The Winners are Announced – itsReal

The judges have decided and we are glad to announce the winners of the iPhone & iPod in the Creative Feedback Challenge (RCFC)

The Winner of the iPhone is: theyoungbusinessman

The Winner of the iPod is: venturethroughdistances

The winners were chosen based on the quality of their feedback and suggestions that may be beneficial to job seekers.
What impressed the judges the most about the winners was that first and foremost they demonstrated a clear understanding of our business model and accordingly offered actionable, smart, and for the most part simple ideas.
Congratulations to Cris of theyoungbusinessman blog who is the recipient of an iPhone courtesy of and to Yangz of venturethroughdistances blog who will be receiving an 8GB iPod Nano. Please contact Andrew Peters to arrange collection of your prizes.
Many thanks to those that participated and to for assisting with the contest.
Stay tuned for the next contest, details to be announced shortly! – APLINK


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