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20 Augmented Reality & Hologram Innovations

Hologram business cards and augmented reality video games have already crossed the line from concept into production; it’s only a matter of time before all of the innovations below not only come into fruition, but become commonplace.

Click above images for explanations and comments.
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INFOCOMM 09: Musion transmits transatlantic 3D hologram

Musion has demonstrated a 3D HD video broadcast system at InfoComm09, the demonstration entitled, ‘Experience a New Dimension: 3D Holographic Projection,’ transmitted a live broadcast of a 3-D hologram across the Atlantic, from London to Orlando.

The demonstration also included contributions from Masergy, Christie, Illusio Technologies, AV Concepts and HaiVision.

The display stage measured 20x15ft and was located on the third floor of the Orange County Convention Centre.

The Musion show include the ‘Transatlantic Busk,’ where professional and student artists in London and Montreal performed music, song, comedy and dance live to the audience in Orlando.

via INFOCOMM 09: Day Three – Musion transmits transatlantic 3D hologram | News | AV Interactive | Audio Visual News | AV Magazine | avinteractive.co.uk.

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Hologram – The Computer Of The Future

…some things will never change

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Hologram – The Computer Of The Future“, posted with vodpod

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Gadgets: Hologram Projecting Mobile Phone? | newslite.tv

Talking bout mobiles, check this out from Yanko Design.

Watch SUPERMEDOLEME.tv launching june 16th 2009 – http://SUPERMODELME.tv

200x175Ok – the iPhone’s and the rest of the touchscreeen massive are nice and we enjoy that tactile interaction.

But howsabout a holographic interface? Tasty non?

Welcome to the Trou Hologram phone concept.

I’m sure everyone can dig the idea. Just imagine how cool it will be when you turn your mobile around and can see your friend’s avatar, a picture of where you’re supposed to meet or even your sibling’s new pet in total 3D.

OK, so holographic projectors are known to eat up lots of power, so that’s one challenge to overcome for the small projectors on the surface of the display – perhaps Nokia’s new ‘ambient electricity’ technology could help with that?

I’m sure there’s other things that prevent this very cool glimpse into the holographic future of communications from becoming reality but hey – I just thought it would make a change from all the Apple-chat.

courtesy: http://www.newslite.tv/comment/2009/06/gadgets-hologram-projecting-mo.html#more

Watch SUPERMEDOLEME.tv launching june 16th 2009 – http://SUPERMODELME.tv


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Holograms Almost Like Being There – itsReal

If you go away – your hologram will step in and take your place…

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Digital Hologram to rock your imagination – itsReal

I knew setting up the google alert for “holograms” was going to change APLINK’s perspective on the future of digital imagery and life as we know it – here is another example – one that will really make you THINK how amazing how could it be used ! But god how much would it cost !

GE Plug Into The Smart Grid: Digital Hologram

It’s hard to explain, so just click the links below.  You might think it’s some kind of trickery, but I did it myself last night and it is 100% real.

Was throwing around ideas with people about how to use this as a marketing tool … Can you imagine debuting a music video or new television show this way?

see original post: http://www.flaggedforfollowup.com/2009/02/ge-plug-into-the-smart-grid-digital-hologram.html

See the Digital Hologram Augmented Reality demo here: http://ge.ecomagination.com/smartgrid/#/augmented_reality

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THIRD PLACE: Wake up class with holograms GRADES 9-12 | APP.com | Asbury Park Press

APLINK is glad there are others out the that think like i do… hologram technology has the potential to transform life as we know it ! Applications are only limited by imagination and funding now between imagination and funding which is the hardest to make a reality !

What if…

there was a way to keep kids entertained, enthusiastic, and well-educated? I believe a new frontier in educational technology could do just that. Holograms would open whole new worlds

Technology could help make Alexander Hamilton a lot more real. Holograms could be used to display lifelike historical figures to the class. A hologram is a

three-dimensional image produced by rays of light. The holograms could be programmed to answer questions as well. Instead of sitting in class listening to someone else describe Alexander Hamilton, students would see the man with their own eyes. Not only that, but they could ask him questions. It’s much easier to learn through hands-on experiences, and that’s exactly what the holograms would provide. To some, historical figures are just dead guys who did important things. Being able to meet and question them would break that stereotype and increase learning. By interacting with these famous people, student would be able to truly become part of history. History would become alive for them.

read more: http://www.app.com/article/20090225/OPINION03/90225020/1028/opinion

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Technology and Gadget Predictions for the year 2050!

“Introducing, the new (2050) iPhone, with integrated, hologram, voice call.”

Can you imagine this by 2050, or perhaps sooner? For many of us who watched the “Obama/McCain,” US election on CNN, we might of noticed a hologram of a female reporter. However, this used a few cameras on a 360 degree axis, and one very large “green screen,” to create the illusion. Nevertheless, it has created some media in the process, and now questions remain…when will we see, and use holograms?

George Lucas might be smug as he created the same techniques on Star Wars!

via Technology and Gadget Predictions for the year 2050!.


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Audi push for holograms | Australian IT

The debut of the life-size projection comes after several electronics companies demonstrated 3D televisions at the consumer electronics show in the US last month.

For all technology there comes a tipping point, and Audi’s holographic experiment, coupled with the sudden international interest in 3D as a viable technology, suggests that the tipping point in the next generation of electronic media and marketing is fast approaching.

Just as the iPhone shuffled mobile media out of relative obscurity, it may soon be the era of holograms and 3D, thanks to cartoons, out-of-home marketing and games.

Dreamworks and Disney have already announced that all their feature films produced from now on will be capable of being viewed in 3D.

Telstra has installed 3D screens at its corporate centre in Melbourne, while gaming developers are also salivating at the impact of an era of truly immersive games.

Brian Craighead, managing director of Prime Digital Media, which created the Audi projection, says the transition of interest in using holographic devices and 3D content has been swift.

“It really went from bleeding edge to leading edge overnight,” he said.

via Audi push for holograms | Australian IT.

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Live, interactive hologram communication demo in London

Live, interactive hologram communication demonstrated in London Image 1

Holographic people have been in a staple in science fiction for decades. But now, just as as many other tecnhologies once were science fiction, three dimensional holographic communication systems are becomming a reality.

Last week there was the first live and interactive demonstration of a hologram communication system set up in a downtown London office.

The hologram is of very high quality, as you can see for yourself in the video below. There is hardly any noticeable delay in transmission, and the projection technology allows for personal interaction between people, and the projection. The projection itself is life-like, and projected at 50 frames per second.

The first public demonstration of this new technology was on CNN, in November of last year. A select few others then tried out the system, including Nike executives, musicians Madonna and Gorillaz for concerts, and Sir Richard Branson.

The successful live public demonstration last week was the result of two companies working together: MASERGY, a global network service provider who provided the network know-how for the fast, high bandwidth communication; and Musion, who developed the holographic projection system, which goes by the tradename of Eyeliner Foil.

The hologram telepresence system is being marketed as a ‘green’ alternative to actually flying somewhere and interacting with someone in person.

No price was given for the cost of setting up a system — but it does appear that, like so many other technologies, eventually the price will fall to levels that be affordable by almost anyone.

via Live, interactive hologram communication demonstrated in London – Neoseeker News Article.

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