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HypoCol & Web 2.0 – in the News – Singapore’s Digital Life 220108 -itsReal

web 2.0 platforms are ideal for companies that have limited budgets…

HypoCol In the News


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Wiki Boss builds “Google Nightmare”

Is a dominance search engine war about to erupt

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Wiki boss builds “Google’s nightmare”

Search is a job for computers. But if you’re Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, there certainly seems to be room for a little human touch. Wales, who announced a wiki-powered search engine earlier this year, released screen shots of his new product, which he says is on track to revolutionize search.
The search engine will eventually launch as part of Wikia, a for profit venture from Wales.

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Google Maps Gets Wiki With It – itsReal

source: mashable.com

Google maps has updated its My Maps tool to incorporate some wiki-like functionality. Collaborative mapping, if you will. For those custom maps that you make for yourself, you can know get all your friends to help you. Similar to a shared Google document, you can invite friends with an access link to the map. They’ll then be able to edit the map. They’ll need to use the gmail address that you sent it to, so this private sharing function is limited to Google users. There is a public map editing tool, however, which launches your map for all to see, and all to edit.

Do maps need wikis, though? Considering the amount of love geeks out there have for their maps, mapping tools, map mashups, geo-tagging, and real time activity shown on a map, of course maps need wikis. It’s only natural. Everything is being wikified these days. Music collaboration, slide show collaboration, website collaboration, office work collaboration, podcasting collaboration, book collaboration… and now maps too. Try it on for size with Google’s new terrain layer.

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