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SKIN by Marc Pinto – Event Photos – APLINK’s posterous

1st anniversary photos for Mrac Pinto Primitive Tattoo – Singapore

Venue & Photos: ZIRCA Mega Club – Singapore

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Feature Interview: Matt Booth Of Room 101

The Singapore Tat2 Convention 2010 held last month was a blast as we had fun making new friends and knowing more about their industry. One of them was the good people from Room 101. plussixfive had the opportunity to have a chat with Matt Booth, Founder of Room 101, as he shared with us his take on the industry, inspiration, and possible ventures into Singapore. Read the full interview below.

The Interview

Is Room101 looking to expand its brand to Singapore?

We’re interested for sure. I think the quality and level of retail and presentation here is top notch, I mean on a global scale.

When you design your jewellery, where do you draw your inspiration from?

A lot of the inspirations behind my designs come from sculptures that I’ve seen from Japan and Noh Theatre (Traditional Japanese Theatre), masks, Buddhist deities and sculptures outside of temples. But you know, my executive collection is all geometric shapes, patterns, things like that. More contemporary, modern contemporary.

So do you do a lot of travelling to places like Japan and Thailand because of the Temples that they have?

I’ve seen temples in Thailand, but their sculptures are different. Every country kind of represents the same characters differently. And I definitely connect more with the Japanese representation.

Read more of the interview here: plussixfive | Online Magazine for Fashion, Lifestyle, Art, and Culture Within The +65 State » Feature Interview With Matt Booth Of Room 101.

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Who is Tattooink.tv?

Tattooink.tv is more than just a website – Tattooink.tv are an online TV Station, an entertainment platform where we film ALL our own content and are creating a virtual one- stop-stop where anyone who has an interest in Tattoo or Body Art logs onto first. As we load this video we are attending the Singapore Tattoo Show 2010 visit us – http://tattooink.tv or http://facebook.com/tattooink.tv or http://twitter.com/tattooinktv

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Eyeball Tattoo Trend – NEWSOXY

Besides the possibility of blindness being very present, who are we to determine what someone does to their own body, yet those that don’t understand the desire to be unique wish to ban the eyeball tattoo procedure – your thoughts ?

Source NEWSOXY – Eyeball tattoo trend is surging in America and Canada. The trend encourages young adults to an eye tattoo leaving behind a full colorful ink.

I don’t mind tattoos, but one for the eyeball? It’s the new trend in North America as many young adults are coloring the whites of their eyes. The procedure is done by injecting ink into their eyeballs.

Eyeball tattoo trending is in the nation’s prisons or as gang members try to find ways to identify themselves with a particular gang. Alternatively, even just to appear formidable in an unusual alien kind of way. One fellow took the challenge and had the whites of his eyes tattooed blue.

Trends come and go, but this one is a bit scary to watch. The procedure is known as a “body modification” and is often used for patients that had trauma to their eye. Joining piercings is one modification, but most doctors advise against putting anything in your eyes that will permanently mark or damage them.

Tattoos on the eye can be painful and discomforting. Even after the procedure, it feels like something is in your eye, according to most people who had it done. Television shows have entered into the foray as well, with eyeball tattoo episodes appearing on CSI:NY.

New Laws Under Consideration To Ban Procedure – read more at

via Eyeball Tattoo Trend.

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The Girls of Miss Tattoo Asia 2010- Klik.tv

What’s hotter than a gal with a tattoo? 10 gals with tattoos, of course! Check out all the finalists of Miss Tattoo Asia 2010 held at the Singapore Tat2 Show. video credits Klik.tv & izreloaded – Editor of Klik.TV who wishes he was Bumblebee – Photo credits: Wizards of Light Singapore.

The Portraits –

Note: Sasha Flew into Singapore from Thailand for the event so was unable to attend the pre-event photo shoot.


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Program Guide Singapore Tattoo Show 2010

8th January 2010

Singapore Tat2 Show Day 1


1PM – 1.30PM

Meet-N-Greet session with Kim Saigh


2PM – 3PM

Autograph signing session with Kim Saigh


3PM – 4PM

Art Fusion Experiment – Charcoal Sketching


7PM – 8.30PM

Tattoo contests Judging


9PM – 9.30PM

Tattoo contests winners announcement and prize ceremony



End of Day 1






Trade Seminars



Oil painting with Shawn Barber


Neuma Tattoo Machine with Carson Hill



9th January 2010

Singapore Tat2 Show Day 2


1PM – 2PM

Autograph signing session with Kim Saigh


2PM – 2.30PM

Contortionist “RUBBER BOY” performance


2.30PM – 2.45PM

Meet-N-Greet session with” RUBBER BOY”


3PM – 4PM

Photo taking session with Rubber Boy


3.30PM – 4PM

Traditional Borneo Dance performance


7PM – 8.30PM

Tattoo Contests Judging


9PM – 9.30PM

Tattoo contests winners announcement and prize ceremony



End of Day 2






Trade Seminars



Blood borne Pathogens Course Seminar



Black and Grey Techniques with  Bob Tyrrell



10th January 2010

Singapore Tat2 Show Day 3


1PM – 2PM

Autograph signing session with Kim Saigh


2.30PM – 3.30PM

Miss Tattoo Asia contest


4PM – 5PM

Best Female and Male Tattoo contest


6PM – 7.30PM

Tattoo contests Judging


7.30PM – 7.45PM

Traditional Borneo Dance performance (Closing Ceremony)



Tattoo contests winners announcement and prize ceremony



End of Day 3






Trade Seminars



Colour Realism/Colour Portrait with Nate Beavers





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Tattooink.tv Sponsor of the Singapore Tattoo Show 2010



Flash your Tats at the Singapore Tattoo Show 2010 and you could be one of the many FACES in the coverage of the Singapore Tattoo Show by Tattooink.tv. Have a global audience admire your pride and joy tattoo/s – see you at the show.

Contact: Tattooink.tv

Call: +61 2 83070860



PO BOX 20519 World Square
Sydney NSW 2002

Website: http://tattooink.tv

Singapore Tattoo Show Tat2 2010 – Jan 8 to 10 Singapore Expo

Join us till then on Facebook – http://facebook.com/tattoopride


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Interview with Noel Boyd – Official Blogger Singapore Tattoo Show

Meet Noel Boyd http://www.noelboyd.com Singapore’s leading blogger for anything Tattoos – his latest achievements now include becoming the official blogger for the 2nd Singapore Tattoo Show this comes on top of his blogger of the month position on nuffnang.com and a soon to be released online Tattoo TV program where Noel is the Host – blogging brings rewards if you persist – read on…

1. How long have you been blogging about tattoos & Bodyart and what made you start ?
I started blogging in late 2005 so I guess it’s been four years coming to five. I’m the sort of guy that needs to voice his opinion every now and then and having a blog allows me to do just that. Also, I wanted to share my love for tattoos with not just only bodyart lovers but with also the average Singaporean. My main aim then was for my fellow Singaporeans to view tattoos and various other forms of bodyart in a different light.

2. Where will Blogging about Tattoos & Bodyart take you in the future ?
You know Andrew, initially I had no idea where this road will take me. All I knew is that I wanted to do this. If somehow had told me back in 2005 that I would receive the many wonderful opportunities that I have been getting, I would have laughed in their faces!

So yeah, this month alone I am the featured blogger on Nuffnang, I am writing for Mediacorp’s Mother & Baby magazine and I’m hosting an internet show about body art. I don’t know what the future has in store for me but I’m sure I’ll be at a good place.

3. Do you think social media has had a positive impact on the Tattoo industry & artists ?
It sure has! With lesser restrictions than traditional media, we get to say what we want and get the word out. But of course social media needs to be used in a good and constructive manner. So far it’s been nothing but GOOD GOOD GOOD! I would highly recommend artists to use social media to promote themselves and their business. It’s the way to go and the results show for itself.

4. What was the first Tattoo you got for yourself, how many tattoos in total do you have now ?
It was in my teenage years when I got my first tattoo. I’m a scorpio so I got a tiny scorpion tattooed on my arm. It didn’t cost much and it ended up looking like crap! If you are a teenager, please listen to my advise. You’ve probably heard this a million times but I’m gonna say it. DON’T rush into getting a tattoo and please for heavens sake wait till you are 18 years old. I’m lucky because I don’t regret getting inked. But if you look around, there are way too many folks who got inked young that kinda regret getting tattooed. Now that sucks!

How many tattoos? Man, I don’t know where to start. There’s way too many to count now. Does a full sleeve count as one tattoo or is it each design on the sleeve?! Hahaha. Let’s just say I have enough but with room for more.

5. Do you regret getting any of your tattoos ?
Thankfully no. Not even with the scorpion tattoo. It was an eye opener and an experience that I will never forget. To me, that’s priceless. I’ve been blessed with choosing the right designs and I look at each tattoo differently. All my tattoos were done in different stages of my life so all of them mean something. Amen!

6. Do you have Tattoo Artists you admire & why ?
This may sound cliché but I think the cast of Miami Ink rock! Their show changed the mindset of millions of people around the world. My parents don’t have tattoos but they watched and liked the show. Miami Ink helped our cause in educating the general public about tattoos. That it ain’t just about gangsters or criminals with ink. I admire them for that and I also thank them from the bottom of my heart.

7. Can you tell me what are the changes that have happened in the tattoo industry that you have seen ?
For starters, our local artists are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The Singapore Tattoo Show does just that for them. It’s not just about having a venue with booths. The Singapore Tattoo Show is a medium for our local boys and girls to shine. Well to me, it doesn’t get any better than that…

Also, Singaporeans are more acceptive to tattoos now than say 5 years ago. There’s still a lot more work to be done but we are heading in the right direction.With that said, you can walk Orchard Road on any given day and I guarantee that you will see a good number of tattoos. Singaporeans are flaunting their ink and that’s always nice to see.

But erm…it’s also good to hear that our local artists are traveling the world either tattooing at a convention or guest starring at a foreign studio. These guys are flying our flag wherever they go. Simply put, they are representing Singapore in what they do best!

8. Where do you see the tattoo industry heading ?

It’s funny because I was just asking myself the same question the other day! I would like to think that foreigners don’t look at Singapore as another destination in Asia for cheap tattoos anymore. We are fast becoming a tattoo hub in Asia where if you want a good tattoo done, this is the place to come to. With all things Singapore, give us a few more years and some of our artists will be among the best in the world. But for that to happen, they need all the support they can get. Be it from their customers, government agencies or their families. But it can be done!

9. What are you hoping to get from the Singapore Tattoo Show ?
I plan on having fun at the show. I mean, that is what blogging is supposed to be about. I plan to meet and interview some very cool people. Readers of my blog can look forward to live updates from the venue hall, exclusive pictures and interviews with some of the best artists alive today!

Singapore Tattoo Show 2010

it’s on again the Singapore Tattoo Show -Tat2 2010 Jan 8 to 10 Bigger & Louder. For more info here are some links – http://facebook.com/tattoopride http://www.tattoo.com.sg http://twitter.com/tattoopride With guest appearances by Kim Saigh (LA ink), Tim Hendricks (Gold Rush tattoo), Michelle Myles (Daredevil tattoo and winner of TLCs Tattoo War Competition at the 6th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention), Shige (Yellow Blaze Tattoo, Japan) and returning to this show again will be Chris Garver (Miami ink) and Bob Tyrell (Night Gallery). Also attending the show will be VIP guest, Matt Booth, celebrity jewellery designer and owner of Room101 who is also the guest judge for this upcoming years tattoo show with Room101 being the major sponsor for this event and introducing Paypal who is also sposnoring the event for the very first time.- video production courtesy: http://tattooink.tv


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Venturing into one of the many subcultures – Intel by aplink – Qondio Singapore

Deriving from the Polynesian word tatau, the English language loaned this word and eventually the spelling was changed to fit the pronunciation of the English phonology, to tattoo. Tattoos have very different reactions on different people. Some outright frown upon it and some are avid collectors of them. Especially in recent times, it has been more and more well received by the general public compared to a couple of years ago. It is not for no reason that some people have distasted tattoos. Due to religion or historical reasons, tattoos can be a negative reminder of the things that happened to people. And in some countries, tattoos are used as a marking of identification to a certain gang, and that naturally result in the general public having a biased opinion on tattoos.

Submitted by Guest Blogger : Mandy Liew

via Venturing into one of the many subcultures – Intel by aplink – Qondio Singapore.

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World Tattoo Convention Live on Line 16-20 / Dic / 2009 , don´t miss the opportunity of interacting with our great list of participating tattoo artists from all over the world.


From TattooArte Magazine (www.tattooartemagazine.com) we present to you the 1st World Tattoo Convention – Live on Line (www.worldtattooconvention.com) that will be celebrated from the 16th to the 20th of December 2009.

This project consists on using the web as a platform to establish contact all around the world taking advantage of great technologies like web-cam live transmissions, chat interactions, artist profiles and much more allowing public and artists to stay in touch 24 hours a day around the five continents.

At the same time we will be realizing the first world tattoo contest, letting the audience participate and vote for their favorite artists and pieces.

The credibility and acceptance of our publication (TattooArte Magazine) makes us deserving of the complete trust of artist of international fame and a great number of Tattoo fans around the globe that would love to see all our list of invited artists tattooing right from their studio and interact with them.

The list of artists participating is growing every day… Check it out!, a lot of prizes like 1000 € in cash , Lauro Paulini Machines and much more!!

World Tattoo Convention – Live on Line (www.worldtattooconvention.com)

Sponsored by: Tattooink.tv

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