Second Life Facilitating Terror?

Legal experts claim that the lax operating and security environment in the virtual world of Second Life could serve as a haven for activity that could support terrorists.

Second Life is a “virtual online community” that allows individuals to move about and interact through avatars, or digital simulations of themselves (enhancements and alterations optional). Second Life has an estimated population of six million, though no real government, law enforcement system or other controls that might prevent illicit activity.

How illicit? German prosecutors are investigating a charge that someone is Second Life has been trading in child pornography; and Belgian law enforcement have launched an investigation to determine if one of it’s citizen’s avatars had been virtually “raped”.

Second Life also has its own currency and economy. Your “labor” in Second Life can be paid for in “Linden dollars” which in turn can be exchanged for real cash. It has been estimated that roughly $1 million dollars is exchanged in Second Life daily. At least one Second Lifer claims to have made over $1 million real dollars in selling virtual real estate.

For Links to the individual news items visit ThreatsWatch

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