PopOut: Emerging Web Startups! – Invitation

PopOut: Emerging Web Startups!

PopOut! is finally here! Calling all technopreneurs, venture capitalist, geeks, students, startups and basically anyone interested in the web 2.0 and beyond to join us as we hear from these locally grown startups share their innovation and experience! A successor to Geekout, Popout will be a series of startup showcases where we want you to meet the entrepreneurs spearheading the emergence of the Singapore Web 2.0 landscape.

Focusing on Web Startups for this episode, the companies presenting include Bezurk, recently named one of the world’s most exciting startup by Business 2.0, ZopIM, a next generation sales IM platform, and many others.

Although we’re upgrading to Suntec this time, but no worries!!! We’ll definitely be keeping the informal conversations and fun-filled interactions that mark TDM events. So please come on down in you CASUAL wear!!

Come by on the 4th October , where you get to meet, suggest and share ideas and resources to with like minded technopreneurs, investors, and bloggers!

Date: 4 October 2007 (Thursday)
Time: 6.45 to 9.30pm
Venue: Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Ballroom 1, Level 2

Admission: FREE!!!

Attire: Casual!!!

Program at a glance:

6.30pm: Registration

7.00pm: Start of Event

7.10pm: Sharing Session with Ross from Bezurk

7.30pm: Demo by Quaffs and followed by ZopIM

8.00pm: Break

8.10pm: Demo by BookJetty and followed by Recruit.net

8.40pm: Short Speech by Gen Kanai of Mozilla

9.00pm: Chill-Out with the Peeps!

As with Geekout (which was fully registered in 2 days), be sure to register early! For more details, please check out http://popout.thedigitalmovement.org.

The Digital Movement


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