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smm lo res 10 gorgeous girls in one house, all competing to become Asia’s next big modeling sensation. What can possibly go wrong? Join the girls on their journey to fame as they pout and strut their way through weekly challenges and elimination rounds.

Who will crack under pressure? Who will be the resident bitch? Who will overcome all odds to turn her dream into reality? You decide, because we’re letting you play a part in it.

Register now and be among the select few to watch pre-show videos and trailers, receive exclusive SMMTV party invitations, and even spend a day on the set of this groundbreaking online reality series!


Official site:



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School Nationals – Singapore sports kids get publicity

Singapore Sports Kids get burst in exposure:

The School Nationals is an exciting new sports programme that puts the local school sports scene on centre stage. It aims to get Singaporeans excited about school sports and the youths in sports.

In the Round-Up segment we showcase the National School Sports Championships across all three divisions (A, B and C), with coverage on all 26 sports. It will keep Singaporeans updated about the latest results of interschool championships and the achievements of school athletes.

The programme also aims to give school athletes greater exposure via the segment, Upstarts . This segment will feature a different young athlete each week. Viewers will get to find out more about these promising young athletes – learn about their passion for sports, how do they strike a balance between sports and academic work; and what do they aspire to achieve in sports.

Check out the Match-up segment to catch some fun and lighthearted sporting moments as we pit a top school athlete against a national athlete from the same sport.

School Nationals.

Also check out Study in Australia event in Singapore

Exhibitors at Study in Australia:

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STB gets S$90m boost, SINGAPORE, Marketing, Online advertising, Social networks, Industry bodies, Government, |

  • STB launches new global marketing campaign
  • Part of S$90 million initiative
  • Includes social networking

Singapore – The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has announced full details of its S$90 million initiative which includes a new global marketing campaign under the tagline “2009 Reasons to enjoy Singapore”.

Merlion Singapore

“STB is currently working with more stakeholders including airlines such as Singapore Airlines, travel agents, travel portals such as Zuji, attractions and retailers to develop more offers. It also hopes to attract more partners throughout the year.”

In another crucial part of the new marketing campaign, STB will also leverage online media and viral marketing channels such as Facebook to launch promotions. ‘Fly on US’ is the first major online promotion and offers S$500,000 worth of free air tickets to Singapore, as well as S$10,000 cash to be won monthly.

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prodigy – asia & australia psyched

Get psyched too Singapore – get to prodigy’s rare…. concert on feb 3 09@ fort canning –  Prodigy

check-out the artist’s MySpace and for details and for info on “Invaders Must Die” and the band’s 2008/09 shows … .. you can also view Prodigy videos at … .. for details of further preview material and pre-release promotions, keep an eye on these official sources.

Singapore Concert info:



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Singapore offers MORE new media Funding – itsReal

As Reported in the Today Newspaper Dec 11 2008

“Along with the ambitious infrastructure plans, that includes lofts and recreation facilities, Dr Lee also yesterday unveiled a SGD100 million Integrated Media Fund set up by Salon Media Management….”

Mediapolis @ one-north: Adding growth to Singapore’s Media Ecosystem

Government paving the way for industry demand-driven media hub development

Singapore, 10 December 2008 – Singapore is preparing to scale up its media infrastructure as it makes plans to turn itself into a Trusted Global Media Capital.

A 19-hectare (ha) plot of land has been earmarked for the development of Mediapolis @ one-north – a 200-ha innovation and R&D hub that is master planned and master developed by JTC Corporation (JTC). Mediapolis @ one-north, which will be an industry demand-driven project, is envisioned to be a self-contained and vibrant digital media cluster.

When ready, it will be a hub that will house a media ecosystem comprising soundstages with green screen capabilities; digital production and broadcast facilities; interactive digital media (IDM) and R&D activities; Computer-generated Imagery and visual effects; post-production, games and animation; industry-response digital media schools, business parks, work lofts and incubators; intellectual property (IP) creation and digital rights management.

The development of Mediapolis @ one-north, an ideal environment to promote the dynamic flow of talent and cross-pollination of ideas, will kick-off with the launch of its first site – a 1.2-ha land JTC has reserved for development in the first quarter of next year. Local media production company, Infinite Frameworks, will invest and develop a soundstage complex on this plot of land.

Escalating Demand For TheSingapore Media
Singapore has seen good progress in its media sector in recent times. In 2005, this industry reported an annual turnover of S$18.2 billion (or US$13.4 billion), contributing S$4.9 billion value added (or US$3.6 billion) to Singapore’s Gross Domestic Product, and employing close to 55,000 people.

The media industry is expanding, and we have seen growth in the fields of media funding – about S$1billion are anchored here – award-winning films, games and animation, IDM and major international co-productions such as the filming and production of Mark Burnett’s “Contender Asia” and “The Contender 4” here in Singapore.

Given these positive developments, increasing demands from the industry for more co-production collaboration, the upcoming shoot of Jan de Bont’s “Point Break 2” here next year, and the location of global media giants such as Lucasfilm, Linden Lab, EA, Ubisoft and most recently, Italian gaming and animation company, Rainbow SpA, to our shores, the government has primed itself to prepare Singapore as a future media hub.

As a result, there is a necessity to create a media epicentre; hence, Mediapolis @ one-north was conceptualised to provide a ‘home’ to our thriving media sector.

“The Mediapolis is an essential piece of a comprehensive media ecosystem that we are building,” says Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Media Development Authority (MDA). ”Over the years, Singapore’s media industry has made great strides, particularly in media financing and international co-productions. To elevate ourselves to the next level, we are finding ways to add scale and synergy to what we already have.

“With the support of the industry, the Mediapolis and its intended array of soundstages, digital post-production facilities and R&D labs, to name a few, will be the infrastructural conduit that will enable Singapore to host international media players and large, big-budget projects.”

As the master planner and developer of one-north, JTC plays a key role in providing the physical infrastructure.

“JTC is pleased to be part of this multi-government agency effort that propels Singapore ahead as a Trusted Global Media Capital,” says Mr Philip Su, Assistant CEO, JTC. “We are glad to contribute to building the critical pieces, which will complement each other in the growth of a vibrant media ecosystem.

“Mediapolis @ one-north will be the 3rd strategic industry cluster in one-north, after Biopolis (biomedical sciences) and Fusionopolis (infocomm, media, engineering and physical sciences). Mediapolis will also be able to leverage on the creative community in the neighbouring Wessex Estate, and tap on the synergies and world-class expertise within one-north.”

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Circos Helps Consumers Search for the Good Life -itsReal

Circos Helps Consumers Search for the Good Life

Concierge-like search engine connects consumers with premium lifestyle experiences


PRLog (Press Release) – Sep, 2008 – Today Circos relaunched its search engine, helping consumers find personalized, premium lifestyle experiences online. By tapping into the collective knowledge of people across the Internet, Circos condenses user-generated content into meaningful tips about hotels, restaurants, and other relevant brands. The updated site is live at

There are millions of insights and shared experiences distributed across the Web in individual communities, blogs, and forums, but it’s nearly impossible for a high-end consumer to locate the right insights and tips for their personal needs. Conventional Internet search relies on site statistics and popularity, leaving many answers buried under layers of irrelevant Web pages or worse, overlooked altogether……

……The new features multiple ways to find the perfect hotel or restaurant. A concierge-like guided search experience at walks you through your search with a simple three-step process. Circos’ “search by personality”

feature connects you with the previous experiences of others just like you. This means self-professed hipsters find the edgiest urban hotel, while high-end diva foodies are shown exclusive restaurants with the most attentive staff and service.  APLINK Note: WOW…


Circos Helps Consumers Search for the Good Life.

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GEEK PASS – First in Singapore! its almost Virtual -itsReal

True to its name and vision, Geek Terminal has again adopted technology in a unique, and innovative way to enhance the lifestyle of its patrons and business.

GEEK PASS – First in Singapore! | Ezprezzo

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Interexpat Singapore launches

Interexpat launches new website for expatriate information services with powerful search engine and social community capabilities: addresses the increased demand for information and services for global on the move professionals and their families.

Singapore August 21, 2008. Interexpat Pte. Ltd., a Singapore headquartered Internet services company ( today launched new information services combining social community capabilities with a powerful global search engine: The new service aptly called ExpatFinder is the first vertical search engine for people intending to relocate or already living abroad. addresses the increased demand for information and services by relocating professionals and their families. The website acts as a channel to guide expatriates or pre-expatriates about to make the move, to the most relevant information and websites both locally and globally.

Featuring a simple keyword search interface, ExpatFinder provides its users access to the highly detailed and relevant information needed to make informed expatriation and relocation decisions.

“Expatriation is characterized by a need for information on various topics with a different perspective than other average web users. Expats need deeper, more focused information to relocate with ease. With the unveiling of our specialized search engine, we are excited to be able to provide expats all over the world with a comprehensive and user-friendly resource, giving access to information search but also very soon additional search for services like local relocation services, international moving, housing and much more,” said co-founder Sébastien Deschamps.

The global family start-up with offices in Singapore and France, uses the search technology from French company Exalead and Singapore’s Qweki (for the blog search only). “Working with a mature search engine technology provider like Exalead gave us the necessary experience to build a state of the art search solution. Qweki allowed us a greater flexibility with the expat blogging community. “adds Francois Deschamps, co-founder, Interexpat.

In addition to web search, users of can interact and share the experience and lifestyle with other expats by doing a search on blogs, and discussion forums. The Expat Blog search provides an insight on local experiences through the eyes of an expat and further helps to ease the adjustment of expats and expat families to make the relocation a success.

About Interexpat &
French and French-American co-founders Francois and Sébastien Deschamps are working on innovative solutions for the expatriate populations around the world. ExpatFinder is one of their favourite as it combines their fascination for the search technology as well as their goal to bring support to people and families in global transition or with international lifestyles. ExpatFinder is also the first website launched by their co-founded Singapore based company: Interexpat Pte Ltd. They are currently working on other expat-related projects including a community website to drive innovation in the expatriate online experience. For more information visit:

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Sebastien Deschamps told everyone about his new expat search engine called Interexpat, an edited search engine for foreigners living outside of their home country.

I had a fairly long conversation with Andrew Peters, a marketing and PR consultant who works on a variety of tech projects and corporate blogs.

Todd Murray is an Australian who was plugging a new internet television web startup called Activechannel.


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Live Blog: Come meet the Jolly Good Fellow of Google @ DXO | The Digital Movement

Live Blogging for the TDM/iDA Infocomm LIVE event ! which APLINk attended this evening in Singapore

“Seated on the cushion, Meng introduces himself. He is an early Google employee and is the first Singapore Googler. He is hired as an engineer and now working with Google University. He worked on Mobile search, search quality, chinese search and all. HE developed emotional intelligence training program in Google. He is also the ambassador for – which is the official philantrophic part of Google. He graduated from NTU and worked in NUS. He considers himself bi-partisan. He also wants to save the world when he grows up. Go ahead – ask him about that and he will give you the entire flow.”

Live Blog: Come meet the Jolly Good Fellow of Google @ DXO | The Digital Movement.


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