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Flip stages Bondi flashmob stunt – mUmBRELLA

Viral Videos – this Post from mUmBRELLA has got some AUSSIE critics buzzing – my thinking – if you are going to Stage Something do it the OPRAH Way

From mUmBRELLA: While the idea – and indeed the execution – may not have been entirely original, video footage of a dancing flashmob on Bondi Beach on Friday afternoon is close to going viral.

via Flip stages Bondi flashmob stunt – mUmBRELLA.

When is the FLIP coming to Singapore ?

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Banks inWorld at Second Life – If you SCAM Your Days are Numbered -itsReal

FREEDOM in Second Life, curtailed again by Linden Labs
clipped from
Virtual world cracks down on cowboy banks

Ginko Financial offered 44 per cent interest but collapsed after a<br /> crash in confidence caused a run on the Second Life bank.
There’s a banking meltdown in Second Life, too.
The world’s creator, Linden Lab, has announced it will regulate
the virtual banks strictly in Second Life from now on, after one
collapsed amid a credit crunch that Linden said posed “unique and
substantial risks to Second Life … likely to lead to
destabilisation of the virtual economy”.
In-world companies such as JT Financial have been inundated by
customers wanting to know what is going on. A screenshot shows a
virtual bank branch packed with customers, as a notice on the wall
says “JTF has not crashed. The system is overloaded right now.
Please stay calm … you will all be able to withdraw your
Some less scrupulous virtual world inhabitants built “banks” or
“ATMs” that were actually Ponzi schemes: paying high interest rates
using the money of other depositors.
  blog it

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Viral Video: For All of us in the web 2.0 Business – itsReal

They still haven’t included Virtual Worlds… hmm But I had to put this video on APLINK…

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Down website beams smiles BUT someone must be MAD as HELL – itsReal

Sponsors & Management must be MAD as HELL. Amazingly site is still down and new users are confused…apart from the smiles beaming from the site (see pic) there is one simple link to the RESULTS page –

…Members are MAD – See member post here Tatarah – Huge Dissapointment

(if you visit the above link look for the in-house NuffNang AD – APLINK gave NuffNang some advice recently – NuffNang

So what is really going on… is this another marketing gimmick to get tatarah brand firmly in Singaporeans Minds…Since my last Tatarah post on Oct 31 there must be enough time to add bandwidth. Since then I still see that lavish MRT train ads and as a marketer weep about the lost members they are not able to sign up…yet in the back of my crazy mind I still wonder is this marketing wizardry we are falling prey to… I doubt however that the sponsors think like APLINK…

Come on Tatarah let Singaporeans know what is going on !


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FACEBOOK Applications, Community Development & Advertising

Facebook Facebook has some true marketing potential for some companies. The question is which companies, and what’s the right way to use Facebook?Several recent posts have contested Facebook’s value as a marketing vehicle for companies, including the Buzz Bin post, “Beware of Facebook Frenzy.” In many ways, these posts are realistic reactions to contemporary media and A-List bloggers positioning Facebook as the social media panacea.

Facebook is not right for every company. But it does offer some companies a great way to market themselves. It always comes down to the community. Is the company’s target community on Facebook? If so, then perhaps Facebook is the right place. Here’s a look at some of the methods a company can use.

We look at three forms of marketing on Facebook: Applications, community development and advertising.

Read more at: Now is Gone 


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energyville sims style game from chevron

Chevron have developed a new game to teach people about the effects of energy on us and the environment now and in the future… It is hoped to go viral, release of the game is US time wednesday….watch the video from the energy reporter from SFCronicle


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McDonalds – Getting Viral & soon to your emailbox – itsReal

With the Popularity of McDonalds we are ALL going to have to find a replacement for email very soon…
“McDonald’s has recently upped its word of mouth marketing efforts. The company called upon a popular consumer-generated video from YouTube to feature in a commercial spot about Chicken McNuggets and is using chatty avatars to spread the word about the Chipotle BBQ Snack Wrap via email. Why all of the attention on WOM? Because it works.
When tens of thousands of viewers watched and passed along a YouTube video depicting two Chicago-based improv comics doing a beatbox/rap about Chicken McNuggets, ad agency and WOMMA member company Arnold Worldwide prompted McDonald’s to pay attention. The genuine, organic, consumer-generated-video-turned-commercial recently ran on seven New York TV stations and helped generate enormous buzz and increase the sales of chicken nugget meals at the fast food chain. McDonald’s is also running a similarly-conceived commercial based on a YouTube submission that featured two teens singing their orders at a McDonald’s drive-through. The teens uploaded the original video to YouTube, where it generated 40,000 views and inspired the resulting commercial.

Read more: WOMMA

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First came the ads, and now we have the Video ADS see this very humorous Farinelli Commercial. What blows me away is how Ping’s community… Continue reading

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Pick of the Week: The History of Viral Video – Courtesy

As a marketer it is interesting to me how people use the internet for FUN and unknowingly creating viral activities which then smart marketing people scratch their heads and only wish they had thought of it first. Amongst my internet travels it is rare that a to find a well researched post so in finding this GEM it deserves to be shared.

The History of Viral Video – Internet comedy is almost as old as Internet porn; which is to say it dates to the very beginning.

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Next to ‘cool microsites’ and games, viral video is hot.

source: emarketer

Viral Marketing’s Video Love Affair

Next to ‘cool microsites’ and games, viral video is hot.

Marketers with viral campaign experience think highly of microsites, games and video clips, according to Marketing Sherpa’s “2007 Viral Marketing Survey.”

Experienced viral marketers recognize that creating a separate presence for viral campaigns can have a huge impact. “Creating cool microsites” topped all other tactics, with 37% of very experienced marketers saying they produced great results. One-third thought that online games brought great results.

Video clips got generally good reviews from marketers, with about three in 10 saying they yielded great results, and just 13% admitting their results were dismal.

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