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Latest Update from the Guys at Adhysteria bought to you by APLINK – itsReal

Adhysteria has had a very busy and productive summer!  As we get ready for an even busier fall we wanted to bring you up to date on our most exciting new features.  W plan to update you on a monthly basis beginning with this newsletter. Also we want to hear back from you!  Please send us ideas or comments at or by replying to this email. Adhysteria video auction is now online.


Thanks for your help in supporting for Video and Photo Classifieds. We appreciate your long term commitment to our site. has been slowly climbing the charts and statistics show that the audience is pretty much coming from all over the globe. That’s a good sign to advertisers and users displaying their products and services.

Please upload you video and photos in higher resolution if required. We have now moved on to become a pure video and image classifieds site , image classifieds also allowed in photo section. No more text classifieds. PLEASE NO POSTS FOR MAKING MONEY ONLINE, DATA ENTRY or BULK MOBILE PHONE and ADULT content will be not entertained.

We are looking for awesome ORIGINAL Videos and Photos  – so get creative all of you.

If you have some not so original content but think it will dazzle the community members at Adhysteria get busy and upload. Upload your photos in our Photo Section

Videos can now be imported from youtube via url import feature ,when uploading video please scroll and zoom in location map to get your exact location. When uploading photos you can also add photos via url. Please click the link to view the video of the week.

Seamless YouTube Support : View

Please click the to view the original video of the week

Site News

We have now introduced a very advanced Banner management system enabling advertisers to manage their ads more effectively. Adhysteria Video Auction is now online.

We have noticed not many users are using the invite feature if you have any success with the site use the invite feature to invite your friends and family to the site.

Please go to to vote for your site to become the hottest startup, more important to place some comments regarding the site, it will help the cause.

We are offering the first 50 auctions free of cost no commissions at all so please come over and place your auctions.


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The Beaming Smiles have dissapeared, in there place NEW rules, and this statement: –

“Through feedback and due consideration, has relaunched with the following exciting new features”

..But NO excuse or reasonable explanation. Lets just sweep it under the carpet and move on. I can only assume they might be doing this as they still have all those ads out in the MRT so why highlight any problems they had to all those new eyeballs… Let the bidding commence, Again – Dream it, Own it – – Take 2 !!!


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Down website beams smiles BUT someone must be MAD as HELL – itsReal

Sponsors & Management must be MAD as HELL. Amazingly site is still down and new users are confused…apart from the smiles beaming from the site (see pic) there is one simple link to the RESULTS page –

…Members are MAD – See member post here Tatarah – Huge Dissapointment

(if you visit the above link look for the in-house NuffNang AD – APLINK gave NuffNang some advice recently – NuffNang

So what is really going on… is this another marketing gimmick to get tatarah brand firmly in Singaporeans Minds…Since my last Tatarah post on Oct 31 there must be enough time to add bandwidth. Since then I still see that lavish MRT train ads and as a marketer weep about the lost members they are not able to sign up…yet in the back of my crazy mind I still wonder is this marketing wizardry we are falling prey to… I doubt however that the sponsors think like APLINK…

Come on Tatarah let Singaporeans know what is going on !


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Bad Timing – Wasted Advertising in Today Newspaper – Poor

Being of sound inquisitive mind I followed the ad in Todays Newspaper to the Tatarah website to see how somone could get a car for 0.23 cents…and this is what I


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