink, will place Singapore on the global map for Tattoo Artistry and best practices for one of the fastest growing and most enduring Industries today.

Some of the world’s renowned tattooists will be in Singapore to showcase their tattoo talents and create unique pieces of artwork. The extraordinary first tattoo show in Singapore will present over 120 artists from around the globe and will represent all the various modern tattoo styles ticking away with their machines in an exciting exhibition styled atmosphere.  Over 5000 visitors from around the region are expected to attend the 3-day event.


Tattoos are a passion for some and an art form for others. For most people a tattoo is a very popular fashion trend that exploded in recent years and has become a part of the collective imaginary of tattoo Artistry thanks to advertising, fashion, movies and TV which have used tattoo icons for messages that underline the freedom of choice of each individual.

“The tattoo show is an event that we know will draw different and varied visitors, keen to be educated, experience the art and be entertained. Some enthusiasts travel around the world to take part in tattoo shows, it is a time in which this art is experienced on one’s own skin and, it is difficult not to be affected by the unique atmosphere that makes tattoos a very familiar and easy form of body art for everybody’” said Kirby Lian from Utopia Studio, the Official Event Partner who is also the show’s inspirational mentor.

One of the most highly anticipated moments of the show will be the Tattoo Contests. A time in which the tattooed public become the protagonists. The tattoo contests are organized for the different categories (best black & grey, best color, tattoo of the day, etc) and every day artists and the visitors can take part in an exciting competition in which art takes centre stage.

About the Organizer

This young start-up company combines vision and passion for the tattoo artistry, bearing the charter to change the social norms associated with the permanence of this art form. Behind the company is a team comprising a professional tattoo artist-entrepreneur with 7 years’ industry experience and a marketer formerly from a multinational company. Having developed a wide network of global tattoo artists whom many are considered close friends, this team aims to promote the tattoo industry for the appreciation and commercialism of tattoo art. For more information please visit

Contact Information
Interested media, advertisers and sponsors should contact the show organizer before the closing date of 31 October 2008 at: Debra or Andrew

Join the facebook Group Here: Tattoo Artistry to keep up to date with pre event happening.

9 responses to “Tattoo Pride

  1. Wow! Sounds great!
    Chris Garver is my favourit tattoo artist!

    Maybe I can managed to get tattooed by him 🙂

  2. Pingback: Chris Garver to Ink 1 Winner at 1st Singapore Tattoo Show 2009 « APLINK - itsReal

  3. IcE -T Terence

    Will Chris Garver be doin a showcase tattoo or somethin liddat?

  4. Woohoo! link your entry to my mine! 3 more days to the tattoo show!!

    I’m psyched!

  5. Pingback: Kat Von D Singapore wants you « APLINK - itsReal

  6. billydec

    I saw pics of the convention and it looked like a huge success. I’m sure next year’s event will be even better. I’m glad Chris Garver supported the event and I’m sure he’ll go back again in the future. I heard he had a great time.

  7. Hi! Chris Garver, you got a deep sight on tattoos. Where can i find your more artwork online.

  8. Cool site! In case any of your readers are looking for tattooing designs, here is a great site that I used, it is free. it has really neat 3D designs. love, terri

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