Bad Timing – Wasted Advertising in Today Newspaper – Poor

Being of sound inquisitive mind I followed the ad in Todays Newspaper to the Tatarah website to see how somone could get a car for 0.23 cents…and this is what I


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11 responses to “Bad Timing – Wasted Advertising in Today Newspaper – Poor

  1. It’s pretty sloppy planning IMO. If they decided to run a huge marketing campaign, they should have been prepared to handle the jump in bandwidth.

  2. DK

    OK, but at least we know their marketing is working. haha.

  3. I was caught off guard when the site went down on the last few items up on bids. Refresh and then it went down. Ouch.

  4. Silly silly silly. I think this is one of those very clear cut examples where companies just spend their marketing budgets without bothering about the entire customer experience and process. Well, I guess the ones laughing all the way to the bank are the media owners, which is TODAY in this case!

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  6. vauxie

    So how am i gonna check if i’ve won the bid? felt like kanna cheated… the auction that i’ve bidded was closed since monday, since i’ve made payment for the processing fee til now they have not email me anything. must be a con job!

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  8. after down for 2 weeks tatarah has turn to a bad auction site. They have change from the lowest bidder with processing fee wins to highest unique bidder wins…. is just not worth it…. go to ebay lah better…. at least ebay have not charge anything for the processing fees if i am not wrong

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  10. hey guys, another lowest unique auction site has launched called, and it gives users free credits when they sign up, invite friends or blog about the site.. check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

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