Dorothy – World Wide Rave: Singapore!

From Dorothy Poon’s Blog – Awesome

Welcome to Singapore, folks worldwide!

From the left, the Singapore Flyer, the red mass that is the River Hong Bao 2009, the construction is the imminent Integrated Resort (Marina Bay) , the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore, and all ravers are standing on the pavement of the Esplanade.

Wee bit of a cloudy day, but the hazy background probably brings out the vibrancy of the poster better, so it’s all good! By sheer coincidence almost everyone holding the poster is wearing colours that match the poster. The idea was to get a whole different bunch of folks from different cultural backgrounds and have them in a single shot..we are a multicultural city, after all!

JOIN THE  The Breakfast Rave – Singapore Chapter


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3 responses to “Dorothy – World Wide Rave: Singapore!

  1. Andrew,
    Thanks for the link love! 🙂

  2. Wait till you guys see the video! Singapore are most definitely stars! Planning on releasing Feb 23.


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