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I won’t tell you the naked truth about world wide rave

I won’t tell you why a massive amount of the population who should read David’s book never will…

I won’t tell you the secrets in world wide rave as ALOT of people already know them, the ones who have the book…

I won’t tell you why the book is like carrot cake with extra icing…

world_wide_raveI won’t tell you how you may change once you participate in social media…

I won’t tell you about the ordinary people who have created massively successful world wide raves…

I won’t tell you how a world wide rave will change the life of a CEO…

I won’t tell you how being naked could generate a world wide rave…

I won’t tell what happens when you lose control…

I won’t tell you how being negative leads to positives…

I won’t tell you if David Meerman Scott is real…

I won’t tell you why social media makes you quit your job…

I won’t tell you how  to discover your virtual self…

I won’t tell why millions of people would spread your ideas willing…

I won’t tell what it means to put done roots…

I won’t tell you the naked truth about world wide rave – itsReal

Book Review: World Wide Rave Author: David Meerman Scott http://worldwiderave.com

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Grab your http://myname.yonkly.com url now before it goes

The considerable rise in twitter activity that has occured over recent weeks validates the SMS styled micro blogging market racing around the globe at the moment.

If you haven’t heard of yonkly before, then let me make it simple – yonkly is like Ning, except without most of the need to fill in the sometimes time consuming profile needs some of the ning community owners seek.


Yonkly’s popularity keeps growing ever day so if you want to grab your own name on the yonkly network visit http://yonkly.com now and secure it – yonkly is a free microblogging service yet also lets you monetize your network like ning does, for a small fee.

If you have also ever wanted to run your own network on Recipes, Pets, Classifieds, jobs or some other generic term or niche – head on over to Yonkly and grab it….

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herebeforeoprah sparks a worldwiderave – itsReal

herebeforeoprah that started as a movement against Oprah Winfrey @oprah joining twitter (how strange) is turning into a worldwiderave. Couertesy of twitscoop we can identify that the term herebeforeoprah starting aound 6 hours ago and since then has gained momentum in the last 2 hours – http://www.twitscoop.com/twits/search?q=herebeforeoprah


Now will someone start #herebecauseofoprah, i have pulled an all nighter, so it won’t be me – twitters servers better be ready for the onslaught as this side of the world starts to wake up and find out – that maybe their hero (oprah) is now on twitter, and they rush to sign up and connect directly to Oprah – That is after all the power of twittering… http://twitter.com

I have readwriteweb http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/twitter_mainstream_oprah_winfrey_and_ashton_kutcher.php

to thank for my sleepless nite as they broke the story first – thanks guys 🙂

oprah_twitter_avatar.pngTwitter has gone mainstream. Late last night, Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) became the first Twitter user with more than 1 million followers. Today, media mogul Oprah Winfrey sent out her first tweet and will dedicate a full episode of her talk show to Twitter.

if you would like to follow meon twitter – he you go: http://twitter.com/aplink

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Oprah Twitters – itsReal this time…

oprah_twitter_avatar.pngTwitter has gone mainstream. Late last night, Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) became the first Twitter user with more than 1 million followers. Today, media mogul Oprah Winfrey sent out her first tweet and will dedicate a full episode of her talk show to Twitter.

While Twitter’s sudden mainstream appeal might be somewhat disconcerting for early adopters who would prefer it if Twitter wasn’t suddenly the cool new thing to try out for soccer moms, it will surely bring a lot of new opportunities (and challenges) for Twitter.

Like any good tool, though, Twitter is flexible enough so that it can be whatever you want it to be. At its best, Twitter can connect you with like-minded users, but for users with large numbers of followers, Twitter becomes more of a broadcasting than a two-way communications medium.

I Can Talk to Oprah Now!

Unless you are a public figure or a publisher, however, having a large number of followers may not even be the best way to create a positive experience on Twitter, though the current hype around Kutcher and CNN racing to the 1 million follower mark will surely drive the perception that follower numbers are what Twitter is all about. Also, while the current perception in the tech blogosphere is that Twitter is all about self-promotion, for those mainstream users who are joining Twitter now, that will simply not be the case, and we will have to wait and see how many of Kutcher’s and Oprah’s new followers will use Twitter for anything else but to follow their favorite celebrities. It will also be interesting to see if Oprah decides to continue using Twitter in following weeks and if she will actually use it for two-way communication with her fans (beyond the all-caps message that heralded her arrival on Twitter today).

Can the Mainstream Handle Twitter?

fonz_shark.jpgOn its own site, Twitter will also have to explain its utility better if it wants to draw in all the potential mainstream users who will hear about Twitter for the first time today. Twitter, after all, still asks you what you are doing, even though that is probably the least interesting way of using Twitter. It is also important to note that Twitter, being the small company that it is, barely has any tech support besides its Get Satisfaction page, so a befuddled new user doesn’t have any place to go to ask questions about how to use it.

Can Twitter Handle the Mainstream?

This sudden mainstreaming of Twitter, however, doesn’t mean that Twitter has finally jumped the shark. In the end, Twitter going mainstream will barely affect most current users. After all, once you manage to unfollow Ashton Kutcher again, most of us won’t have to deal with Oprah, Kutcher, or any other celebrity on the service; though, who knows, you might soon be getting DM’s from your mom…

Original Source: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/twitter_mainstream_oprah_winfrey_and_ashton_kutcher.php

If your looking for a more controllable twitter like service: sign up with http://yonkly.com


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Niche Microblogging Platform First To Integrate With Twitter

Yonkly.com allows anyone to create a high-end, personalized microblog


Singapore. – With Twitter growing at an incredible rate, users can easily get lost in a sea of micro posts. Yonkly.com is the first website to allow users to cut through the clutter and create personalized microblogs that integrate with Twitter.

Users simply type in their network name, create an account and they’re ready to go. Eventually, Yonkly.com will be integrated with all major microblogging platforms, allowing everyone to post messages in one place. Currently, Yonkly has a SAAS business model; they also hope to release an open-source version of Yonkly soon.

Designed by dot net programmer, Emad Ibrahim, the site allows people to design their own microblogging platform from a custom design, character length, question and domain name.

More than 3,000 people have quietly been using Yonkly during the sites development stages. Numerous sites enable users to create a microblog; however what differentiates Yonkly from the rest are focus and quality. This is immediately observed through the platform’s architectures and integration with multiple services.

Our goal was to develop a fast, feature-rich, world-class platform,” said Ibrahim. “I think the major problem that other platforms are encountering is quality. They’ve chosen the ‘launch fast at all cost’ philosophy. We could have launched six months earlier, but chose to really research and understand our users’ needs.”

Many speculate that Yonkly’s early success stems not only from the popularity of microblogging, but because of what the site represents –control, knowledge and community.


We want our users to cultivate a community of bloggers revolving around personalized platforms. There’s a lot of noise on the net and we pride ourselves on enabling knowledge, not noise,” said Ibrahim.

Microblogging popularity is growing exponentially with Twitter hitting over 14 million unique visitors in March 2009.

According to Erick Schonfeld of Techcrunch.com, “Twitter is having its hockey stick moment in terms of its growth just shooting up. Last week it may have delivered its billionth Tweet, at least nominally. And it looks like it is approaching escape velocity.”

Yonkly has developed a niche among microbloggers. The online sector is continuing to grow and it should be a fun ride for all entities involved.

Links: http://yonkly.com

Yonkly is a niche microblogging platform, started by Emad Ibrahim as a side-project based on ASP.NET MVC. It is one of the first projects developed with early preview releases of ASP.NET MVC..

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Yonkly.com – Personalized Micro-blogging Networks

An interesting service that has just premiered, Yonkly is a solution that will let you come up with your very own social network. Not only that, you can also fully customize it and have absolute control over aspects such as monetization and so forth.

It must be said that the service is quite well put together, as users can personalize the whole process as much as they want, and share information in the way one expects from a resource that is self-touted as a “Microblog Network Creator”. That is, in addition to the 140-character posts we all know and love/hate, it is possible to share multimedia contents of every denomination such as videos and pictures.

Moreover, upon signing up you can integrate your current Twitter, Flickr and Plaxo accounts with ease, saving time and becoming instantly reachable in the process.

Yonkly.com – Personalized Micro-blogging Networks | Visit yo.

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