Are There Business Applications for Virtual Worlds? Docuticker

….and along comes Twinity to compete…

Are There Business Applications for Virtual Worlds?

Source: Knowledge@Emory

In this Special Section of Knowledge@Emory, professors from Goizueta Business School and industry experts in the field of virtual worlds offer their insight on this growing Internet-based market. From the industry leader Second Life to the newest entry in the game, Google’s own Lively, the activity, interest, and investment in the virtual world industry is strong.

The stories in this special report analyze the history and trends in the marketplace, as well as the academic and business applications of virtual worlds. Now, well-known names such as Second Life, Entropia Universe, and Cyworld have competition from a host of other sites, including ones devoted to virtual pets, cartoon characters, TV shows, and more. Researchers in academia, health care, and various parts of Corporate America are exploring marketing and research applications of virtual worlds, using Second Life and other virtual worlds as the jumping off point for their work.

+ Uncovering the Economics and Possibilities of Virtual Worlds

+ Virtual Worlds: Mapping a New Business Reality

+ Virtual World Investment Goes to Youth Market

+ From Toys to Tools: Exploring Virtual Worlds in the Classroom

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