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Salesforce Rolls Out a Facebook for Businesses – COPYCAT

Will it WORK ? in the past APLINK has worked for mammoth companies typical of that which SALESFORCE really targets and from this experience i would forsee that these companies would now have new job roles avaialble for “Chatterboxes” to keep Chatter ALIVE. facebook’s survival & growth is based on largely passionate chatting people. In commerical ebvironments these Chatterboxes will need to be PAID. – on a final thought – is SALESFORCE now copying not leading ?

Today Salesforce.com has announced the private beta for Chatter, which will be rolling out to 100 companies now before officially launching later this year. I had a chance to talk to Salesforce.com and get a demonstration of how Chatter works. For businesses looking for a collaboration solution, this could be a big winner.

Built on the Existing Force.com Infrastructure

What makes Chatter such an interesting concept is that for Salesforce.com customers, it builds into the existing platform. So for businesses that use the SalesCloud or ServiceCloud applications, this fits right into that solution seamlessly.For small businesses — and for larger or more spread out operations, too — having your collaboration tools integrated into your CRM system makes a ton of sense.

Works Like Facebook, Built for Business…

read more via MASHABLE Salesforce Rolls Out a Facebook for Businesses.

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How Virtual Reality can Help with Culture Shock

Culture shock can strike expats unexpectedly when they move overseas for an assignment, particularly when they are expecting their new home country to be very similar to the one they left behind because of distance or language similarities. Culture shock can lead to homesickness, a lack of self-confidence, insomnia, anger, or even depression and there is no quick fix to adjust to life abroad but preparation can help.

1st Virtual Relocation Service Launches

Virtual reality tools can help pre-arrival to encourage you to consider and learn how different life will be in your host country. By touring a virtual world, the visual immersion allows you to experience firsthand, in a safe environment, how a city looks; the architecture, shop fronts, a new language on billboards, the public transport network and the type of amenities available.

Training packages using virtual reality software are widespread, encompassing a range of scenarios such as military simulations, therapy for disorders and phobias and workplace situations. Cultural training material is also available in the form of computer simulation and virtual games. Simulation tools help expats to understand the differences they will face in communication, lifestyle, daily routines and mindset, to help ease the transition to a new country.

Virtual reality tools also provide an environment for interactive and engaging language training, with virtual worlds promoting listening comprehension in a foreign language and providing the opportunity to practice what you have learnt in real scenarios such as pharmacies, train stations and shops, as well as meet others learning the same language. This technique of language training is particularly effective because it is wholly immersive, accessible for the whole family and can begin before you move overseas. When you touch down in a new country, you already possess the basic language skills to understand signs and get by in basic social situations, making you feel more comfortable in your new environment from day one.

A visit to a virtual city opens up a social network to you in your host country too. It allows expat organisations, social clubs and networks to promote their activities to you so that you can be aware of groups and events before you arrive. You can also interact with other expats prior to relocating; ask advice and information about life in the destination city and make friends that you can meet up with when you arrive abroad. Social interaction in the anonymity of virtual worlds helps break down barriers that can exist in a real life situation and a network waiting for you in your new home supports the adjustment to life overseas.

The Chamber of Commerce and companies relevant to your expat needs are also able to have a presence in a virtual world, putting you in touch with contacts and services that may be useful to you during your relocation, or after.

Widening your network and contacts before you arrive overseas contributes to you feeling more comfortable on arrival, and helps you to know where to turn when you need a helping hand.

Source: http://www.ExpatFinder.com

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Life On Line 1

It’s about how we stay in touch, work and play, how we are entertained and informed – online. The all-new Life On Line has begun. Series 1 was an all-avatar affair. But series 2 is real. We still visit virtual worlds, social networks and talk to newsmakers across the internet.

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In a WORLD’S 1st Virtual Singapore launched in conjunction with Singapore’s National Day Celebrations

In a WORLD’S 1st Virtual Singapore launched last evening in conjunction with Singapore’s National Day Celebrations – live streaming of the nation’s REAL parade streamed into virtual singapore and around the world via twinity… will your city be next to join the twinity metaverse – will your city be able to reach to those not at home so that they may too enjoy your celebrations via twinity, as if at home – itsReal

check out : http://facebook.com/Virtual.Singapore


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join the twinity party today – virtual singapore is BORN

Virtual Singapore now open in Twinity

Twinity, the world’s first mirror world, launches virtual Singapore TODAY– Twinity’s first city in Asia – LIVE August 9th.

Wanted: Online pioneers from all over the world to come together and bring this metropolis to life!

JOIN us: http://www.twinity.com/en/singapore

follow: http://twitter.com/twinity & http://facebook.com/Virtual.Singapore

Event Schedule for virtual singapore launch  & NDP 2009 celebrations August 9 2009

Time Live Quiz Band Performance NDP Live Viewing Pledge Moment After-Event Party
5:00pm 4 videos of celebrations in suburban areas


5:30pm 5:45pm

All 5 videos

8:00pm 8:22pm

4 videos of celebrations in suburban areas


Live Quiz II

Band Performance II

Fashion Show

Twiniizens (Members) at the party today can

  • Participate in the official events (e.g. Live Quiz, NDP Live Viewing etc.).
  • Check out the awesome themed zones:
    • Browse through NDP content. There is a lot of content. 5 zones in all each with different themea
    • Take the NDP Quest Quiz and pickup the NDP collectable items.
    • Sightseeing in Orchard Road.
    • Visit member apartments and other indoor areas (e.g. shops, café, clubs).
    • Chat / socialize with other Twinity members.
    • Spontaneous partying with Twinizens from around the world
Orchard Road

Media Release announcing virtual singapore & NDP 2009 partnership launch

Singapore, August 2009 – Metaversum, developer of Twinity, the virtual world made of real people and real places, is launching virtual Singapore on August 9th with a big celebration of Singapore’s National Day.

Twinity extends a warm welcome to pioneering virtual Singapore residents from around the world. Prime retail and residential real estate is now available, so claiming your stake in virtual Singapore has never been easier. Explore the city, locate the perfect apartment, and make yourself at home.

Virtual Singapore is also open for business and the commercial opportunities are endless. Set up shop in a premium neighborhood or open a gallery, music venue, bar or restaurant. Show your allegiance to Singapore and welcome Twinizens from other parts of the virtual world to your home city.

Singapore is Twinity’s second international capital to launch after Berlin. Both cities are currently in public beta testing. The first city district of Singapore to open is the area around Orchard Road, where this year’s virtual NDP 09 celebrations will be held.

Virtual Singapore SkylineVirtual Singapore Skyline

Visitors to Orchard Virtual can enjoy a multimedia extravaganza, including livestreams from the real NDP event and integrated multimedia content showcasing the city to the world, plus themed virtual items and special NDP competitions with exciting prizes. A centre stage will host a virtual performance of the NDP 09 theme song by Singapore’s electrifying band Electrico, as well as the NDP pledge moment to be held at 8:22 PM.

Twinity was supported by the multi-agency Interactive Digital Media R&D Programme Office (IDMPO), hosted by the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

Mr Dennis Sng, Programme Director, IDMPO said: “We are excited to see Twinity taking off. This is one of the Co-SpaceTM projects that IDMPO supported last year. With Twinity, Singaporeans will have a whole new experience of National Day celebrations this year. Singaporeans living overseas can also participate in the celebrations through the virtual world.”

Co-SpaceTM is defined as the next generation of the web where physical places coexist with dynamic, real-time virtual environments to provide users with the ability to process and manipulate information seamlessly between both the physical and virtual space.

The virtual world Twinity is currently in public Beta. Register for free membership at www.twinity.com and start exploring the world today.

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5 Ways Traditional Media Companies are Using Online Video

Some clues for Local Media companies across Asia Pacific !

Woody Lewis is a Social Media Strategist and web Architect. He authors a blog at woodylewis.com about social media strategy for newspapers.

Online video is standard fare on many web sites. Businesses use video to drive marketing and communications, customer care, staff training, and many other processes. They have also put pressure on traditional media companies by embedding more ads in online video content, effectively shrinking traditional marketing budgets. What about the media companies themselves? How do they use online video, and which companies are seeing results that can potentially impact their business, and the public’s perception of them?Below are five examples of traditional media companies using online video to adapt to the changing new media landscape.

Read more at: http://mashable.com/2009/07/31/traditional-media-online-video/

Check out emerging Virtual Worlds Web TV Startup Life-On-Line From Australia – g’day Mr Cropper

Singapore celebrates its national day soon and the party happens in the virtual worlds too as Twinity marks the launch of ‘virtual’ Singapore. We chat with Twinity’s co-founder on Life On Line www.life-on-line.tv.

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Can i get that T-Shirt ?

Everytime i wear this t-shirt i am asked “can i get that T-shirt” – well now is your chance – all you have to do for it is :


Be a member of twinity.com and within the twinity website invite your friends to join twinity. If 50 join, a Twinity T-shirt is yours and the craving will be over…

If you are already a member – start inviting, if you are a newbie..

SignUp here: www.twinity.com/en/singapore

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Win dinner with Singapore’s 1st SuperModel

Win dinner with Singapore’s 1st SuperModel – 5 winners will be selected also runner up VIP passes to the SUPERMODELME.tv finale event at ZOUK!

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to become a SUPERMODEL, what drives a model to SUPERMODEL status and how their lives change overnight or would you just like to get some personal beauty, fitness, dietry or dating advice & tips from Singapore’s 1st SuperModel, Charmaine Harn, now is your chance…

…enter The Charmaine Harn Challenge – brought to you by SUPERMODELME.tv

Each week the models in SUPERMODELME.tv have to complete challenges, now we turn the tables and invite you to suggest…

What is your ultimate challenge for SUPERMODELME.tv host Charmaine Harn, Singapore’s 1st SuperModel?

Let your imagination go ballistic.

Charmaine will be on the judging panel and if your challenge is exciting and full of adrenalin she may surprise you and take up the challenge.

To enter:

* tag your entry #SMMDINNER
* tweet it on twitter
* post it on your blog
* ping it to ping.sg “The Community Meta Blog”
* add it to our fan page on facebook – http://facebook.com/supermodelme.tv
* add it to your own myspace, friendster or facebook profile
* entries can be video, photos or simple text

The more social media places you put the challenge the more opportunities we have of selecting you as a finalist and then the ultimate winners to enjoy dinner with Charmaine at Singapore’s elite restaurant MIMOLETTE on the 12th August 2009. The more imagination you apply to your entry the more engaged Charmaine will become with the Challenge and to meet you in person. charmaine_harn for profile link

If, after all your social media activity you want to make doubly sure Charmaine sees your challenge – send an email to charmaine @ supermodelme.tv This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Only entries on public social media platforms qualify as an entry into the contest.

We know we are not going to be able to take everyone to dinner with Charmaine so we have runner up VIP tickets up for grabs to the SUPERMODELME.tv final at ZOUK on the 22nd August 2009 – get those Challenges out there you could be  dining with Charmaine or partying as a VIP guest at the SUPERMODELME.tv finale at ZOUK.

Contest starts NOW – closes on Friday 7th August 2009 – remember all entries must be tagged #SMMDINNER

Join the facebook fanpage for SUPERMODELME.tv


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Win tickets to NDP rehearsals from Twinty

Twinity have 3 pairs of tickets to be won for the NDP Rehearsals 2009 – To win simply Register at http://twinity.com/en/singapore, download & install the twinity client. Next head into “orchard virtual” located at “lion city” take a snapshot or postcard. Upload this image to our fanpage on facebook.


Final Step: Send an email to andrew @ metaversum.com, and you will be in the draw for tickets to the NDP 2009 rehearsals. 2 pairs for July 25th and 1 pair for August 1st rehearsals. – Don’t Delay !!

NOTE: Existing twinity members are eligible to enter but they must send an email as requested above. Contests open to Singaporeans, Permanent Residents or valid Work Permit holders. Winners will be selected by random draw and notified by email.

Virtual Singapore gets ready to host Singapore celebrations for the world’s 1st National Day Parade in a Virtual World – twinity – watch this video.

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Peak Look: APLINK’s new Home Office in Twinity – itsReal

Anna, my Interior Designer takes you on a video virtual tour of my new Home Office in Twinity – Check out the Mirror Action – The mirrors Reflect what is happening as Anna walks up to them, thanks Anna for making my virtual space a reflecti0n of my real world –very cool this metaversum virtual world.

If you would like a FREE premium apartment/condo in Virtual Singapore visit this link:


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