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While browsing VWN I saw they have something new… its called Who’s New to Virtual Worlds… the latest post below – congrats VWN this is a great addition…

This week former Secretary of State Madeline Albright appeared at my alma mater, the University of Texas, and in Second Life. More info.

The Kelley School of Business opened a virtual campus in Second Life. More info.

Motörhead frontman Lemmy formed a partnership with Mindark to create Motörhead Stadium and Lemmy’s Castle within Entropia Universe. More info.

Author Terry Pratchett stopped by Second Life this week as part of a month-long promotion. More info.

The Dublin Institute of Technology opened a college tour in Second Life. More info.

Habbo Hotel is taking part in celebrations of the International Day of Peace. More info.

DIY toy maker RobotGalaxy is developing its own virtual worlds. More info.

The NBA, MLB, ESPN, and X Games partnered with Six Degrees Games for Action Allstars. More info.

FableVision, a Boston-based educational media company, is creating a new island for Poptropica. More info.

Animatic Media and Shanghai Pop Interactive, both subsidiaries of Interactive Art Services, have teamed up to launch MechTechs, a new manga-style comic book with a virtual world tie in. More info.

Precious Moments launched the Precious Girls Club book series and virtual world. More info.

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