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it’s hard to stand out – not so at AVW – go platinum

it’s hard to stand out ? not so at AVW – go platinum on AVW – Association of Virtual Worlds and enjoy international virtual & real recognition that will drive your busines development strategies immediately.
You don’t need to be Linden Labs or or facebook or even war of warcraft to make your mark on what is still an emerging yet strong and progressive industry !
The AVW is where virtual worlds, games, social networks, and those who wish to explore the technology, come together.
AVW is everything Virtual – let us help you drive your exposure and business development strategies


What is Platinum Membership

AVW Platinum is a new high visibility premium membership package that offers members the opportunity to showcase their companies, products and services in order to build both sales and brand awareness. This is an exciting way to stand out on the main AVW site, on the active and growing AVW business and social network and inside the AVW Global Virtual Headquarters.

AVW Platinum Membership includes:

1.     Logo on front page of the Business & Social Network (rotating basis) with link to member site. (

2.    Logo on the Main site’s Home Page (rotating basis) with link to member site. (

3.    Poster in the AVW’s Global Headquarters containing an embedded image of that member’s choosing and a click through to a website

4.    10% discount on sponsorship opportunities (such as upcoming discussion forums and conferences).

BONUS: AVW Platinum Members also have the opportunity to present their products and services in a Platinum Showcase presentation to be held inside the AVW Virtual Headquarters. In addition, the AVW will send out an email invitation to the entire membership of over 2,700 members—and counting!

AVW Platinum is offered at the introductory membership fee of USD99 per month.

Contact me: To Secure Your Premium Membership & Privileges – apglobal @

Check out the new AVW facebook group at

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Mirko Caspar to Speak at Virtual Worlds Forum London – itsReal

Metaversum’s Mirko Caspar CMO for Twinity will be speaking at the Second VWF, if in London between 6 & 7 October 08 – drop by and catch up with him, he knows all the stuff u want to know about twinity (wink) – his panel are speaking on….

Web 2.0 strategy and virtual worlds

Integrating virtual worlds into your web 2.0 strategy – harnessing social networks, virtual worlds and MMOs to create community

  • Playing to the strengths of social networks and virtual worlds – what are they each good at?
  • How can they be mixed and for what? What role might casual gaming play in their integration?
  • What should a mass market casual virtual world look like?
  • How interested are social network players in adding virtual worlds to their offerings? How is partnering developing?
  • Will virtual worlds grow into social networks themselves? How good are they at supporting them?
  • Looking at the collision of mobile social networks and virtual worlds – where will people consume?

Raph Koster, President, Metaplace
Marco Behrmann, CIO & Entropia Universe Community Director, MindArk PE AB
Mirko Caspar, CMO & Co-founder, Metaversum
Burckhardt Bonello, Founder & CEO, sMeet
Stuart Dredge, Freelance journalist and blogger, covering games, music and technology


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Citizens of the (virtual) world – itsReal

Barrack Obama in his speech in Germany – Heralded – People of the World, we are all citizens of the world he said.

Connecting to people all over the world is becoming more real everyday and technologies that are spawning within and from virtual worlds make these connections tangible and REAL.

The hype that surrounded Second Life has diminished – hype can last for so long, however because of the hype entrepreneurs the life blood of business innovation, have seized the opportunities that Second Life offered and are now delivering platforms, applications and services that lead to global citizens working intimately together across distances that previously were unimaginable.

Fully animated avatars that have been perceived as impostors, pretenders of who they really are, are being replaced with Fully Animated Avatars of who you really are, if in business then who you are on LinkedIn, if more social, then who you are on Facebook. One such platform is Twinity

It is now time for Business, corporates companies all over the world to realize that Virtual World Technology is Real, Virtual Worlds coupled with Web 2.0 social applications and existing technologies are allowing for connectivity that could mean less travel, less cost, less time away from families, less harm to the environment, even less fatigue.

I recently was told of how IBM’s implementation of virtual worlds within IBM had achieved greater collaboration and I can only conclude that this has lead to alot less expenditure by IBM and decisions made faster, without the need to travel away from love ones.

Victor Keegan of The Guardian wrote an article titled We’ll all be citizens of the virtual world he concluded with….

Virtual worlds are only just beginning. During a period of financial collapse and worries about global warming, they could prove an ideal safe haven.

I suggest to you virtual wolds have begun – time is now for business to embrace and not wait.

You can be a real citizen in a Virtual World.


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List of 50 Virtual Worlds video tour – itsReal

Earlier I posted that 345million has been invested in Virtual Worlds this year – this movie Initially posted at marketfactnl – has been translated (close to) below for this part of the world… When i first starting hearing about Second Life in 2006 – much has happened in the space – this video is a tour of some of the virtual properties around today – Google Lively & Twinity appear so the video is coolly current–

Virtual Worlds in the near future are going to play an increasing role in our lives. The fact that Google with Google Lively its first footsteps in the digital universe continues, suggests that more has happened than just a new gimmick. The number of virtual worlds is also growing. Most of the virtual worlds in the Netherlands we hear nothing or very little about. Yet another far-from-us-bed-show? Gary Hayes is currently engaged in an investigation into virtual worlds and he has recorded his journey on YouTube. This provides a seven-minute film in which 50 virtual worlds pass the revue.

Second Life, HiPiHi, Kaneva, Twinity, ActiveWorlds, LagunaBeach vMTV., Habbo, Google Lively, FootballSuperstars, Weblin, AmazingWorlds, CyWorld, Whyville, Gaia Online, RocketOn, Club Penguin, YoVille, Webkinz, BarbieGirls, Prototerra, IMVU, Spore, vSide, Tale in the Desert, SpineWorld, Stardoll The Manor,, ExitReality, Vastpark, Qwaq, PS3Home, GoSupermodel, Grockit, Croquet, Metaplace, Coke Studios, Dreamville, Dubit, Mokitown, Move, Muse, The Palace, Playdo, Sora City, Voodoo Chat, TowerChat, Traveler , Virtual Ibiza… Are you on your journey?

On his site Gary also refers to a beautiful visual of the Examination Kzero where several virtual worlds in a useful overview (jpg) are plotted against each other.

EVERYONE should be doing videos

– I have seen this video 3 times before reading the content above – andrew peters aka aplink

PS: theRedlightcentre missed a debute in the video – i wonder why ?


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MAN Manpower Inc. Celebrates First Anniversary in Second Life

Manpower Inc. announces the worldwide celebration of the company’s one-year anniversary in Second Life. The celebration kicked-off with a multi-media convening of virtual world gurus on Manpower Island to reflect on the ways leading brands can attract a creative and diverse pool of talent and leverage virtual worlds to further real-world social responsibility programs.

MAN Manpower Inc. Celebrates First Anniversary in Second Life

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Review: IDC Web 2.0 Digital Marketplace Conference Singapore

I was running late but not as late as usual and I arrived at IDC’s Web 2.0 Digital Marketplace Conference about 10 minutes late. I walked thru the doors of the meeting room and was taken aback as the room was totally packed and only standing room was available at the back – we are talking 3 persons deep. I estimate more than 250 people were jammed into the small room. Efficient staff quietly moved in more chairs and i was able to sneak into one and start to concentrate on the first speaker.

Mr Patrick Chan, Chief Technology Advisor, Emerging Technologies, IDC Asia/Pacifc (wow fancy telling someone your job title.) Patrick did an excellent presentation on the future of web 2.0 and I was very pleased to see that he included “Virtual Worlds” in his predictions, somehow people don’t align vitrual worlds with web 2.0 yet however it appears IDC is taking a stab at bringing virtual worlds into more minds, and noted that virtual worlds are COMING UP and that people like to have a separate online personality – this is good as long as the online personality is real too. The billions of dollars as is always fore told by IDC in these emerging markets were presented to the audience – no cheers hip hip hoorays – except maybe the silent ones in my head as i sit in the back of the room. CHINA & INDIA were singled out as the leading forces in web 2.0 is Asia, the take away message from IDC is web 2.0 is here to stay and will only get massively bigger for consumers and enterprises alike.

Regarding the Audience, when i walked in I was truly in awe at how IDC had filled the room to overflow but even though i could only see the backs of heads I could tell this was a web 2.0 event like no other that I regularly attend. The event attendees were mature, i don’t think i saw a spiky hairstyle anyway, no fashion victims, these were regular everyday mature technologies managers from enterprises – more later.

Next up was Brad Garlinghouse SVP Communications & Community, Yahoo – Yahoo were the diamond sponsor for the event and Brad discussed the over whelming noise that social media presents (don’t i know it) Of course the solution is YAHOO and how Yahoo is redefining email and services to allow for trusted communications – yes it was a BIG pitch for Yahoo – but they were the diamond sponsors 🙂

Coffee break – food ran out – coffee ran out

Part Two – Along comes a slice of fresh air and i think was the winner of the most popular presenter of the day. Justin Lee Executive Director of E27 Singapore appeared on stage which to my knowledge must be his first major public speaking appointment. After declaring to this very mature audience how young he was (in comparison to those listening to him) he ummmed and arrghed into his entertaining and information packed presentation of how he got to be on stage talking about what he DOES know best Web 2.0. His journeys in Silicon Valley, bringing facebook to Singapore (he did introduce me to facebook and yes i am addicted now) thru to a video on web 2.0 where he bopped his head to the music as the video played and enjoyed the humour the video presented. Many a time the audience giggled as Justin relayed a funny situation. The presentation slides even were fun – but they held immense understanding and value of the web 2.0 scene in Asia – well done Justin except you neglected the Virtual World scene – maybe next time when social media members start moving over to virtual worlds like Twinity it will be in your next speaking engagement 🙂 Local web 2.0 companies like ZOPIM,, SGentreprenuers, yebber, NuffNang and others were presented as was the Hong Kong’s web 2.0 scene which highlighted Malaysia’s web 2.0 vibrant scene heralded, advertlets which is the most well known blogging advertising network in Malaysia as well as Singapore.

The final presenter is one of Singapore’s Legends Michael Neztley, Practice assistant Professor of Corporate communication, Singapore Management University – Topic Digital Natives, I have previously posted about Digital Natives here and I agree whole heartedly with Micheal on how the world of web 2.0 has changed the youth of today. In a decade or two we will be asking “what are textbooks?” Whilst i listened intently my mind kept interrupting me because I am a marketing person at heart and could not stop thinking how Yahoo the diamond sponsor must be fretting at how many times Micheal said GOOGLE. The other intersting think i noticed is that Michael is getting his students to use the Wetpaint wiki platform – good choice Michael.

Q&A followed and again I give marks to IDC for introducing a concept of the audience being able to write their questions instead of having to get up and ask (which we know is hard) BTW at TDM events we most often provide wireless internet so questions can be sent via notebooks to the event team, its a bit more modern than paper 🙂 Also to be applauded is the man from IE Singapore who is trying to implement blogging and web 2.0 within IE Singapore and asked for an ON THE SPOT solution of how to get it done 🙂 Mr Popular (Justin) seemed to get most of the questions.

Back to the audience, during lunch I spoke with two guests on my table and as i suspected one was an IT Manager from a major print company the other was an IT Consultant. They were both at the event to LEARN more about this WEB 2.0 world. BUT also as expected they weren’t there to find ways of getting millions of people connected (as social media allows) they were there finding out how THEIR circle of influences could collaborate better with web 2.0. I think in this regard the event did not deliver this information. The focus as to be expected was more on the massive communication opportunities that web 2.0 has created. Enterprises on the other hand need to first connect their employees and then their customers and then maybe more.

My overall view of the IDC Web 2.0 Digital Marketplace event is WELL DONE IDC. Enterprise adoption of web 2.0 is critical and this event i am sure sent attendees away with fresh ideas and a percentage of the audience will be searching for solutions and opportunities to embrace the technology.

– Rating 4/5

Andrew Peters a.k.a. APLINK


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media interview: Twinity makes Singapore Asian Hub – itsReal

As reported in Today Newspaper, Lead Technology story page 54, May 9 2008 – Metaversum the creators of a new virtual world called Twinity – plan to make Singapore its’ Asian Regional Hub

Mirko Caspar, CMO MetaversumDr Mirko Caspar – co founder & cmo, Metaversum talks to Hedirman Supian of the Today Newspaper

Text Version: Today Online

PDF Version: Today Online

Jump to Twinity

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AOL Absorbs Top UK Social Network Bebo for $850m CASH – itsReal

Joining the buddy list

AOL has purchased social networking site Bebo for $850 million in cash.

The news follows rumors that Bebo was bought by a masked buyer for $1 billion. AOL was not included in the speculative list of buyers, which included Google, Microsoft, CBS, Viacom and Comcast.

AOL called the Bebo purchase a step toward international growth. The social network spread its roots in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. It hosts free video content, supports OpenSocial and Facebook apps and recently launched a nationwide talent competition in partnership with Music Nation. Bebo also ran the debut of KateModern, which represented Lonelygirl15’s expansion into Europe.

In 2008 Bebo shall launch five local versions of its site in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. This falls neatly in line with AOL’s ambition to expand to 30 countries outside the US before 2009, reports Webware.

According to Ron Grant of AOL and Joanna Shields of Bebo, integration between Bebo and AOL’s AIM — which just opened to developers — will be crucial to success of the merger. The combo will yield AOL a “social graph” of 80 million people, larger than Facebook’s userbase of 67 million, but still smaller than MySpace’s audience.

AOL has also struggled to reposition itself as an ad platform. Bebo relies mainly on ad revenue, which may prove a boon as social media ad buys continue to rise.

Nonetheless, rebuilding brand equity will be intensive for the former online subscription giant. Last month Time Warner announced it would split AOL’s internet and ad divisions. Half its sales force is rumored to be expended, and ad exec Curt Viebranz has just departed the company (via C|Net).

In any event, the Bebo purchase is expected to finalize next month

source: MarketingVOX


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The Watch – TOP 10 virtual worlds in the news – Courtesy MVJ – itsReal

About MVJ…

The Metaverse Journal is a site devoted to bringing an Australian perspective to virtual worlds. Launched in November 2006, we believe that virtual worlds at the very least may bring a new approach to internet-based interaction, and we want to cover their evolution. Virtual worlds may provide some of society’s biggest opportunities and greatest challenges in coming years – it’s an area worth keeping informed about.

Lowell Cremorne – Editor in Chief

February, 2008

1. The Washington Post – Spies’ Battleground Turns Virtual. “U.S. intelligence officials are cautioning that popular Internet services that enable computer users to adopt cartoon-like personas in three-dimensional online spaces also are creating security vulnerabilities by opening novel ways for terrorists and criminals to move money, organize and conduct corporate espionage”.

2. CNN Money – Pointing The Way To New Web Worlds. “You can sling from one Web to another in business these days. The so-called Web 2.0 technologies that gave birth to consumer blogs, social networks and other ways to offer product advice are weaving their way into the corporate world”.

3. CNET – Teen virtual world goes Hollywood. “Habbo, a virtual world for teens, signed a deal with the William Morris Agency, one of Hollywood’s oldest and largest talent agencies. As part of the deal, WMA will promote its celebrity sports and entertainment clients within the digital world and help Habbo forge new promotional partnerships in Hollywood”.

4. ClickZ – MinyanLand Virtual World Aims to Teach Kids Finance. “Teaching kids financial responsibility can be fun and advertisers should come along for the ride, say the creators of MinyanLand, a virtual world for kids. Launched January 30, MinyanLand is the result of the National Council on Economic Education, financial infotainment company Minyanville and family site network Kaboose, coming together to try and educate children in grades three to six about the importance of financial responsibility and thrifty spending. Unlike several other virtual worlds targeting the kids market, including Disney’s Club Penguin, Minyanland does not require a subscription fee to participate, according to Kevin Wassong, president of Minyanville”.

5. ABC Science (Australia) – Bionic lens spies virtual world. “Engineers say they have combined a flexible contact lens with an imprinted electronic circuit and lights for the first time. The ‘bionic’ lens could give wearers a new look at the world by superimposing computerised images onto their natural view. Such virtual displays could be useful to drivers and pilots, who could have route, weather or vehicle status information overlaid onto their vision. Video game players could immerse themselves in a virtual world without restricting their range of motion”.

6. CNN – For online addicts, relationships float between real, virtual worlds. “Think of online video game addiction and what probably comes to mind is a socially awkward adolescent. But teens are not the only ones who get addicted. Consider Zach Elliott, who lives in the U.S. state of Wisconsin, is in his mid-40s, and plays Final Fantasy XI, an online role-playing game. About three years ago, he says, “there were people in my real life that sort of vanished into this game, and I followed them into it””.

7. FOX Business – Multiverse Unveils Virtual Times Square. “The Multiverse Network, Inc., the company building the leading network of 3D virtual worlds, today unveiled Virtual Times Square, a true-to-life digital recreation of one of the world’s most famous metropolitan environments”.

8. – Companies Explore Virtual Worlds As Collaboration Tools. “For emergency responders working along Interstate 95, accidents aren’t a game; they’re a way of life (and death). So it seemed odd to a group of firefighters, cops and medics when researchers from the University of Maryland suggested it use a virtual world to collaborate on training for rollovers, multicar pileups and life-threatening injuries”.

9. – View to a Kill: Training in Virtual Worlds. “Learning and training are likely to be the ‘killer application’ for computer-generated 3D worlds such as Second Life, delegates heard at the Learning Technologies event in London last week. Capgemini consultant Marco Tippmer made the claim during a session on the hype and realities of the latest training technology. We have been here before, he admitted, during the ‘virtual reality 1.0′ bust in the early 1990s, when lack of sufficient computing power undermined expectations surrounding touch-sensitive gloves and immersive 3D headsets”.

10. ZDNet UK – Nortel: Virtual worlds may replace the office. “Nortel Networks is looking to the next generation of employees to shape the workplace of tomorrow, and high on its agenda is exploring the role of Web 2.0 technologies and virtual worlds such as Linden Lab’s Second Life”.


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Invitation – Mix Business with Imagination at the Big-Bit Islands Launch – itsReal

Big-Bit Launches Big-Bit Islands in the Virtual World Second Life an Entertainment, Live Performance, Attractions and Business Services hub to drive Big-Bit’s Business Strategy for 2008 – event starts at 9pm SL time February 9th 2008

Sydney Australia. February 07, 2008 — Big-Bit Australia Pty Ltd, a leading virtual worlds full service solutions provider today announced the exciting launch of Big-Bit Islands in the Virtual World Second Life. Entertainment, live performances, attractions and business services and the Big-Bit team will be on hand to guide you through the evening’s event. The event starts at 9pm SL time February 9th 2008

event arena big-bit
Image: Event Arena Big-Bit Island

Bit-Bit is a leading Virtual Worlds full service solutions provider that offers strategic advice, construction, marketing and events services to companies seeking to establish footholds in virtual worlds such as Second Life and other newly emerging worlds. Comprising a talented International team of virtual world veterans, Big-Bit has in-house building and programming expertise to execute scripting for complex projects in virtual worlds.

What SL Residents can expect ?

• Big-bit Islands Grand Opening Saturday February 9th – 2008
• Dance with our very own funky DJ – Estrelle Fauna
• A Treasure hunt for those seeking to enhance their inworld wardrobe and nab a mystery prize or two
• Grand Prize 10,000$L
• Fireworks will adorn the Big-Bit Islands skyline to welcome in a new era of services & entertainment

Visit PrimAdonna:

What RL People can expect ?

• Considering launching in Second Life? The Big-Bit Team will be on hand to discuss your options
• Previous projects will be highlighted on the Big Bit Island as testament to Big-Bit’s expertise in inworld development
• Bring your Business to Big-Bit Island and let Big-Bit’s imagination work for you

Visit Big-Bit Island:

PrimAdonna Island, part of the Big-Bit island group is home to PrimAdonna designs by Big-Bit’s Jana Gillespie also known in Second Life as Estrelle Fauna. Specialising in fashion, content creation and design, PrimAdonna offers unique style careful attention to detail and great versatility. The PrimAdonna shop offers a variety of women’s clothing from casual to formal and corporate wear for both men and women including shoes. PrimAdonna Island and shop have been magnificently rebuilt and announces it’s reopening.


Image: PrimAdonna on Big-Bit Islands

Big-Bit offers companies an innovative way for getting products launched in Virtual Worlds. For more information please contact Jana Gillespie, Big Bit Australia Pty Ltd, details below.


About Big-Bit Australia
Big-Bit understands that the single most important ingredient that drives humanity is the need to communicate. Without communications we would not be able to achieve even the simplest of tasks. We partner with clients to create the opportunities for them to engage with their communities in the virtual space in ways that are only limited by their desire to drive business and our imagination. In doing so, we commence on a journey with our clients that is destined to take a business into new dimensions of communication, understanding and connectivity.

For more information please contact:

Andrew Peters
The Pacific West Communications
Cell: +65-9451-9012

Jana Gillespie
Big-Bit Australia Pty Ltd
Cell: +61-412-582-233


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