What is Development Banking, it’s not virtual – itsReal

It goes like this…..



The First Stage in the Property Development is converting Raw Land into Usable Land.

Investors have the opportunity to purchase units of Undivided Interest in a parcel of Land from Edgeworth, then Edgeworth proceed to apply for Re-Zoning permission from the local government on the investors behalf, thus significantly Raising the Value of the land.

Once planning is approved, it triggers a Buy-Back feature in the program, where Edgeworth Properties will pay clients up to 100% + their Purchase Price.

Low Risk and Secure because clients have Ownership of Freehold Land Title and Principal Protection.

Hundreds of Singaporeans have already used Edgeworth’s proven strategies to invest in Property Development in Alberta Canada.

Call your Edgeworth Development Banking Consultant +65 6586 0930 today for more information, and find out how this great opportunity fits into your investment portfolio.


Coming up….Seminars in August to learn more !

Find Out if this Unique Investment Opportunity is Right for You.

For More Information about Development Banking by Edgeworth Properties,

Register now for one of these upcoming free seminars this month:

Email Alvin Wang to Register

Session 1

Date: Tuesday Aug 12th, 2008
Venue: Edgeworth Properties Singapore #06-03 Equity Plaza
Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Session 2

Date: Tuesday Aug 26th, 2008
Venue: Edgeworth Properties Singapore #06-03 Equity Plaza
Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Session 3

Date: Saturday Aug 30th, 2008

Venue: Conrad Centennial Hotel

Time: 2.00pm to 4.00pm


This is NOT a paid post – I met Alvin Wang from Edgeworth’s at an ecademy.com Singapore meet-up and think his investment offering is unique – like my client’s virtual world twinity

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