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Second Life Retains Adult Content – STRICTLY

Dear Second Life Resident,

As Second Life continues to grow, it’s essential that we serve the needs of our worldwide community by striking the right balance between maintaining the diversity of user-generated content and providing ways for each resident to control what they do and see while inworld.

So, after six months of research and gathering feedback, we’ve now implemented a new policy around adult content. The gist of this policy is that general content and adult content will now be more clearly separated, and residents will be given enhanced levels of control over their personal experiences.

Our goal, as always, is to continue making Second Life better for everyone. We’ve included more detailed information in the links below, and if you have any questions or comments after reading please let us know.

Your Linden Lab Team

How do you define adult content?
Where is the adult content going?
How do I avoid adult content?
How do I verify my account?
What is Zindra?
Adult Content wiki page
Knowledge Base FAQ

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NEWSFLASH! Squidoo bans X-Rated content PORN and SPAM

NEWSFLASH! Squidoo bans X-Rated content, PORN and SPAM

“99% of you won’t even notice any difference

If you’re making great, unique, useful, content-filled lenses, I’m betting you won’t have any trouble with these policies.” Billboard from Squidoo Management

via NEWSFLASH! A Squidoo Policy Update.

If only this effects 1% of the Squidoo population then it’s quite an amazing way of let users know of the the new polocies.

Excerpt from the Overview…

When Seth, Corey, Gil and I started creating Squidoo in 2005, we had a vision of openness, creativity, authenticity and generosity that has guided the Squidoo publishing platform, our company and our community to much success.

A few years later, as the number of lenses and people on our site have grown, we believe it’s a good time to describe and update Squidoo’s policies that support our founding principles.

That’s what this overview lens is for. It’s an official supplement to our Terms of Service. It’s an effort to promote clarity about what is and isn’t acceptable on Squidoo, in terms of content and behavior.

Most important, it’s a set of guidelines that should help you navigate and make the best of this powerful platform we’ve all created together.

via NEWSFLASH! A Squidoo Policy Update.


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