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TwitterWatchDog – A Pair of Helpers – itsReal

If you are hoping to get into twitter in a big way – I would follow these guys at TwitterWatchDog.com – it appears they know what they are doing ! Very soon I will be publishing my own Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Twitter – till then here are direct comments from the guys from TwitterWatchDog and why they do what they do !

About the guys behind TwitterWatchDog

Meet Al Ferretti

About Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

Al Ferretti

Hi~ My name is Al Ferretti and I’m a proud Co-Founder of TwitterWatchDog.com

I have always been a seeker and a provider of ways to connect people with each other, so everyone involved can benefit.

This is where my core personal and professional values of engaging, building relationships and providing value come into play…

These core values may seem like common sense yet it’s amazing how many people are unaware of, forget or simply take for granted.

I discovered as an entrepreneur, servant of corporate america and throughout my personal life, that my success virtually always surrounded a sense of community that included the core values of engaging, building relationships and providing value.

With that being said, it is my belief that Twitter is a true once in a lifetime opportunity that equalizes the playing field for everyone that fully embraces those core values.

Follow me while I help teach and train you how to maximize your experience on Twitter…I promise to serve you with the utmost integrity and look forward to getting to know and learning from you too.

-Your Pal Al Ferretti

Skeeter Hansen

Skeeter Hansen

I have always had a passion to help people live a better & higher quality of life. After spending 15 years in the Networking Marketing industry as a trainer & motivator, working with 1000’s of people from several similar companies I had decided to retire. I wanted to do something different. Still wanting to work with people, my good friend (Al Ferretti) recommended I build a business on the Internet.

In November of 2008, I decided to take action by starting my Internet journey. Within my first month on the Internet I discovered Twitter. Within a few months I was called a Twitter blogger & had co-founded TwitterWatchDog.com. My goal is focused on providing systems easy to follow to help people understand Internet marketing & social media through the use of Twitter.

-Skeeter Hansen

An interesting post from the duo is here: Employers Block Twitter & Facebook – http://twitterwatchdog.com/2009/08/29/employers-block-twitter-facebook/

to follow me on twitter – head here: http://twitter.com/aplink & of course facebook http://facebook.com/aplink

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