Down website beams smiles BUT someone must be MAD as HELL – itsReal

Sponsors & Management must be MAD as HELL. Amazingly site is still down and new users are confused…apart from the smiles beaming from the site (see pic) there is one simple link to the RESULTS page –

…Members are MAD – See member post here Tatarah – Huge Dissapointment

(if you visit the above link look for the in-house NuffNang AD – APLINK gave NuffNang some advice recently – NuffNang

So what is really going on… is this another marketing gimmick to get tatarah brand firmly in Singaporeans Minds…Since my last Tatarah post on Oct 31 there must be enough time to add bandwidth. Since then I still see that lavish MRT train ads and as a marketer weep about the lost members they are not able to sign up…yet in the back of my crazy mind I still wonder is this marketing wizardry we are falling prey to… I doubt however that the sponsors think like APLINK…

Come on Tatarah let Singaporeans know what is going on !


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5 responses to “Down website beams smiles BUT someone must be MAD as HELL – itsReal

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