INFOCOMM 09: Musion transmits transatlantic 3D hologram

Musion has demonstrated a 3D HD video broadcast system at InfoComm09, the demonstration entitled, ‘Experience a New Dimension: 3D Holographic Projection,’ transmitted a live broadcast of a 3-D hologram across the Atlantic, from London to Orlando.

The demonstration also included contributions from Masergy, Christie, Illusio Technologies, AV Concepts and HaiVision.

The display stage measured 20x15ft and was located on the third floor of the Orange County Convention Centre.

The Musion show include the ‘Transatlantic Busk,’ where professional and student artists in London and Montreal performed music, song, comedy and dance live to the audience in Orlando.

via INFOCOMM 09: Day Three – Musion transmits transatlantic 3D hologram | News | AV Interactive | Audio Visual News | AV Magazine |

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