Entrepreneurship in Singapore is ALIVE ?

I sometimes consider and wonder why I push my career and social life to the OUTER LIMITS of normality and what many consider traditional and main-stay business – but everytime I consider that I should swing myself back to what REAL people do, the thought kinda seriously bores me and my enthusiasm for living is deminished. (joke)

The real challenges for me I think and what drives me is BREAKING the RULES and finding NEW ways of doing things. There is a group in Singapore called sgentrepreneurs visit http://sgentrepreneurs.com/events/2009/08/15/events-for-the-week-of-15-22nd-aug/ for their eye on what is happening in Singapore for Entrepreneurs this week.

sgentrepreneurs logo

Fostering and reporting on Entrepreneurship is vital to forging new business opportunities to existing issues and issues we can’t even think of now  – Congrats sgentrepreneurs.com – keep it coming…

so… Is Entrepreneurship in Singapore ALIVE ?  Can you see your ideas come to REALITY where you are today or could Singapore give them life ?

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