Google Chrome – Sexist Bannaza for Google, Madonna not included – itsReal

What appears to be an accidental announcement about CHROME a week earlier than expected has turned into a Bannazza for GOOGLE and judging from the massive immediate response to APLINK – itsReal then the accident about the new google browser must have been pre-meditated…the response on my blog is as if MADONNA actually was live … hmm in 3D on my blog …


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2 responses to “Google Chrome – Sexist Bannaza for Google, Madonna not included – itsReal

  1. How can you not love Madonna? I have been so fascinated with her since I was in my early teens! She changes and swings to the tune of each progressing song and era with such ease…It’s Great! I got my floor tickets for her concert here in Boston last week (and I didn’t think it was a bad price? $250 for Floor?) from in case anyone else is looking to see her! I have now seen her in person four times…She was awesome each time!!! I hope she continues to tour for years to come but I always dread the day she stops…

    Madonna forever! – Sarah

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