Google Chrome – how to attack Microsoft in one single BLOW – itsReal

Virtually out of the BLUE – Google announces its new browser by mistake ? Hmm.. apparently the announcement was not meant to happen for a week but some innocent google person hit send on a comic book to announce CHROME – personally i wonder how accidental this is BUT lets give google the benefit of the doubt.

What does this mean for all of us, what does this mean for builders of virtual worlds like Twinity… is Google attempting to BUILD like the Romans – and inspire companies to build websites based around their new browser which makes enjoyment on browsers like FIREFOX, SAFARI, IE impossible…. we have just concluded the Olympics but I foresee a NEW Gold Medal race has just emerged – accidentally ?

More info below:

Google Chrome – Google Book Search.

Their announcement post:

Thoughts on Chrome & More from the Head of Mozilla:

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One response to “Google Chrome – how to attack Microsoft in one single BLOW – itsReal

  1. despite the rumors, i’m finding Chrome’s speed to be inconsistent; it seems to alternate between going lightning fast and then hanging for no apparent reason…

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