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World’s Hottest 101 Men With Tattoos

It’s only fitting to share this post with all the Singapore Tattoo Show fans – remember to mark your diaries Tat2 2010 is coming Jan 8 9 & 10 2010… Chris Garver returns to Singapore Tattoo Show !!!

We’ve been tracking tattooed celebrities at Vanishing Tattoo for more years than we care to remember, squinting at fuzzy photos of beautiful people in a selfless effort to see if that blurry spot on the backside of a B-list body is really an unknown piece of body art – and all for your enjoyment, our faithful audience. We endlessly (or so it seems) scour the Internet, straining and sacrificing our eye-sight so that others may gaze upon the tattoos of the rich and famous in wonderment.

And in the past we have assembled lists of who among the beautiful people had tattoos. The one thing those beautiful people had in common besides their body art was their gender. Now granted, every single one of the lists we have analyzed in the past, was drawn from among the numerous annual Men’s magazines’ inventories of the “sexiest”, “most desirable” and “most beautiful” women in the world.

And the women in our audience cried foul. Long and hard… at least for girls that is. So in deference to the smarter, fairer, and more perceptive sex, we have attempted to level the playing field. We listened. Frankly, we were afraid not to. So we consulted with some bright beautiful body art babes of our own and asked them who they considered to be the hottest tattooed men on the planet.

See the list here: World’s Hottest 101 Men With Tattoos for 2007.

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