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Andrew Peters
Andrew Peters
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My Life so far…

I am now in my 40’s – hit the mid point with out much fan fair – I am currently residing in picturesque Singapore.

SG Skyline

Born in the Land of the Long white Cloud New Zealand I spent most of my growing years in a small town called Stratford which is under a beautiful mountain called Mount Taranaki – it was called Mt Egmont after the person who climbed it first but now it has changed to Mt Taranaki. When i could escape (just kidding) I ventured to Wellington and Auckland, until even these cities where not big enough for me and over to Sydney I went – wow 20 years in Sydney was an amazing roller coaster.

Now i am in Singapore and love the Asian style Singapore offers expats. Gone are the heady days when expats lived in luxury (some still do but not so many) – Being in Singapore allows me to travel to other Asian Destinations which is what i really enjoy most – low cost enticing resorts by the sea. I am not very good at learning a new language so I only speak english – I hope to learn mandarin soon.

I enjoy meeting people and I think they enjoy meeting me as I have an amusing and entertaining personality. If you would like to impress me all you need to do is send me chocolates !

My Work Life

Andrew Peters has mastered the art of internet-awareness and is highly connected with online communities. Andrew has 20 years of experience in traditional publishing, public relations and marketing having worked with clients like ICL, Wang Computers, Anixter, BenQ and Australian Consolidated Press.

Andrew is the Asian representative for Twinity, a virtual world funded by Metaversum in Germany.

Andrew is Social Media, Events & Community Manager for the Geek Terminal Singapore a Premier Business Lounge

Andrew has been instrumental in founding the Internet Industry Association of Singapore (IIAS). Currently Andrew sits on the Executive Committee of The Digital Movement and on the Advisory Board of the Association of Virtual Worlds

Regular Guest on Life-On-Line when Social Media Matters

He is a partner at the Pacific West Communications.


Core Services: Business Communications & Business Development
Core Industries: Virtual Worlds – Social Media – Technology
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25 responses to “Andrew Peters

  1. Jeremiah


    I chanced upon your blog when I search for Secondlife and Singapore.

    I had been exploring SL for quite some time. Had a plot of land which I had turned it into a marketplace. Xin Pa Sat (if you search “singapore” in SL). Of course the name comes from our real life Lau Pa Sat.

    I am interested to market or even sell real world products and services in the marketplace. I saw in your profile and some of your articles that you are moving and exploring into that as well?

    I am currently approaching some real world shops (small ones, the big ones with lots of capitals for marketing don’t see any value in that) that does their commerce online and are offering them to setup shop, or adverrtise, within the market place. Do you have any in mind that you feel the virtual world environment may be a plus for them rather than ebay or yahoo auctions?


  2. Hi Andrew,

    I chanced upon your blog, was looking around, then I realised it was you! Remember me? We chatted on the phone about Scoopasia. Anyway, nice blog and great to see another PR guy getting deep into the social media.

    Do drop by my blog ( when you have the time.


  3. Hi Andrew,

    You don’t know us yet. But check us out. We’re pretty useful when if comes to keeping tabs on bloggers.


  4. Hi Andrew,

    Impressive blog. One of the best Second Life Blog I ever read. Keep it up.

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  6. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

  7. Hey buddy, nice to meet you and maybe we’ll do something together sometime! Nic

  8. warren currier

    “sort after”

    should read…

    “sought after”

  9. kami

    andrew is a hotty-potatie in real life ….. just ask him…. or his fish

  10. Colin

    Andrew – great blog…

    I am trying to emerge from being a tech laggard by getting more involved online and blogging. I have just discovered Second Life recently and am very curious. Specifically, I am curious about the key success factors / strategies for companies to effectively leverage the virtual world for brand recognition or even realizing extra profit. I ask because I came upon many articles dismissing the hype and citing failures as in the case of American Apparel.

    Thanks for the content!

  11. Holly

    Hi big brother,
    decided to see what you up to these days and saw this and other things you on. Am impressed!! Well done, don’t completely understand it all but can see its very popular.

    Cheers from the land of the long white cloud.

    Your sis.

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  13. Hi mate,
    I’m a friend of Thorben’s and saw your nice piece on OrSiSo..
    Would love to get a feature on Be At TV (which I am running in Asia) and if you drop me a line I will connect you with our PR Agency who are based in London.
    Cheers buddy,
    Robbie 94595211

  14. Tom

    Nice blog, and of course, nice pictures as well! Cheers…

  15. Joys

    Hi Andrew

    Keep up the great stuff you have here. Your site certainly has interesting info. Will be following you closely (nay, not stalking) and learning from ya, here and on FB.

    加油!Trust you succeed in picking up your new language soon. Savour it all!

  16. Raise

    Hello Sir,

    Would you like to link exchange with casino theme…

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  17. Hi Andrew!

    Great meeting ya at the Blogger’s Event last week.

    I did the fun poll on the side about Mark Zuckerberg, and although i know no one takes that little poll seriously, but i’m still surprised by the results where majority voted him “a geek” and “very lucky”! Humph. Ok i’m just making a fuss cause i thought he was pure genius and another Bill Gates (both answers ranked at the bottom!)

    It is scary and exciting isn’t it? The internet (or would you say web 2.0/social media per se) are proving that these young punks can easily beat huge corporations with decades of history in a matter of only a few years.

    Remember Shawn Fanning of Napster? Now there’s Cameron Johnson (, some 23 year old guy who started a profitable business at the age of 9. While most of our younger generation indulge in online games and become a slouch potato watching reality shows, there are also the few taking note of this phenomenon and devising ways to make tons of money. 😀

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  19. Hi Andrew,

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    You may win a Sony VAIO (worth SGD 1499) or get a cup of FREE Startbucks coffee.

    Express & Win Contest

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  21. Hi Andrew, great work you have done!
    I lived in Melbourne Australia for one year, and had a ten day round trip of your homeland New Zealand.

    Hope our site will help your users from Singapore:)
    It is a free classifieds site, we operate in 40 countries and 5 languages.
    Locanto love Singapre!

    • Ian

      Hello Ivanka, thank you for dropping a note to this blog. Andrew passed on last year and I am taking over the postings on this blog now. Looks like Locanto is a good site. I will be glad to leave your comment here.


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