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smm lo res 10 gorgeous girls in one house, all competing to become Asia’s next big modeling sensation. What can possibly go wrong? Join the girls on their journey to fame as they pout and strut their way through weekly challenges and elimination rounds.

Who will crack under pressure? Who will be the resident bitch? Who will overcome all odds to turn her dream into reality? You decide, because we’re letting you play a part in it.

Register now and be among the select few to watch pre-show videos and trailers, receive exclusive SMMTV party invitations, and even spend a day on the set of this groundbreaking online reality series!


Official site:



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Singapore Illusionist & Sexy Female Magician Make a Magical Appearance for Asia Uncut Talk Show on Star World

Singapore’s premier illusionists J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning will be appearing on this week’s episode of Asia Uncut (Episode 10). Besides chatting with host Jon Niermann, the magic duo will be showcasing their unique brand of “urban illusions in the city”.

Asia Uncut airs on Asia’s largest regional network Star World that reaches over 200 million viewers. The talk show is the first one-shot mainstream avenue to reach the majority of English speaking people in Asia on an entertainment network.

J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning are the first magicians ever to appear on Asia Uncut. Previous guests have included movie stars, musicians and celebrities such as Brendan Fraser, Ethan Hawke, Maggie Q, James Blunt, JJ Lin, Brian McKnight and Motley Crue.

Pre-taped in the last week of April 2009, J C Sum demonstrated some mind-boggling close-up magic and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning performed her signature “Straight Jacket Striptease” with the help of Niermann. Finally, the pair presented one of their original grand illusions “Light & Space”, where ‘Magic Babe’ Ning vanished in a blink of an eye.

The airtimes for the episode are as follows:

15 May 2009, Friday, 11:30pm in South East Asia

15 May 2009, Friday, 10:00pm in the Philippines

14 May 2009, Thursday, 11:00pm in the Middle East

via Singapore Illusionist & Sexy Female Magician Make a Magical Appearance for Asia Uncut Talk Show on Star World.


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Asia Uncut – what’s on this week

Be sure to catch the 4th episode this Friday 11.30pm SE Asia, 10pm Phillipines and 11pm Middle East on Star World, and if you cant make that, the repeat is on Sunday!


Global citizen and artist. Ketna Patel has lived in Africa, Asia and Europe and gains her artistic inspiration from the myriad of cultures she has
experienced. Her latest creations adorn the set of Asia Uncut.
Londoner Eddy Brimson is not just a comedian but a hypnotist, actor and successful board game creator. He does more than make you chuckle.
Famous for his book “In Lust We Trust”, writer Gerrie Lim talks about his Adventures in Adult Cinema, and what it means to be Asian.
During his 20 years in the NBA from 1969 to 1989, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored 38,387 points, the highest total of any player in league history. Watch him do his famous “skyhook shot” and a few other moves with Jon.
Six hunky Australians descend on the set of Asia Uncut and show us a few of their dance routines. Thunder from Down Under is a troupe of hard-bodied blokes who dance with abandon, the hottest export since Crocodile Dundee.
Singaporean singer JJ Lin who has hit the big time in Taiwan and
China, also known for breaking a Guinness record by signing
3,052 CDs in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Join us on mark-zuckberg-1 and check out the previous episodes.

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Body art for the average Joe – itsReal

courtesy CNA –

SINGAPORE : Tattoos have come a long way from being just a badge of pride for bikers and gangsters. Today, tattooing has grown more prevalent in modern culture with an increasing number of people crazy for them.

In Singapore for the first-ever Singapore Tattoo Show which kicks off on Friday, celebrity tattooist Chris Garver from popular reality TV series “Miami Ink” said, “Most people that I tattoo are pretty much just ordinary people who are a little more adventurous than the Average Joe.

“A lot of celebrities are tattooed now so I think that makes people realise that we’re not that different, we’re just like everybody else. We just happen to like something that the general public is a little bit scared of sometimes.”

Tattooing has grown more prevalent in modern culture with an increasing number of people in today’s generation crazy for them.

Garver got his first tattoo at six years old after he was accidentally stabbed in the finger with a pencil. He got his start in tattooing at 17, using himself as his canvas.

“I did my first tattoo on myself because I wanted to be able to show people my work so if they were to trust me, they had to see something that I did,” he said.

However, an elaborate piece of tattoo doesn’t come easy. Detailed tattoos can require two sessions each lasting five to six hours. The customer has to take a two to three week break before returning for a second.

The duration of completing a tattoo will very much depend on the customer’s threshold for pain, said Garver. “Some people only want to be tattooed for an hour or two, that’s their threshold but I’ve had customers that I’ve tattooed for 12 hours.”

“But it’s a bearable pain”, he added. “The least painful part to get a tattoo would be your upper shoulder or bicep area.”

While most of Garver’s clients go to him with a design in mind, the tattoo artist said there are some to leave it to his imagination. “Even when they do that, I’d find out what would suit them,” he said.

“If it’s something that I am really familiar with drawing and it really needs to fit on the body in a certain way, I’ll draw it on. But if something is very technical like it has a lot of straight lines and perfect circles, anything geometric, I’d make a stencil on the skin that I’d just trace with the machine.”

But racist or offensive tattoos are a no-no. “Many young people make bad decisions and I don’t want to help them do that,” he said.

Though advances in laser technology and tattoo removal creams mean that tattoos are not forever, those planning to get inked should “find something that you’re really going to enjoy for the rest of your life”, said Garver.

The Singapore Tattoo Show runs from January 9 – 11 at the Singapore Expo. Tickets for the exhibition can be purchased at the exhibition itself. More details can be found at

– CNA/km/il

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Singapore Production Company Teams Up with Lonely Planet TV – itsReal

Singapore Production Company Teams Up with Lonely Planet TV in New Series

Lonely Planet Television and Singapore production company Beach House Pictures, together with the Media Development Authority of Singapore, announced in Cannes the launch of a new 13-part flagship television series.

Developed in conjunction with broadcaster National Geographic International and distributor BBC Worldwide, the series – which will take viewers off the beaten track, down the world’s less travelled roads – is aptly titled LONELY PLANET: Roads Less Travelled.

LONELY PLANET: Roads Less Travelled will feature – for the first time – Lonely Planet authors on the job as they scour the world’s roads less travelled in search of the latest and greatest travel experiences on earth.

In an exciting development, Lonely Planet founder and legendary independent traveller Tony Wheeler is slated to be one of the four authors featured in the series.

The travel show will premiere on the Nat Geo Adventure channel in 2009 in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Australia, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. A cross-platform initiative, the new series will be supported by a website showcasing the itineraries featured in the TV series as well as complementary Lonely Planet destination content and travel services. Over time, the multi-platform franchise is expected to expand into DVD, mobile and web-TV content.

Travelling, said Mr Laurence Billiet, Head of Lonely Planet Television, “is a really tough job”. “In this series for the first time on television we’ll reveal behind-the-scenes what it’s really like to be a Lonely Planet author.”

Congratulating Beach House for landing the job, Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer, MDA, said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for Beach House to co-produce with well-known international partners who share the same vision of delivering quality content on multiple platforms to the global audiences and showcase the world’s best travel experiences to the world.”

For latest updates on the media industry, log on to

To read archives, please click here.

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Bali Bombers close to Execution – itsReal

Should Executions be still done in 2008?

A lawyer for the three death row Bali bombers has withdrawn himself from their last-ditch legal appeal, signalling the possible end to the case which delayed their executions.

Lawyer Fahmi Bachmid formally withdrew from the appeal in Denpasar District Court yesterday, after a protracted bid to have the appeal held in Cilacap District Court, off central Java, closer to their island prison.

Denpasar District Court has also rejected repeated requests that the three be allowed to travel to Bali to attend their final appeal.

Read More: SMH

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IDC’s TOP 10 ICT Predictions 2008 – APAC to spend USD154billion – itsReal

Market analyst IDC predicts that the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) spending and growth for the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) region fuelled largely by continued disruption with dynamic market changes driving new or more focused segmentation in vertical markets.


“In particular, government spending will accelerate due to digital inclusion and new digital demands from a more savvy population,” said Graeme Muller, Head of IDC’s Asia/Pacific Predictions Committee. “While governments will typically lead digital inclusion efforts, strong participation from ICT vendors is expected as part of their corporate social responsibility programs.”


IDC predicts the ICT market in Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) to reach US$154 billion in 2008


Read More enterprise innovation

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HypoCol & Web 2.0 – in the News – Singapore’s Digital Life 220108 -itsReal

web 2.0 platforms are ideal for companies that have limited budgets…

HypoCol In the News


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Legal Graffiti & Illegal Graffiti in Singapore – itsReal

Singapore 2008 and in the past 4 days I have seen 3 Spots of Graffiti… so how, this is Singapore !

Ok the legal spotting is courtesy of Standard Chartered Bank, The 2 illegal spottings are courtesy of some brave people who have defied all sense and reason and armed with spray cans have given passers by something different to look at….

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Call for Papers –

clipped from
Computer Games; Animation, Multimedia, IPTV, Edutainment and Security
International Conference and Symposium on
28th-30th April 2008
Authors should submit a complete paper in English of up to 8 A4 pages, using the submission procedure indicated below. The program committee will review all papers and the contact author of each paper will be notified of the result, by email. Each paper should clearly indicate the nature of its technical/scientific contribution, and the problems, domains or environments to which it is applicable. Authors must also indicate the conference track to which the paper is submitted. The paper must be carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling.
  blog it

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