Robbie Williams tattoo to get Take That Back – itsReal

Robbie Williams has been dropping hints that he wants to rejoin Take That, the band that has become successful again without him.


He did what all pop stars and footballers do when they want to declare their love for someone, remind themselves of the names of their children, or drive a message home. He got a tattoo. Specifically, he got a Take That symbol tattooed on his right arm.

This idea of saying it with tattoos has potential, I think. Want a bike for Christmas? Have a matchstick drawing of one tattooed on your arm and keep rolling up your sleeve at family meal times.

But on the broader point about whether it is wise to re-form a band like Take That, I’m not so sure. They don’t need him. He doesn’t need them. It will only end in tears, again. Besides, there are the girls to consider, those who cried inconsolably on the day in 1995 when the band said they were going their separate ways. They will feel cheated.

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