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Recruit.net Blog » Recruit.net launches Philippines Job Search Engine

Recruit.net are pleased to announce the launch of our new Philippines job search engine (www.recruitnet.ph) The site has over 25,000 job listings from hundreds of companies in the Philippines.

With approximately 24,000,000 internet users and only a 24% penetration of the total population, the Philippines is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in Asia.

The Philippines also boasts a highly competent and globally mobile work force that will benefit from the Recruit.net network of global job search engines.

Recruitnet.ph is a result of continued requests from our users to launch our service in the Philippines. So please please keep the feedback coming in.

via Recruit.net Blog » Recruit.net launches Philippines Job Search Engine.

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Sincerely Poor Ris Low – Beauty queen Ris Low replaced

An interview this evening on a local channel once more hightlighted for Ms Ris Low unfortunately that she should have not tried to defend herself and stayed out of the camera’s lens – – her replacement in the Miss Singapore World speaks english well and bakes – – and is a GOOD girl.

SINGAPORE: Former Miss Singapore World Ris Low has clarified comments in media reports where she said stealing credit cards was fun.

Speaking to Channel NewsAsia in an exclusive interview, Ms Low said her actions were the result of her bipolar disorder.

The beauty queen gave up her crown last month after it was revealed that she was convicted of credit card fraud.

She said she has learnt a lot from the saga and that despite the bad publicity, she remains positive in life.

She said: “I don’t mean that stealing credit cards was fun. But the thrill that I felt – the feeling that I got from stealing credit cards was there. That was what I was trying to explain. But it’s not that I am encouraging young people to steal credit cards or anything like this.

via channelnewsasia.com – Beauty queen Ris Low remains positive about life despite bad publicity.


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YouTube – Biggest Stars Are On The New Asia Uncut

YouTube – Biggest Stars Are On The New Asia Uncut.

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Do You Need a Social Media Marketer?

Wells Fargo entered Twitter in late March and Collins sees that as the big three of social media marketing outlets along with Facebook and MySpace. Other brands have been on Twitter for a while, including Dell, which has more than 80 accounts (most notably RichardatDELL with more than 5,000 followers) on the network and Ford, whose Scott Monty holds the title head of social media for the brand. As of last week Monty had more than 16,000 followers on Twitter and has authored close to 13,000 tweets—bursts of text of no more than 140 characters. While those tweets often plug Ford products in one way or another, he occasionally goes off topic as if to underscore the fact that he’s a real person. (Last week, for instance, he entertained a discussion with a follower about the fact that Bacardi rum is actually made in Mexico, not Puerto Rico as commonly thought.)

The mix of genuineness and salesmanship is a key to being a successful social media marketer, said Collins. “You have to have a passion for the space,” he said. “You can tell some people are very passionate and you can tell [when] it’s kind of forced.”

via Do You Need a Social Media Marketer?.

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Social Media Jobs on the Rise – itsReal

Last year I did a search on recruit.net for “social media” and i got an amazing ZERO jobs results.  Today I thought i would try again to see if things had changed, knowing full well that they would have.

Today, Recruit.net hosts 44 current job openings that are related to social media. I have not checked them all but “Social Media Manager” positions lead the list.

Recruit.net is a google of recruitment who focus on Asia Pacific, the wave of social media activists like myself and others more high profile, seem to have created a NEW world of career opportunities in Asia Pacific for those keen to take advantage of the benefits of full scale social media strategies for business.

Here is the link to the jobs on offerhttp://www.recruit.net/search-%2522social+media%2522-jobs

…and if you are thinking of a career in social media maybe my secret… social media secrets might help out…


Like everyone is in awe of the platforms, technology & commentors that allows for social media success like; facebook, twitter, NING, linkedIn, Friendster, ecademy.com, orkut, plurk, MIXX, DIGG, youtube, wordpress, blogger, ping.sg, nuffnangtwine, squidoo, stumbleupon, kindernet, expatfinder, getsatisfaction, techcrunch and many more

… so will corporations be in AWE of the social media experts inside their business who will deliver unprecidented profitability by treating and engaging with customers and partners as part of their business community, with all the benefits and rewards the customers deserve. Social Media will lead the way in redifining customer relationships and i imagine the next time I do a search for social media jobs openings the results will far exceed my wildest imagination.


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Top 100 – Rumour has it Red Herring is on the Prowl Again – itsReal

Seems it is that time of the year again when Red Herring is searching for it’s Top 100 Asia Pacific Startups… if you have something REALLY interesting I suggest you contact Red Herring Now…. Here is last years list which includes Recruit.net from Hong Kong congrats Maneck Mohan CEO of recruit.net

A Jewel in the making for this years list might be Adhysteria – free video classifieds and auctions check them out at htpp://adhysteria.com

Last years winners below !


For 10 years, the Red Herring’s editorial team has diligently surveyed entrepreneurship around the globe. Technology industry executives, investors, and observers have regarded the Red Herring 100 lists as an invaluable instrument to discover and advocate the promising startups that will lead the next wave of disruption and innovation. We are now searching for the Red Herring 100 Asia list for 2008: click here to nominate a company.

Award Finalists

The 200 finalists will be announced by Red Herring two weeks prior to the event. The Top 100 award winners will be announced at the Red Herring 100 Asia Award Ceremony.

004U www.004u.com China
3Alogics www.3alogics.com South Korea
3G Portal www.wap.3g.cn China
A8 Music Group www.a8.com China
ACANETTV www.acanettv.com South Korea
AcuLearn www.aculearn.com Singapore
Amethon Solutions www.amethon.com Australia
Aogos Network www.aogos.com Malaysia
Armorize Technologies www.armorize.com Taiwan
Ascent Networks www.ascentnet.co.jp Japan
Automotive Exchange www.CarWale.com India
Aware Electronic www.aware.com.tw Taiwan
Beijing Chemclin Biotech www.chemclin.com China
Beijing Kaitone Information Technology www.mobilemedia.cn China
Beijing Wireless China Network Tech www.wichina.cn China
Beken www.bekencorp.com China
Boro Networks www.boronetworks.com.cn China
CALUMO Labs (SPF) www.CALUMO.com Australia
Chinese All www.ChineseAll.com China
C-motech www.cmotech.com South Korea
ComiAsia www.comiasia.com South Korea
Cosmic Circuits www.cosmiccircuits.com India
CTS Media Information Technology www.clicktosee.com China
Digifriends www.digifriends.net South Korea
Digital Check www.digitalcheck.co.jp Japan
Downjoy.com www.downjoy.com China
ENT Quest www.fifthmedia.biz Malaysia
First Meta www.firstmeta.com Singapore
Fugumobile www.fugumobile.com China
Funshion Online Technologies www.funshion.com China
Gameshastra www.gameshastra.com India
Green Tomato www.gtomato.com Hong Kong
Honest Technology www.honestech.com South Korea
Hoodong.com www.hoodong.com China
Horizon InfoVentures www.realacres.com India
iGene www.infovalley.net.my Malaysia
Incesoft www.xiaoi.com China
iPart www.ipart.cn China
IPEVO www.ipevo.com Taiwan
i-Vision China www.ivisionchina.com China
iVolta www.ivolta.com South Korea
iWOW Technology www.iwow.com.sg Singapore
Kanghui www.kanghui-international.com China
Maxscend Technologies www.maxscend.com China
MeritTrac Services www.merittrac.com India
mGine www.mgine.com South Korea
Miaxis Biometrics www.miaxis.com China
MNBT www.mnbt.co.kr South Korea
Mobile Healthcare www.lifewatcher.com Japan
Mobile Leader www.mobileleader.com South Korea
Mobile Multimedia www.mm2u.com.cn China
Mobile Solution Services Joint Stock Co. www.mss.com.vn Vietnam
Mocre www.1d.com China
Mosh Century Technology www.mosh.cn China
MTRON www.mtron.net South Korea
National Grid www.ngridcorp.com South Korea
NetAlter Software www.netalter.com India
Netian Concierge Group www.netian.com South Korea
New Digital Noise www.ndn.com.hk Hong Kong
NVLsoft www.nvlsoft.com South Korea
Ohanae www.ohanae.com Singapore
Pandora TV www.pandora.tv South Korea
PayMate India www.paymate.co.in India
PCT Filer www.pctfiler.com Australia
PeaceSoft Solutions www.peacesoft.net Vietnam
Peering Portal www.peeringportal.com South Korea
Phoenix Microelectronics www.phoenixme.com.cn China
PPStream www.ppstream.com China
Qunar.com www.qunar.com China
RadioPulse www.radiopulse.co.kr South Korea
Recruit.net www.recruit.net Hong Kong
Red Oxygen www.redoxygen.com Australia
Regalix www.regalix.com India
RF Window www.rfwindow.com South Korea
Roboo www.roboo.com China
Saora www.saora.com Japan
SatNav Technologies www.satnavtechnologies.com India
Shanghai Jietu Software www.city8.com China
Shenzhen Botian Technology Development www.botian.cn China
SM Onyomo Infotech www.onyomo.com India
SoftRun www.softrun.com South Korea
Somode Holding www.somode.com China
Summit Life Sciences www.summitbio.com China
Synamatix www.synamatix.com Malaysia
Team and Concepts www.editgrid.com Hong Kong
Theta Networks www.thetanetworks.com China
Thin Multimedia www.thinmultimedia.co.kr South Korea
TNC www.tnccompany.com South Korea
TOBESOFT www.TOBESOFT.com South Korea
UCC Community www.uccc.co.kr South Korea
Vembu www.vembu.com India
Vinapay www.vinapay.com.vn Vietnam
vJive www.vjive.net India
WhereScape www.wherescape.com New Zealand
Worldviewer Dot Com India www.kerala.com India
Xcome Technology www.xcome.com China
Youku.com www.youku.com China
Zero Global www.zeroglobal.com China
Zhanzuo www.zhanzuo.com China
Zhejiang Flyasia Electronic Business www.5fad.com China


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altsearchengines.com turns 1 and wants to pay back ? – itsReal

I think recruit.net is much older but who cares, congrats www.altsearchengines.com and Mr Charles – seems your goodie bag is full of perks 🙂
..Look forward to another year of unbiased and entertaining news on alternative search engines in the market and those that maybe emerging… word has it Twinity when it becomes live will need a GOOD search partner for its Twinizens – who might that be ?

Happy Anniversary AltSearchEngines!!

On Monday, June 2, altsearchengines.com will be celebrating their one year anniversary!..

They will be closed this weekend, but on Monday they will have a post-a-thon!..

One post every hour for 24 hours announcing their…

NEW get money back for every post you read!*

NEW staff writer Rafi Farber!

NEW Mobile Search expert Peggy!

NEW custom Weblin avatar!

NEW relaunch of our forums!

NEW AltSearchEngines podcasts!

NEW ASE widget gallery!

NEW archives display!

NEW AltSearchEngines conference!

NEW AltSearchEngines Stealth site!

NEW Top 100 Alts list for June 2008!

NEW AltSearchEngines’ mobile site!

NEW sponsors, and old sponsors!

NEW my favorite post of the year,

and much, much, much more!

Please join them on Monday as they kick off their second year!!

*ok, this one’s not true. Try MSN Live.

…i am definitely interested in the conference ! Have you seen the new search community for Alternative Health www.mamaherbs.com ? -itsReal

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altsearchengines.com is all about search – itsReal

Google is THE dominant player in search and with its vast resources it is no wonder. Google’s rise almost overnight is spectacular and from last nite’s Vinton Cerf’s presentation organised by The Digital Movement (TDM) they already have an IPv6 version ready for major release when the time is right. But as you will read there are literally thousands of search engines out in the market like my client’s recruit.net, which are useful and are making market niches for themselves.

Thanks to Charles Knight of altsearchengines.com more of us consumers are able to know about these inspired search companies – His amazing blog style site can keep you abreast of the latest in search technology and the market players battling it out to crave a slice for themselves in the lucrative search market.

Charles just became even more famous with his interview on AcessMyLibrary.com, an excerpt is below



AltSearchEngines is a blog that provides news, reviews, and analysis of specialized and emerging search engines. It’s a fascinating window into the non-Google search engine world, and it’s a necessary hangout for search engine fans. We’re not sure that the next Google is here yet, but the pretenders are an engaging lot nonetheless.


AltSearchEngines, http://www.altsearchengines.com

So you think you know all about search engines? OK, you use Google all the time, and sometimes you use its specialty engines including Scholar or Blogs. You occasionally use Yahoo! or Ask.com. And admit it, you’ve become quite fond of YouTube, and some of you even have MySpace or Facebook profiles. Finally, you’re probably adept at a few proprietary online services. Basically, you think you have this online search thing figured out.

But not so fast. Are you using QueryCAT and factbites.com for targeted fact retrieval? Can you analyze the respective metasearch capabilities of Intelways, Ixquick, Sputtr.com, and TurboScout? Is KoolTorch a better visualization engine than Liveplasma? Well, maybe you don’t know as much as you think you do.Maybe you’re not a Master of the Search Engine Universe after all. Maybe you need to spend some time at AltSearchEngines (www .altsearchengines.com).

No Google Here

AltSearchEngines is a combination directory, news service, review source, rating agency, job post, and general blogosphere for alternate search engines (ASEs) operated by Charles Knight. He describes himself on the site as an “industry analyst and former SEO.” On AltSearchEngines, he’s the manager of a lively site that ASE users and developers visit frequently.

Read more at AccessMyLibrary – (to read the full story a simple rego is needed) – itsReal

APLINK republished at AltSearchEngines


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Recruit.net to exhibit at ad:tech Singapore – itsReal

Early Bird Rate expiring on 30 May 3008!
Don’t miss out on our Early Bird Rate for ad:tech Singapore. Priced at USD$695, make a decision to purchase your conference pass before 30 May 2008. So hurry, register today to attend this exciting and interactive conference!
PS: A free expo pass is accompanied when you register for our conference.
PPS: Attend the conference as a group and save from our corporate rate.
us today!
Conference Highlights
SEM – Strategies & Tactics
Creating a search strategy is imperative to drive customers to any Web site, however making sure that strategy is targeted and capturing the right consumers is even more important to your bottom line.
Mark Davis,
Coach Mark Davis

Widgets in the Media Mix
Widgets can be extremely effective applications to get instant information to your customer base and to build brand engagement. Given the proliferation of social media and apps, coupled with the emergence of ‘prosumers’ – consumers in control – what does the future hold for this medium?
Mark Cripps
Digital Director,
MRM Worldwide

Why visit ad:tech’s expo and what can you expect
An ad:tech expo offers you the opportunity to see, touch and network with vendors providing technologies, software and services employed in digital marketing today. Exhibitors at the ad:tech expo includes;

Register* today to visit our exhibitors at the expo.
*A US$50 registration fee applies when you register onsite at the expo, so ensure that you pre-reg online!

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