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online sexy siren Wendy Cheng aka “Xiaxue” on a TV screen near you

Famous Blogger Wendy Cheng aka “Xiaxue”… guests on Asia Uncut

Be sure to catch the 8th episode of Asia Uncut this Friday 11.30pm SE Asia, 10pm Phillipines and 11pm Middle East on Star World, and if you cant make that, the repeat is on Sunday!

Guests include:

Famous Blogger Wendy Cheng aka “Xiaxue” braves needles and a flying monster, indulges in mammary issues, and more… to be the Asian Queen of the Information Highway.

The sonic sounds of the 60s get a new shine with Rock-n-Rollers The London Fog, rattling and shaking up that retro bone of Jon’s.

Asia Uncut’s big man Sheikh Haikel gathers the top cats of “Cats the Musical” to find out the secret to being a good cat, and strays into performing for the Beckhams.

Accomplished actor, pianist and funnyman Hossan Leong spills the beans (and innards) on the unsavoury dietary habits of his Chinese ancestors, talks about his various impersonations and does a little “Willie Nelson” musical with Jon.

Another thespian gets the foot treatment, Tony Award-winning Irish actress Sinead Cusack unwinds with Jon and gives the lowdown on theatre’s latest “The Bridge Project” and life with Sir Jeremy Irons.

Filipino Jourdan Sebastian is an artist, writer, acting coach, director and producer of Philippines’ ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ entry “Ploning” in the 81st Academy Awards. Jon gets thrown into his method to genius (or madness!), watch how he measures up!

Asia Uncut

Strictly for people who like to keep it uncut!

Asia uncut; a chat show which mixes the best entertainment traditions of the west and the east. An ensemble of international and Asian celebrities will join zany host Jon Niermann and guests for an hour of high spirits and funfilled entertainment !!

Only on Star World http://world.startv.com/rde/world/asia.htm


What is your Asia Uncut ?

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