About The Blog & Author

About The Blog

APLink blog was started by my best friend/business associate, Andrew Peters, in 2007 when he decided to do something different in his life. There wasn’t really an aim for the blog other than to let some steam off, as well as to combine interesting business, personal and fun articles that are of his interests.

Over time, his interest lean more towards technology, virtual worlds and lately, social networking and the impacts on traditional businesses, on top of other topics that may interest him. I am proud to say that he was also featured in David Meerman Scott’s book called “New Rules of Marketing & PR” for his social media skills that pulled in the big crowd for the “2008 First Tattoo Show in Singapore”.

The main reason that I am taking over this blog is because Andrew has spent countless hours building and improvising this site over the years. He talks about it when he gets the chance to. It was his pride and joy and I am sure that he would not want to see his efforts go to waste. So here I am taking over where he has left off and hoping to continue his legacy even after he passed away on April 13th, 2010.

I may make some changes in this blog but have kept Andrew’s original profile page not only as a sign of respect and tribute to my best friend, but also to let you have an idea who Andrew Peters is.

So who am I?

Currently based in Singapore and having travelled, work, lived in quite a few places around the world, I still prefer the cooler climates. As for Singapore, it is not exactly a cool country to live in in terms of weather. It is somehow livable as most of the buildings are air-conditioned. I guess it is the only way for me to survive here at the Equator.
I love travelling. Living here allows me to easily get around Asia. Since I am here, I might as well enjoy the beautiful beaches. However, as someone who is a big fan of  cool places, I guess it is not surprising to say that spots that I would really like to explore are Stewart Island in the South Island of New Zealand and Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Canada. If I don’t get to either one of this places, I will be more than happy to explore Owen Sounds, Georgian Bay and the surrounding areas.
Other interests include technology and renewable energy/ nature conservation. Ideally something with a combination of both.
As for work, I started out my professional career as a Market Researcher for more than 5 years. I was and still am able to play the role of a Focus Groups moderator, In-Depth Interviewer, Data Analyst, Presenter and Fieldwork Logistics Coordinator. I have assisted in understanding insights across a wide range of sectors, and from anyone ranging from C-Suite Executives in top multinational corporations to 5-year old kids.
The Asian financial crisis in the late 90s has pretty much put my career on a pause, until I picked up the courage to start something by myself. What I thought was supposed to be a temporary gig until I found another job lasted for over 10 years. I was managing a PR & Conference Management company until the passing of my best friend/business partner that joined the adventure for 3 years. After which, I joined an International Development organisation before the North American economy was badly hit in 2011.
So here I am, back to going solo again. Still with the similar interest as I was years ago, I am going to explore quite a bit in the technology sector, business stuff and possibly something about sustainable living. I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

6 responses to “About The Blog & Author

  1. Hello!

    Just came across your website and wanted to say that I think you are doing an amazing thing! I want to wish you the best of luck in the future!

    • Ian

      Hi Lynne, Thanks for the note. I have just started my own blog, iansarn.wordpress.com to slowly replace this.

      I figured that I should start something on my own since I have freaked some people by continuing to blog here. Hope you would enjoy my blog there as much as you already have here.

  2. Just learned about Andrew’s passing. I have enjoyed speaking with many times over the years about virtual worlds, social media, and most recently, augmented reality. Watched his tattoo stuff and like everyone, was amazed at how successful that effort became. Incredible crowds and I loved looking at the photos. Andrew was a skype friend, being so many time zones away. He must have had tons of contacts in that skype list!! Rest in peace, Andrew. And it is a pleasure to meet you, Imran.

    • Ian

      Hi Dave,

      Thank you for your note. Good to hear from you. Yes, he was quite a guy wasn’t he? All networked without getting entangled. I was quietly proud of his achievements but I guess he knows.

      I have just started my own blog at iansarn.wordpress.com and will slow down updating Andrew’s blog. I figured that maybe it’s time to let it rest. I have freaked some people by keep blogging here and have to keep explaining why I’m doing it. Let’s touch base there instead… sorry Andrew.

  3. Kim

    Hi Imran,
    We met when I was with M2B and Peter was doing a project with me. I’m very shocked to hear that Peter has passed away. He was a good man, and friend. Could let me know what happened? Great that you’re keeping up his blog.
    Best regards.

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