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The Winners are Announced – itsReal

The judges have decided and we are glad to announce the winners of the iPhone & iPod in the Creative Feedback Challenge (RCFC)

The Winner of the iPhone is: theyoungbusinessman

The Winner of the iPod is: venturethroughdistances

The winners were chosen based on the quality of their feedback and suggestions that may be beneficial to job seekers.
What impressed the judges the most about the winners was that first and foremost they demonstrated a clear understanding of our business model and accordingly offered actionable, smart, and for the most part simple ideas.
Congratulations to Cris of theyoungbusinessman blog who is the recipient of an iPhone courtesy of and to Yangz of venturethroughdistances blog who will be receiving an 8GB iPod Nano. Please contact Andrew Peters to arrange collection of your prizes.
Many thanks to those that participated and to for assisting with the contest.
Stay tuned for the next contest, details to be announced shortly! – APLINK


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Fly 4 hours in a 747, vs fly via avatar for 30 secs to the virtual meeting

APLINK Pick of the WEEK – Imagine if you will that by some freak of undersea volcanic activity, a brand-new continent suddenly appeared in the middle of the ocean, and within a two-year period, 8 million people from 105 countries worldwide decided to make it a vacation destination, some of them on a daily basis…..

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Pick of the Week: The History of Viral Video – Courtesy

As a marketer it is interesting to me how people use the internet for FUN and unknowingly creating viral activities which then smart marketing people scratch their heads and only wish they had thought of it first. Amongst my internet travels it is rare that a to find a well researched post so in finding this GEM it deserves to be shared.

The History of Viral Video – Internet comedy is almost as old as Internet porn; which is to say it dates to the very beginning.

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where R virtual worlds heading…private corporate virtual worlds

Source: techtarget

APLINK’s Crystal Ball is vibrating with enthusiasm. Many of you have read how I believe in Virtual Worlds and the continued positive impact on commercial endeavors the 3D animated environment offers. The following post whilst technical does have a few gems of ideas of things to come…if you want my opinions do ask…itsReal

By: William Brogden

The concept of online virtual worlds where a user can interact with other people and fantastic landscapes has fascinated hackers and science fiction writers for years. When I first thought about doing an article on this topic I was going to call it speculative, but Internet reality has caught up already.

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Autodesk & Playboy what do they have in common….

Both are soon scheduled to hold events, of the 3D kind…


In Second Life, See Autodesk event HERE…

for Playboy…I guess we can only imagine what they might be planning ?

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My Favorite Alien of all Time

I Will Survive…

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Sexy aliens….

A youtube Video PG13+ish

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Future of Second Life – itsReal

Linden Labs the creator of Second Life speaks about its near future but APLINK imagines a much BIGGER effect on the real world than this interview reveals….

Source PC Advisor UK 

Second Life developer Linden Lab is hard at work enhancing the voice capabilities, search features and navigation interface of its creation. The company is convinced that this popular, three-and-a-half-year-old virtual world isn’t a flash in the pan but rather a credible vehicle for social interactions, commerce and entertainment.

Linden vice president Joe Miller candidly acknowledges that Second Life isn’t for everyone and that the service needs to be improved. As well as having an internal team working on the 3D world, Miller hopes, enhancements will also come from external software developers, now that Linden has released the code of Second Life’s viewer application as open source.

Full Interview HERE

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HP and Dell slug it out in Second Life – itsReal

Source: SMH

The fierce competition between PC makers HP and Dell has transcended the real world.

Evidenced by a surprisingly candid exchange through their official blogs, the pair are now at loggerheads over the merits of marketing their brands in online worlds such as Second Life.

A stampede of companies, including Dell, IBM, Toyota, Sony BMG, Telstra, the ABC, adidas and the US retailer American Apparel have rushed to buy land in Second Life since it was launched in 2003, hoping to market their wares to its rapidly expanding user base.

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Singapore Girl (SIA) gets WED to TBWA – itsReal

Congrats to the team at TBWA Singapore. It is an inspiring win for me, as only 10 years ago TBWA started in Singapore with only 2 staff. My team at the moment at TPWC is 5 strong, with only one year under our wings, who knows what might be around the corner for us.

I wonder if TBWA have seen the potential of virtual worlds like second life to increase SIA’s brand in this unique 3D Real Life global marketing platform…will some of that $50 million a year budget be earmarked to launch in virtual worlds ? I hope to see SIA as the first airline to open a ticketing office and passenger lounge in second life, just imagine the SIA and TBWA official wedding could be held in second life covered by the Reuters in-world reporter.

For more details on this spectacular engagement visit: TODAYonline

Just as a side note: Recently when I was checking out office space in second life for our SL office…i took a short helicopter flight to have a look at the property…hmmm during the flight i was unfortunately dumped out of the helicopter and fell to the ground as I did not have security clearance. I was rescued and cleared with security, on we went and landed directly at the front door of what is now our office at Silicon City. Maybe SIA could operate SIA branded helicopters in SL…have not seen the airline use them in real life yet !!!


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