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Bob Tyrrell, Mick Squires, Chris Garver, Kim Saigh, Matt Booth, Marc Pinto – Singapore to Surf’n’Ink

Tattooink.tv had a huge start to the new year as their crews had their bags packed and their passports ready to head out and catch all the action from Singapore to Surfers.

First stop was Singapore Tat2 Show where some of the biggest names were.  See our interviews with Bob Tyrrell, Chris Garver, Kim Saigh, Room 101’s Matt Booth and Australia’s own Mick Squires


Canberra was once again the host to Summernats and Sally headed down to check out the tatts on show…


Then on the road and up the highway to Surf’n’Ink International Tattoo Convention on the Gold Coast.  There the Australian Artists rocked it out with the Internationals and Tattoos were the winners on the day.

But there is more……

Check out the action of http://tattooink.tv

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Who is Tattooink.tv?

Tattooink.tv is more than just a website – Tattooink.tv are an online TV Station, an entertainment platform where we film ALL our own content and are creating a virtual one- stop-stop where anyone who has an interest in Tattoo or Body Art logs onto first. As we load this video we are attending the Singapore Tattoo Show 2010 visit us – http://tattooink.tv or http://facebook.com/tattooink.tv or http://twitter.com/tattooinktv

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Program Guide Singapore Tattoo Show 2010

8th January 2010

Singapore Tat2 Show Day 1


1PM – 1.30PM

Meet-N-Greet session with Kim Saigh


2PM – 3PM

Autograph signing session with Kim Saigh


3PM – 4PM

Art Fusion Experiment – Charcoal Sketching


7PM – 8.30PM

Tattoo contests Judging


9PM – 9.30PM

Tattoo contests winners announcement and prize ceremony



End of Day 1






Trade Seminars



Oil painting with Shawn Barber


Neuma Tattoo Machine with Carson Hill



9th January 2010

Singapore Tat2 Show Day 2


1PM – 2PM

Autograph signing session with Kim Saigh


2PM – 2.30PM

Contortionist “RUBBER BOY” performance


2.30PM – 2.45PM

Meet-N-Greet session with” RUBBER BOY”


3PM – 4PM

Photo taking session with Rubber Boy


3.30PM – 4PM

Traditional Borneo Dance performance


7PM – 8.30PM

Tattoo Contests Judging


9PM – 9.30PM

Tattoo contests winners announcement and prize ceremony



End of Day 2






Trade Seminars



Blood borne Pathogens Course Seminar



Black and Grey Techniques with  Bob Tyrrell



10th January 2010

Singapore Tat2 Show Day 3


1PM – 2PM

Autograph signing session with Kim Saigh


2.30PM – 3.30PM

Miss Tattoo Asia contest


4PM – 5PM

Best Female and Male Tattoo contest


6PM – 7.30PM

Tattoo contests Judging


7.30PM – 7.45PM

Traditional Borneo Dance performance (Closing Ceremony)



Tattoo contests winners announcement and prize ceremony



End of Day 3






Trade Seminars



Colour Realism/Colour Portrait with Nate Beavers





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Interview with Noel Boyd – Official Blogger Singapore Tattoo Show

Meet Noel Boyd http://www.noelboyd.com Singapore’s leading blogger for anything Tattoos – his latest achievements now include becoming the official blogger for the 2nd Singapore Tattoo Show this comes on top of his blogger of the month position on nuffnang.com and a soon to be released online Tattoo TV program where Noel is the Host – blogging brings rewards if you persist – read on…

1. How long have you been blogging about tattoos & Bodyart and what made you start ?
I started blogging in late 2005 so I guess it’s been four years coming to five. I’m the sort of guy that needs to voice his opinion every now and then and having a blog allows me to do just that. Also, I wanted to share my love for tattoos with not just only bodyart lovers but with also the average Singaporean. My main aim then was for my fellow Singaporeans to view tattoos and various other forms of bodyart in a different light.

2. Where will Blogging about Tattoos & Bodyart take you in the future ?
You know Andrew, initially I had no idea where this road will take me. All I knew is that I wanted to do this. If somehow had told me back in 2005 that I would receive the many wonderful opportunities that I have been getting, I would have laughed in their faces!

So yeah, this month alone I am the featured blogger on Nuffnang, I am writing for Mediacorp’s Mother & Baby magazine and I’m hosting an internet show about body art. I don’t know what the future has in store for me but I’m sure I’ll be at a good place.

3. Do you think social media has had a positive impact on the Tattoo industry & artists ?
It sure has! With lesser restrictions than traditional media, we get to say what we want and get the word out. But of course social media needs to be used in a good and constructive manner. So far it’s been nothing but GOOD GOOD GOOD! I would highly recommend artists to use social media to promote themselves and their business. It’s the way to go and the results show for itself.

4. What was the first Tattoo you got for yourself, how many tattoos in total do you have now ?
It was in my teenage years when I got my first tattoo. I’m a scorpio so I got a tiny scorpion tattooed on my arm. It didn’t cost much and it ended up looking like crap! If you are a teenager, please listen to my advise. You’ve probably heard this a million times but I’m gonna say it. DON’T rush into getting a tattoo and please for heavens sake wait till you are 18 years old. I’m lucky because I don’t regret getting inked. But if you look around, there are way too many folks who got inked young that kinda regret getting tattooed. Now that sucks!

How many tattoos? Man, I don’t know where to start. There’s way too many to count now. Does a full sleeve count as one tattoo or is it each design on the sleeve?! Hahaha. Let’s just say I have enough but with room for more.

5. Do you regret getting any of your tattoos ?
Thankfully no. Not even with the scorpion tattoo. It was an eye opener and an experience that I will never forget. To me, that’s priceless. I’ve been blessed with choosing the right designs and I look at each tattoo differently. All my tattoos were done in different stages of my life so all of them mean something. Amen!

6. Do you have Tattoo Artists you admire & why ?
This may sound cliché but I think the cast of Miami Ink rock! Their show changed the mindset of millions of people around the world. My parents don’t have tattoos but they watched and liked the show. Miami Ink helped our cause in educating the general public about tattoos. That it ain’t just about gangsters or criminals with ink. I admire them for that and I also thank them from the bottom of my heart.

7. Can you tell me what are the changes that have happened in the tattoo industry that you have seen ?
For starters, our local artists are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The Singapore Tattoo Show does just that for them. It’s not just about having a venue with booths. The Singapore Tattoo Show is a medium for our local boys and girls to shine. Well to me, it doesn’t get any better than that…

Also, Singaporeans are more acceptive to tattoos now than say 5 years ago. There’s still a lot more work to be done but we are heading in the right direction.With that said, you can walk Orchard Road on any given day and I guarantee that you will see a good number of tattoos. Singaporeans are flaunting their ink and that’s always nice to see.

But erm…it’s also good to hear that our local artists are traveling the world either tattooing at a convention or guest starring at a foreign studio. These guys are flying our flag wherever they go. Simply put, they are representing Singapore in what they do best!

8. Where do you see the tattoo industry heading ?

It’s funny because I was just asking myself the same question the other day! I would like to think that foreigners don’t look at Singapore as another destination in Asia for cheap tattoos anymore. We are fast becoming a tattoo hub in Asia where if you want a good tattoo done, this is the place to come to. With all things Singapore, give us a few more years and some of our artists will be among the best in the world. But for that to happen, they need all the support they can get. Be it from their customers, government agencies or their families. But it can be done!

9. What are you hoping to get from the Singapore Tattoo Show ?
I plan on having fun at the show. I mean, that is what blogging is supposed to be about. I plan to meet and interview some very cool people. Readers of my blog can look forward to live updates from the venue hall, exclusive pictures and interviews with some of the best artists alive today!

Singapore Tattoo Show 2010

it’s on again the Singapore Tattoo Show -Tat2 2010 Jan 8 to 10 Bigger & Louder. For more info here are some links – http://facebook.com/tattoopride http://www.tattoo.com.sg http://twitter.com/tattoopride With guest appearances by Kim Saigh (LA ink), Tim Hendricks (Gold Rush tattoo), Michelle Myles (Daredevil tattoo and winner of TLCs Tattoo War Competition at the 6th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention), Shige (Yellow Blaze Tattoo, Japan) and returning to this show again will be Chris Garver (Miami ink) and Bob Tyrell (Night Gallery). Also attending the show will be VIP guest, Matt Booth, celebrity jewellery designer and owner of Room101 who is also the guest judge for this upcoming years tattoo show with Room101 being the major sponsor for this event and introducing Paypal who is also sposnoring the event for the very first time.- video production courtesy: http://tattooink.tv


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chris garver kim saigh shige tim hendricks singapore tattoo

it’s on again the Singapore Tattoo Show -Tat2 2010 Jan 8 to 10 Bigger & Louder. For more info here are some links – http://facebook.com/tattoopride http://www.tattoo.com.sg http://twitter.com/tattoopride

With guest appearances by Kim Saigh (LA ink), Tim Hendricks (Gold Rush tattoo), Michelle Myles (Daredevil tattoo and winner of TLCs Tattoo War Competition at the 6th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention), Shige (Yellow Blaze Tattoo, Japan) and returning to this show again will be Chris Garver (Miami ink) and Bob Tyrell (Night Gallery). Also attending the show will be VIP guest, Matt Booth, celebrity jewellery designer and owner of Room101 who is also the guest judge for this upcoming years tattoo show with Room101 being the major sponsor for this event and introducing Paypal who is also sposnoring the event for the very first time.- video production courtesy: http://tattooink.tv

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TOP 400 Tattoo Artists appearing at Tat2 2010

Here is a Tattoo Artist list like no other – all are coming to Singapore – if you want to book – do it now ! join us in facebook – http://facebook.com/tattoopride – to find out more about the show and how you can attend. follow us on twitter – http://twitter.com/tattoopride

Tattoo Lovers Just Love Uniquely Singapore – Tat2 2010 Jan 8 to 10
With guest appearances by Kim Saigh (LA ink), Tim Hendricks (Gold Rush tattoo), Michelle Myles (Daredevil tattoo and winner of TLC’s Tattoo War Competition at the 6th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention), Shige (Yellow Blaze Tattoo, Japan) and returning to this show again will be Chris Garver (Miami ink) and Bob Tyrell (Night Gallery). Also attending the show will be VIP guest, Matt Booth, celebrity jewellery designer and owner of Room101 who is also the guest judge for this upcoming year’s tattoo show with Room101 being the major sponsor for this event and introducing Paypal who is also sposnoring the event for the very first time.

Click on the picture to view artist’s website

0 0 0
Tim Hendricks (Guest Appearance in Miami Ink)
Gold Rush Tattoo,
Mick Squires
Korpus Tattoo, Australia
Patrick Sans
Burly Fish Tattoo,
Philip Spearman
Inkworks Tattoo,
0 0
Shark Tattoo Studio,
Andrea Pallocchini
Four “X” Tattoo, Italy
Evolution Tattoo, UK Norman Banach
Norman’s Tattoo
& Art Gallery,
0 0 00
Dong Dong
Mummy Tattoo,
Sacred Ink,
Michelle Myles
(Winner of TLC’s Tattoo War Competition @ 6th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention)
Daredevil Tattoo,
Needles & Pins,
0 0 00
Beppe Shiro
Royal Tattoo,
Classic Ink & Mods,
Denixxx Tattoos, Italy Chad Koeplinger
New York Adorned,
0 0 00
Ethan Morgan
Symbolic Tattoo,
Diau Fu Tattoo,
Morg Armeni
Morganic Heart Tattooing,
Xincike Tattoo, China
0 0
Lucky Tattoo, China Deep Down Empire, Italy Andy Shou
Fright Tattoo,
Genziana Cocco
Sundance Tattoo,
0 0 0 0
Dan Marshall
Tribulation Tattoo,
Rod Medina
King Cross Tattoo Parlour, UK
Black Cat Tattoo Studio, Malaysia Nate Beavers
Epoch Tattoo,
0 0 0 0
Jocke Hultman
Temple of Art,
Dark Shadow Tattoo, Germany The Left Hand Path, New Zealand Dragon Edong
El Drako Tattoo, Saipan, USA
Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee Tattoos, Germany
Filippo Bart, Italy Heidi Scheck
Super Genius Tattoo, USA
Virgoz Studio, Italy
0 0 0 0
Fo Guang Hang, Thailand/Singapore
(Sak Yant Thai Tattooing)
Kim Saigh of LA Ink
High Voltage Tattoo,
Shawn Barber
Atelier Tattoo,
John Montgomery
Tattoo Syndicate,
0 0 0
Horimasu, Japan Kari Barba
Outer Limits Tattoo,
Mario Rosenau
Art Junkies Tattoo,
Jeremiah Barba
Outer Limits Tattoo,
0 0 0 0
Mike De Masi
Art Junkies Tattoo,
Studio Shagoo,
Federico Ferroni
Federico Ferroni Tattoo, USA
Phil Young
Hope Gallery,
0 0 00 0
Mike Cole
Mike Cole Art,
Jon Clue
Star Blood Studios,
Kevin Stress
Sovereign Collective, USA
Carson Hill
Carson Hill Tattoos,
0 0 0 0
Bob Tyrrell
Night Gallery,
Yang Zhuo
YZ Tattoo,
Jess Yen
MY Tattoo,
Shitoujii Tattoo,
00 0 00 0
Tim Kern
Tribulation Tattoo,
Chris Garver of Miami Ink Love Hate Tattoo Studio, USA Diau An
Diau An Tattoo,
Night Action Tattoo
0 0 0 0
Tattoo Galerie
Tattoo Studio Desperado, Japan
Knuckle Energy Tattoo, Japan
0 0 0 0
Ink Tank Tattoo, Switzerland
Kings Cross Tattoo Parlour, UK
Kings Cross Tattoo Parlour, UK
Zoe Thorne
Zoe Thorne Tattoo, Germany
0 0 0
Scum Art Tattoo,
Wulun Tattoo, China Yi Xiu Tang,
Catia Zambon
Sunskin Art,
0 0 0 8
Murran Tattoo,
Siam Ink Tattoo,
Sunskin Studio,
Gestochen Scharf, Germany
4 2 0 0
Cimo Tattoo,
Belleza Tattoo,
ZOP Tattoo,
Yaksa Tattoo,
9 7 0 00
Monkey Tattoo,
(Traditional Borneo Tattooing)
Fulltime by Eak,
Yugen Tattoo,
Think Tattoo,
0 6 9 0
Skin Label Tattoo Studio, Singapore Dream Body Art,
Kustoms 7 Tattoo,
Visual Orgasm Tattoo, Singapore
1 3 8
William Tattoo Studio,
8 Volts Tattoo Studio,
Body Décor Tattoo & Piercing,
Imagine Tattoo Studio, Singapore
5 0 0 0
Elvin Tattoo,
Mi Feng Tattoo Studio,
Diau Chi Tattoo,
Diau-Hu Tattoo,
0 0 0 0
Diau Chang Tattoo,
Diau Chung Tattoo,
Alien Tattoo,
Daio-King Tattoo,
0 0 00 0
Chi-Tattoo Family,
Hsinyi Tattoo,
Top Tattoo,
Yong Mo Tattoo ,
0 0 0 0
Lion King Tattoo,
Ink-credible Tattoo Studio, Singapore White Tattoo Studio, Taiwan Tiao Fang Tattoo,
0 0 0 0
Hwa Kwe Tattoo,
Arctic Tattoo,
Flyback Tattoo,
Exotic Tattoo,
0 0 0
Aurora Tattoo, Indonesia Positif Tattoo,
Julia Seizure Tattoo, UK Tinta Tattoo Shop, Philippines
0 0 0 0
Wushang Tattoo,
Positive Vibrations,
Tattoo Mangon,
Body Processing Tattoo, Taiwan
0 0 0 0
Mohan’s Tattoo Inn,
Derek Noble
Lucky Devil Tattoo, USA
Pierce Ink Tattoo Golden Needle Tattoo,
0 0
South Korea
Tian Zhi Long Tattoo,
Ton Thai Tattoo Studio, Thailand Vic Tattoo,
Duck Art Tattoo,
Evil Devil Tattoo,
Tian Zun Tang Tattoo Studio,China Forever True Tattoo,
Mr. Tattoo,
Holy Mark Tattoo,
Mayin Tattoo,
Cheng Long Tattoo,
JK Tattoo,
Long Tattoo,
Tattoo City Art Studio,
Asakusa Horiyasu Studio,
Eric Michalovic
Devine Street Tattoo,
Adrian Williard
Magnum Opus Tattoo, UK
Smilin’ Demons Tattoo, Germany XT- Tattoo,
ZiYou Tattoo,
Yao Zhan Tattoo,
Smokov Tattoo,
Utopia Studio,
HE Tattoo,
In’s Tattoo,
Tattoo Jimmy,
Arts Elemental
New Zealand
Art of Maori Tattoo
Kult Tattoo,
Kult Tattoo,
Jeff Tattoo Studio,
Iron Monkey Tattoo,
Red Star Tattoo,
Lovisa Tattoo,
Frence Polynesia
Taiwan Diao Tattoo,
Tang Tattoo Studio,
Nippon Tattoo,
Evil Twins Tattoo,
Gary Parkinson
The Bolton Tat Shop,
Mick Tomo
Ruby Arts Tattoo Studio,
Ginchan Tattoo,
House of Tattoos,
Marc Pinto’s
Primitive Tattoo, Singapore
Traditional Hand & Machine Tattooing
Piercing, Branding & Body Modification
Dragonfly Tattoo,
Josh Roelink
Three Tides Tattoo,
Mahyar Tattoo,
Brad Fink
Iron Age Tattoo,
Boog Tattoo,
Lengyan Tattoo, China Moana Moko / Steedman Tattoo Machines,
New Zealand
Rock n Roll Tattoo Studio, Indonesia
Brisik Tattoo, Indonesia Black Dragon Tattoo, Indonesia Skinworkz Tattoo & Body Piercing, Philippines Max Bruno
Pinker Tattoo, Italy
True Hate Body Art Studio, Malaysia Ronnie’s Tattoo & Piercing, Philippines Zhencang Tattoo Studio Chung Woon Tattoo, South Korea
Bunshin Horitoshi , Japan
Traditional Japanese Hand Tattooing, (Tebori)
Nick Tattoo Studio, India Hellfish Tattoo, Germany Tattoo Studio-Cat, Germany
Famous Gabe Tattoo, USA Takami
Knock Over Decorate Tattoo, Japan
Primitive Art Piercing & Tattoo, Singapore Shige
Yellow Blaze Tattoo, Japan
Evil from the Needle, UK
Body Adornments, Belgium Bonzai Tat2, Holland Tattoots, Holland
Rising Tide Studio, USA
Tattoo Art Gert, Holland The Mean Machine, Holland Spec Body Art (Crying Freeman), Malaysia
Dan Sinnes Tattoo, Luxembourg Triple Stars Tattoo, France Dow Jenn Tattoo, Taiwan Tattoo Tentacles, Italy
Fine Vulture Tattoo, Taiwan Phuket Tattoo, Thailand Woon Kim Tattoo, South Korea Aric Taylor
Art Junkies Tattoo, USA
Stardust Tattoo, Sweden Skin Graphics Tattoo, Philippines Gabbiano Tattoos, Italy Kekkokonte Tattoos, Italy
Inkology Tattoo Studio, Malaysia Filip Antonetti
Sa Tattoo Studio, Italy
Antonio Conigiu
Positive Temptation Tattoo, Italy
Clare Hampshire
Tatudharma, Australia
0 0 00
Sunskin Tattoo Machine, Italy Trendy Tattoo Design Co. Ltd Micky Sharpz Mithra Needles,
0 00 00
Asia Tattoo Supply, Singapore Jie’s Tattoo Machine Manufacturer, China Tattoo Burst Magazine,
Diau An Tattoo Supply,
Tattoo Life – Tattoo Energy Magazine, Italy Khai Kong Industrial (S) Pte Ltd Tianjin Xiaojian Tattoo Equipment, China Tattooink.TV, Australia
Matt Booth
Room 101 Silver, USA
Martini Machines, USA Good Things, Canada Baron Tattoo Supply, Korea
MK Tattoo,
Hangzhou Jansong Tech Co., Ltd, China Wizards of Light, Singapore Blood Borne Pathogen Prevention Training Institute, USA


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Tattoo Lovers Just Love Uniquely Singapore

Tattoo Pride for Tattoo Artistry – Singapore Tattoo Show Tat2 2010

Tattoo Lovers will descend upon Singapore in 2010 … seeking creativity,  education in responsible tattooing, observe fusion of east and west Tattoo Artistry … and 3 days of massive entertainment.

With the intention of not only providing a show for tattoo lovers, both in Singapore and Asia, but also wanting to ensure sufficient education in responsible tattooing amongst teenagers and young adults; the Singapore tattoo show is coming back for the 2nd time, bringing more entertainment and exposure to people through this unique form of art. Organized by Debra Tan and Kirby Lian from Utopia Studios, the show is to be held at the Singapore Expo, Hall 6B from 8 to 10 January 2010, starting from 12pm to 10pm on the 8th and 9th, and 12pm to 8pm on the 10th.

Tat2 2010 Event Invitation: Mingle with over 15,000 Tattoo Fans & Artists


With guest appearance by Kim Saigh (LA ink), Tim Hendricks (Gold Rush tattoo), Michelle Myles (Daredevil tattoo and winner of TLC’s Tattoo War Competition at the 6th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention), Shige (Yellow Blaze Tattoo, Japan) and returning to this show again will be Chris Garver (Miami ink) and Bob Tyrell (Night Gallery). Also attending the show will be VIP guest, Matt Booth, celebrity jewellery designer and owner of Room101 who is also the guest judge for this upcoming year’s tattoo show with Room101 being the major sponsor for this event.

People attending Tat2 2010 can be prepared for a wide variety of visual feasts with a line up that includes Rubberboy’s performance, Best male and female tattoo competition, and the first of its kind in Asia – Miss Tattoo Asia, alongside with over 300 internationally regarded artists coming together to showcase their talent in full view of audiences who are fans or just mere curious. This is the place to be if you are an avid tattoo collector or  people who are interested to see what Tattoo today is all about, a culture that used to be taboo but is so widely welcomed in recent times.

The newest addition to this coming year’s show is the Miss Tattoo Asia segment. Probably the first of its kind, it attempts to open the minds of the general public that beauty comes in all forms, especially in recent times where people are exposed to so many different things and the form of beauty is somewhat subjective. Trying to break away from the stereotypical female beauty, it aims to address a form of liberalism and modernist way of perceiving beauty.

Apart from this unique beauty contest, there is also the best male and female tattoo competition where proud owners of beautiful masterpieces on their bodies get to flaunt and compete to stand a chance to win the top prize. You’d be surprised to see how realistic and beautiful a tattoo can get, as the standard and works of tattoo artists are getting better and better, especially with quite a handful of artists who already have a history of doing fine arts before they ventured into tattooing.

The message of this show to entertain is made evident with other programmes such as the Rubberboy, who has three Guinness World Records for being the most flexible man alive. Daniel Browning Smith, who is also known as the Rubberboy, is an actor, entertainer and contortionist who also went on shows such as Ripley’s Believe it or not, the Oprah Winfrey show and the grand prize winner of 30 Seconds to Fame. Works by finalists of Beauty is Skin Deep, a body art design competition, will also be displayed in the art gallery section as well as works of graffiti artists and some of the tattoo artists’ works, showcasing their talents and passion on canvas.

And we said entertainment – Singapore’s legendary Velvet Underground is our party venue sponsor and there will be nightly events to give artists and fans the opportunity to mix, dance & party as only possible in uniquely Singapore – Asia’s Jewel city.

For more information visit: http://www.tattoo.com.sg or be part of the Tat2 2010 community on facebook – http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=32140274011 you can also follow us on twitter @tattoopride

Tat2 2010 thanks for the online support Create My Tattoo http://www.createmytattoo.com


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Singapore’s Foremost and Asia’s Largest Tattoo Show to Return Bigger and Louder

Singapore’s Foremost and Asia’s Largest Tattoo Show to Return Bigger and Louder 8-10 January 2010

SINGAPORE, November  2009 – Singapore’s foremost tattoo show is set to return in 2010 bigger and louder than the first year with a grand mix of art, rock, entertainment and more. The Singapore Tattoo  Show’s second edition, Tat2 2010, now the  largest tattoo show in Asia, will bring back the fusion of East and West Tattoo Artistry – an estimated number of 300 internationally-regarded artists  will come together to showcase their talent and create unique pieces of artwork. The 3-day event, held 8th to 10th January 2010 in Hall 6B of the Singapore Expo, hopes to advocates the act of responsible tattooing and to educate the public about tattoo as a form of body art appreciation and culture.

Social Media for Tattoo Singapore Tattoo Show – Tat2 2010





Show organizers Debra Tan and Kirby Lian from Utopia Studios have planned an exciting line-up of activities to enthrall, engage, educate and entertain visitors at the Singapore Tat2 2010 show. The Tattoo show is set to feature a stellar lineup of an industry experts including star tattoo celebrities such as Kim Saigh (L.A. Ink/ High Voltage Tattoos, USA) and Tim Hendricks (Guest Artist in Miami Ink/ Gold Rush Tattoo, USA) who will be in Singapore for the first time, as well as returning guests Chris Garver (Miami Ink/ Love Hate Tattoo Studio, USA) and Bob Tyrrell (Night Gallery, USA). Other notable guests include industry icons from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, China and Taiwan.

The 2nd Singapore Tattoo Show – Tat2 2010 will also bring to Asia VIP Guest Matt Booth, celebrity jewelry designer, and owner of Room101 (www.room101silver.com), who has been chosen to be guest judge the 2010 Singapore Tat2 Show.  Room101 will also be a major sponsor for the event, participating in all aspects of the show.

matt booth room101

Matt Booth, celebrity jewelry designer, and owner of Room101

Originally founded in 2003 by Matt Booth, Room101 is a luxury lifestyle brand for those who demand quality with an edge.   Booth, who has designed custom jewelry pieces for Pink, Snoop Dogg, Benji Madden, Slash, Chuck Liddell, Sen Dog, and Busta Rhymes, recently launched Room101 Cigars (www.room101cigars.com) to his already extensive line of jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

“The Tat2 2010 Show is a once in a lifetime opportunity for visitors from Singapore and the region to be inked by the world’s top artists from around the globe or to simply catch them in action at the show,” said Kirby Lian, a professional tattoo artist-entrepreneur with 8 years’ industry experience and the show’s brainchild. “Visitors can also look forward to the edgy and unconventional lineup of activities planned for them,” he added.

Highlights of The Singapore Tat2 2010 show include the Miss Tattoo Asia pageant – the first platform in Asia for tattooed women to showcase their body art, a performance by world class contortionist Rubberboy, who holds three Guinness World Records and was touted ‘The Most Flexible Man Alive’, and Battle of the Bands, where budding musicians compete to snag the top prize of limited edition guitars and S$1000. Art lovers will also be treated to a visual feast – an art gallery featuring works by renowned tattoo artists as well as finalists of ‘Beauty is skin deep’, a body art design competition for young creative’s. In addition, graffiti artists and seasoned tattoo artists will demonstrate their artistic talents onsite. For tattoo enthusiasts, seminars will be conducted by elite tattoo artists.

The Singapore Tat2 2010 Show will be open to public from 12 P.M. to 10 P.M. on the 8th and 9th of January (Friday and Saturday) and 12 P.M. to 8 P.M. on the 10th of January. The show is open to all ages and entry is free for those below the age of 12. Tickets to the show are available for purchase online at http://tattoo.com.sg/tickets.html. Tickets cost S$22 for a 1-day pass and S$60 for a 3-day pass.  Early bird promotions, where 3-day passes go for S$55, are available from now till 15th November 2009. Tickets to the show may also be bought onsite during show dates.

For more information on the Singapore Tat2 2010 Show, please visit http://tattoo.com.sg/ or join in the conversation with daily updates and worldwide Tattoo industry news & chatter on facebook – http://facebook.com/TattooPride

Pre- event email interviews with artists can be arranged upon request.

About Utopia Studio

Utopia Studio is the official event partner of The Singapore Tat2 2010 Show. It has eight years of professional experience in the tattoo industry in Singapore and has played a superlative role in establishing tattoo as an art form, placing emphasis on responsible tattooing by having high standards on creativity, technical skill, patience, knowledge and experience.

For traditional media enquiries, please contact

Jolene Tan | Public Relations Consultant
Office: (+65) 6505 9342 | Mobile: (+65) 9858 9580
Email: jolene.tan@imgworld.com

Ip Waiyin | Public Relations Executive
Mobile: (+65) 93214997
Email: waiyin@tattoo.com.sg

For social media enquiries, please contact

Andrew Peters | The Pacific West Communications
Office: (+65) 6563 7391 | Mobile: (+65) 9451 9012
Email: andrew@thepacificwest.com

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Are you Miss Tattoo Asia Material?

Miss Tattoo Asia – Call for Contestants

Singapore Tattoo Show Tat2 2010 are looking for girls who not only carry themselves well but with their tattoos too.

Do you stand out in crowds and feel confident with your tattoos? Do you possess a personality that is as bold as you look?


If you do, we WANT you! Show us what you are made of. Will you be the 1st Miss Tattoo Asia?

In order to compete, you must be at least 18 years of age, female, and have your body tattooed.

Entry is FREE and submission closing date is on 23 November 2009.

The top 10 contestants selected by the organizers will be competing and judged live at the show. (January 8 – 9 -10 2010) www.tattoo.com.sg

Contest is only open to all female residents of Singapore and in all parts of Asia Pacific. The top 10 contestants to be selected must be able to travel to Singapore to the show to compete.

So if you think you have what it takes, show it and flaunt it!

show logo 2010


Rules of Competition

  • Competition will take place on Sunday, 10th January 2010.
  • The competition will have 2 sections; casual wear and swimwear outfits.
  • You will be judged by a panel of judges.
  • The 10 finalists will each receive a 3 Day Pass that will allow them access to the Show.
  • You must be a female over 18 years old to enter the competition.
  • All travel expenses are at your own costs and arrangements if you are not a local finalist.
  • A maximum of 4 photo submission is required from you to enter the competition.

Photo Criteria:

1 close up view of your tattoo
1 close up view of yourself with your tattoo
1 close up view of your front face
1 full length view of yourself

Prizes you stand to win

1st PRIZE:

–  Cash: $1,000.00 &

–  Custom ring from ROOM101SILVER – value US$1,000.00

Free Photo Shoot session with your tattoo.

–  Published Shoot opportunities in Magazine(s).

Product giveaways.

2nd PRIZE:

  • Cash: $800.00
  • Free Photo Shoot session with your tattoo.
  • Product giveaways.

3rd Prize:

  • Cash: $500.00
  • Free Photo Shoot session with your tattoo.
  • Product giveaways.
* Cash Prize amounts are quoted in Singapore Dollars

for updates on Tat2 2010 join http://facebook.com/tattoopride

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Tattoo Studios appearing at Tat2 2010

For News Updates please join http://facebook.com/TattooPride . .

After the overwhelming success of the First Singapore Tattoo Convention, Tat2 2010 Show is arriving in January with a bang.

show logo 2010With an estimated 300 renowned artists from all over the world, an unrivalled line up of unique contests, stage performances and entertainment, the 3 day event, held 8th to 10th January 2010 at the Singapore Expo, is set to put Singapore on the regional map as a platform for artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike.

Tat2 2010 Show highlights include:

– Guest celebrities Kim Saigh (L.A. Ink), Chris Garver (Miami Ink)

– VIP Guest Matt Booth www.Room101silver.com
– The first ‘Miss Tattoo’ contest held in Asia
– Performances by Rubber Boy, the ‘Most Flexible Man Alive’
– Live art, graffiti and tattoo demonstrations
– Tattoo Contests
– Tattoo Seminars
– Battle of the Bands
– Art Exhibitions
– Design Competitions

Tat2 2010 aims to advocates the act of responsible tattooing and to educate the public about tattoo as a form of body art appreciation and culture.

3-Day Tickets are on an Early Bird Promotion from now until 15 Nov 2009. visit www.tattoo.com.sg for details

Tattoo Studios attending to date –
Studio Name Country
Tatudharma Australia
Calypso Tattoo Belgium
Duck Art Tattoo Belgium
Klaktat2 Belgium
Smokov Tattoo Bulgaria
Canglong Tattoo China
HE Tattoo China
Lengyan Tattoo China
Long Tattoo China
Mummy Tattoo China
Needles & Pins China
Tang Tattoo Studio China
Tian Zhi Long Tattoo China
Tian Zun Tang Tattoo Studio China
Wushang Tattoo China
Yaksa Tattoo China
Yi Xiu Tang China
YZ Tattoo China
Ziyou Tattoo China
Positif Tattoo France
Shitoujii Tattoo France
Lovisa Tattoo French Polynesia
Akira Tattoo Germany
Dark and Brightside Germany
Dark Shadow Tattoo Germany
Gestochen Scharf Germany
Iron Monkey Tattoo Germany
Norman’s Tattoo & Art Gallery Germany
Red Star Tattoo Germany
Scum Art Tattoo Germany
Smilin’ Demons Tattoo Germany
Tattoo Galerie Germany
Tattoo Jimmy Germany
Tattoo Mangon Germany
Tommy Lee Tattoos Germany
Zoe Thorne Tattoo Germany
Burning Heart Tattoo Holland
Classic Ink & Mods Holland
Tattoo Zeist Tattoo Holland
Yugen Tattoo Holland
Star Crossed Tattoo Hong Kong
Aurora Tattoo Indonesia
Black Dragon Tattoo Indonesia
Brisik Tattoo Indonesia
Morganic Heart Tattooing Italy
Murran Tattoo Italy
Positive Vibrations Italy
Sundance Tattoo Italy
Sunskin Art Italy
Sunskin Tattoo Italy
ZOP Tattoo Italy
Asakusa Horiyasu Studio Japan
Knuckle Energy Tattoo Japan
Nippon Tattoo Japan
Tattoo Studio Desperado Japan
Dragonfly  Tattoo Malaysia
Inkology Tattoo Studio Malaysia
Jeff Tattoo Studio Malaysia
Monkey Tattoo Malaysia
Sunskin Studio Malaysia
Tattoo City Art Studio Malaysia
Mohan’s Tattoo Inn Nepal
Arctic Tattoo Norway
Arts Elemental NZ
Moana Moko/ Steedman Tattoo Machines NZ
The Left Hand Path NZ
Pintados Tattooo Philippines
Tinta Tattoo Shop Philippines
Kult Tattoo Poland
Tattooism S.Korea
8 Volts Tattoo Studio SG
Art Addictive Tattoo SG
Body Décor Tattoo & Piercing SG
Dream Body Art SG
Elvin Tattoo SG
Exotic Tattoos SG
Fly Back Tattoo SG
Imagine Tattoo Studio SG
Ink-credible Tattoo Studio SG
IN’s Tattoo SG
Kustoms 7 Tattoos SG
Marc Pinto’s Primitive Tattoo SG
Shark Tattoo Studio SG
Skin Label Tattoo Studio SG
Think Tattoo SG
Visual Orgasm Tattoo SG
William Tattoo Studio SG
Evil Twins Tattoo Sweden
Temple of Art Sweden
Ink Tank Tattoo Switzerland
Fo Guang Hang Thai
Fulltime by Eak Thai
Golden Needle Tattoo Thai
Siam Ink Tattoo Thai
Ton Thai Tattoo Studio Thai
Alien Tattoo TWN
Belleza Tattoo TWN
Body Processing Tattoo TWN
Chi-Tattoo Family TWN
Cimo Tattoo TWN
Daio-King Tattoo TWN
Diao Chen Tattoo TWN
Diau An Tattoo TWN
Diau Chang Tattoo TWN
Diau Chi Tattoo TWN
Diau Chung Tattoo TWN
Diau Fu Tattoo TWN
Diau-Hu Tattoo TWN
Dow Jenn Tattoo TWN
East Tattoo TWN
Evil Devil Tattoo TWN
Fright Tattoo TWN
Holy Mark Tattoo TWN
Hsinyi Tattoo TWN
Hwa Kwe Tattoo TWN
Lion King Tattoo TWN
Mayin Tattoo TWN
Mi Feng Tattoo Studio TWN
Mr Tattoo TWN
Mr Tattoo TWN
Night Action Tattoo- TWN
Taiwan Diao Tattoo TWN
Tiao Fang Tattoo TWN
Top Tattoo TWN
Vic Tattoo TWN
White Tattoo Studio TWN
Yong Mo Tattoo TWN
Forever True Tattoo UK
King Cross Tattoo Parlour-3pax UK
Magnum Opus Tattoo UK
Sacred Ink UK
The Bolton Tat Shop UK
Art Junkies Tattoo USA
Atelier Tattoo USA
Body Armor Tattoo USA
Burly Fish Tattoo USA
Carson Hill Tattoos USA
Chris Garver of Miami Ink USA
Daredevil Tattoo USA
Devine Street Tattoo USA
Divinity Tattoo USA
El Drako Tattoo USA
Epoch Tattoo USA
Federico Ferroni Tattoo USA
Gold Rush Tattoo USA
Great American Tattoo Company USA
Hope Gallery USA
Inkworks Tattoo USA
Iron Age Tattoo USA
Lucky Devil Tattoo USA
Mike Cole Art USA
MY Tattoo USA
New York Adorned USA
Night Gallery USA
Outer Limits Tattoo USA
Sovereign Collective USA
Star Blood Studios USA
Studio Shagoo USA
Symbolic Tattoo USA
Tattoo Syndicate USA
Tribulation Tattoo USA
Marc Pinto’s Primitive Tattoo Australia
For News Updates please join http://facebook.com/TattooPride

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