NuffNang Charity or Social Service – itsReal

Nuffnang with its 4000 strong blogger network….

…and its rules about who gets what ad and which advertiser wants that blogger, ..well how about while all of this highly intricated details are being worked out and some get ads and some only NUFFNANG ads, how about helping out the many charities and social services that are seeking exposure and funding to help with providing services to the community.

… I am sure no blogger would be against using their blog for the good of the community whilst they wait for an ad and for NuffNang it would be a strong good corporate citizen message one that many could NOT offer….


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6 responses to “NuffNang Charity or Social Service – itsReal

  1. Ed

    That’s a good suggestion but wouldn’t that be another conflict between doing charity with heartware and doing charity for the sake of covering up one’s butt? It could well turn out to be case of flashing these charity ads for the sake of publicity and not because one truly cares for them.

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  3. Lee

    It is a worthy cause of the usage of empty spaces for good cause. Whether or not we care about charity. I mean there are lots of things that could be done with that empty spaces.

    Like for eg, they could display ads even with those spaces advertisers but at a cheaper rate. I mean for blogs that has fewer traffics, surely they have value too, just not that great compare to celebrity blogs.

    Its something they need to work out. They need to derive a system. Anything can be done, just how you go about doing it.

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