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The Conference Starts Before Anyone Shows Up

David Meerman Scott’s view on Social Media for events highlighting Singapore’s 1st Tattoo Show as an examnple…

The 1st Singapore Tattoo Show, held Jan. 9–11, 2009, was endorsed and supported by the Singapore Tourism Board and included show ambassador Chris Garver of Miami Ink. The goal was to get 5,000 visitors to the show, where more than 120 artists from around the globe representing all the various modern tattoo styles ticked away with their machines and all sorts of fun and funky exhibitors showed their wares.

Promotions leading up to the Singapore Tattoo Show were anything but ordinary, and what I find particularly impressive as a show promotional tool was the Facebook Group called Tattoo Artistry that was started by organizers 3 months prior to the event. Facebook turned out to be a terrific way for people to connect well before the physical event, and the Tattoo Artistry Facebook Group quickly gained 3,000 members, securing a place as the center of this artwork for the region. The physical show started with a virtual group.

The passion of the members of the Tattoo Artistry Facebook Group for “their event” meant thousands of people promoting to their Facebook friends. The online community aggregated people eager to attend the live event. Instead of relying on buying expensive advertising, a community of passionate fans built anticipation and buzz.

With more than 15,000 people attending, the Singapore Tattoo Show brought three times the expected number of attendees Just as interesting, The Tattoo Artistry Facebook group is now Asia’s largest social network for the tattoo industry, tattoo enthusiasts, and fans. The group will continue to grow as an online destination to connect, and plans are already underway for the 2nd Singapore Tattoo Show in 2010 with the Facebook group as the center of the free promotions for the event.

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Filed under 1st Singapore, 1st Singapore Tattoo Show, 1st Singapore Tattoo Show 2009, David Meerman Scott launches world’s first online artist market for customized digital artwork.

PHOKKI, an innovative online enterprise spearheads a new internet platform and opens up a whole new trading world that promises to revolutionize the customized digital art market.

Finally, for the artist with the talent to transform an ordinary photo of you and me to a cutting-edge piece of digital artwork but without a gallery or a retail front to attract and sell to consumers, Phokki has innovated an online artist marketplace which will make this yesterday’s problem.





Leading the way in an industry where digital artists abound but the lack of a common trading place and value-for-money pricing stands in the way, PHOKKI has drawn a paradigm shift in the current custom graphic art market. They have ingeniously created an online marketplace- a platform where artists can sign up to offer their photo-styling services and consumers can meet and choose such artists.

Giving a “face and a space to artists”, these artists (many hidden from the public eye in unknown middle-man studios from Singapore to Stockholm to San Francisco) are now free to establish a name (or net-name) for themselves. Artists can showcase their unique styles in their own gallery space on, sell their customized artwork to consumers (who have picked their unique style) as well as an innumerable range of merchandise based on the artwork – all thanks to the vision and dream of the Phokki team!

As CEO Sean Seah explained, the PHOKKI artist market will be a place where the consumers will be spoilt for choice in the range and diversity of digital styles available- whether it’s a case of time-tunneling you from a 2009 photo of yourself to a 1960s retro-vector styled version or a case of pumping power into your 10-year old kid by turning an innocuous photo of him into one where he is a red-caped, sword- yielding 300 Spartan defending the Thermopylae or transformed into a robotic transformer defending the world!

Or transforming you into a dream- complete with special romantic effects or “manga-ing” you into a doll-like green-eyed, red haired rock star! “

Interested artists just need to take 2 simple steps.

Firstly, visit to sign up from any corner of the world. Secondly, upload their portfolios as samples of their style and they are ready for business! – reachable by the consumer from any part of the world with only the click of a mouse or touchpad!

Like a true marketplace, will be rousing with an active artist community, converging and exchanging the latest on digital art styles, with social networking posts and joining of special interest groups. It is indeed a place to start making a name, making a living and making friends.

Specially for this launch, artists are invited to digitally-draw their way into a digital styling art competition, to be judged by some of the industry’s experts. An exciting Wacom tablet prize await the winning entrant!

For more information on signing up as a participating artist and joining the digital art competition, visit

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Chris Garver on “Asia Uncut,” A New Singapore Talk Show

Chris Garver & Kirby Lian was a guest on “Asia Uncut” (, a new talk show with host jon niermann in Singapore, and here is the clip. You can follow it also on Facebook:

Thanks to ruthless toothless for the blog post:

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Facebook | Chris Garver & Kirby Lian Guest on Asia Uncut

asiauncut1See Chris Garver of Miami Ink & Kirby Lian, Singapore Tattoo Show talk about the 1st Singapore Tattoo Show on Asia Uncut’s 3rd Episode on air Friday 27th March 2009 at 11.30pm

Be sure to catch the 3rd episode this Friday 11.30pm SE Asia, 10pm Phillipines and 11pm Middle East

Asia Uncut airs exclusively on STAR WORLD every Friday at 11.30pm with an encore on Sun, 10pm

About Asia Uncut

Strictly for people who like to keep it uncut!

Asia uncut; a chat show which mixes the best entertainment traditions of the west and the east. An ensemble of international and Asian celebrities will join zany host Jon Niermann and guests for an hour of high spirits and funfilled entertainment !!

Only on Star World

via Facebook | Chris Garver & Kirby Lian Guest on Asia Uncut Star World.


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Nuvilex’ Infinitink Tattoo Ink – here today gone tomorrow

CHERRY HILL, N.J., March 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Nuvilex, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: NVLX), formerly, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: EFSF), announced today that Infinitink(TM), , the world’s first permanent tattoo ink designed to be safe and easier to remove, was the subject of an 26.46 television segment shown on February 22, 2009 on PBS member station WSIU. The program covers the research and development of the ink as well as its use in creating permanent tattoos and its ability to be removed with far fewer laser treatments. Infinitink is the product of Nuvilex’ new wholly-owned subsidiary, Freedom2.

The television segment can be viewed on the Internet at:

via Nuvilex’ Infinitink Tattoo Ink Featured on PBS 26:46 TV Program.



Join either or all of the groups below to stay up to date with event plans.

Andrew Peters’s ProfileCreate your badge
Andrew Peters's Facebook Profile

Join the Global Social Network for the Tattoo Industry, Tattoo Enthusiasts, Fans, Conventions & all that wonder about SKIN INK.


Tattoo Artistry

Join the official facebook Group Here: Tattoo Artistry to keep up to date event happening for the next Tattoo Show in 2010. If you use LinkedIn join Tattoo Artistry here

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School Nationals – Singapore sports kids get publicity

Singapore Sports Kids get burst in exposure:

The School Nationals is an exciting new sports programme that puts the local school sports scene on centre stage. It aims to get Singaporeans excited about school sports and the youths in sports.

In the Round-Up segment we showcase the National School Sports Championships across all three divisions (A, B and C), with coverage on all 26 sports. It will keep Singaporeans updated about the latest results of interschool championships and the achievements of school athletes.

The programme also aims to give school athletes greater exposure via the segment, Upstarts . This segment will feature a different young athlete each week. Viewers will get to find out more about these promising young athletes – learn about their passion for sports, how do they strike a balance between sports and academic work; and what do they aspire to achieve in sports.

Check out the Match-up segment to catch some fun and lighthearted sporting moments as we pit a top school athlete against a national athlete from the same sport.

School Nationals.

Also check out Study in Australia event in Singapore

Exhibitors at Study in Australia:

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million dollar prize fund for Social Innovation Ideas – Asia

$1 million prize fund available for Social Innovation Ideas

Lien i3 Challenge – million dollar prize fund

The Lien i3 Challenge aims to catalyse social projects that are innovative, implementable and impactful in Singapore and Asia.

It has set aside up to $1 million prize fund to spur ideas and make possible new social models. This latest initiative furthers the LCSI’s mission to enhance and grow the non-profit sector primarily through social innovation.

Social innovations are new and practical ideas that result in improving capacity of the non-profit sector, or that result in the creation of social value.

The challenge is open to all individuals, groups or organisations. The intended beneficiaries should be in Asia.

We invite you to submit your proposals. Download form.

Read more:

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Valentine’s Day Card Creation Competition » Contests, Competitions, Blogs, Reviews

To enter Jujup’s Design contest:

Valentine’s Day Card Competition JuJups is about letting you create what you love. For this valentine’s day, it’s about creating something for some whom you love.

JuJups invite you to create your own Valentine’s Day card & stand a chance to win US$1000.

Express your love, be good at it and others will vote and comment on your designs. The most voted wins. What you create will be very special for the person who receives it, they will know that you have taken the time to create something special. You can home print your card or send it as an e-card free of charge.

To enter the contest, simply login (or create a JuJups account if you haven’t one) and design Valentine’s Day Card online using JuJups. After you create your card, make sure you click on “I’m Done” button to save your completed design and check the ‘love’ box under the category options. Uncategorized card designs will not be entered into the competition. Also do not forget to re-name your design.

There’s no limit on how many designs you can create. You can even create as many designs as you want to increase the chance of winning! Best designs will be determined by users’ vote. So please get your friends to register and vote. (Self-voting and voting under different names are easily detected in their system. Such votes will be removed and those who resort to such practices many be disqualified from competitions.)

Deadline is Valentine’s Day (14 February 2009).

Visit the site to learn more.

via Valentine’s Day Card Creation Competition » Contests, Competitions, Blogs, Reviews.


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tattoo artistry goes global – itsReal

The experience i have had with working with the 1st Singapore Tatto Show 2009 has been amazingly rewarding and i have met hundreds for people from all over the world and via facebook over 4000 have joined our group – amazing.

The paasion, enthusiasm and community spirit is unmatchable compared to other groups that i participate in so i have created another site to allow for more community buidling, jobs, groups and more… the url is


The ning platform is easy to use and if we get big enough I will be able to remove the google ads – jump in and Get Inked at:

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prodigy – asia & australia psyched

Get psyched too Singapore – get to prodigy’s rare…. concert on feb 3 09@ fort canning –  Prodigy

check-out the artist’s MySpace and for details and for info on “Invaders Must Die” and the band’s 2008/09 shows … .. you can also view Prodigy videos at … .. for details of further preview material and pre-release promotions, keep an eye on these official sources.

Singapore Concert info:



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