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What’s New in Gmail ?

What’s new in Gmail?

This looks the most promising for APLINK cause I am so darn busy đŸ™‚

New in Labs: Tasks
Keep track of what you need to do with a lightweight task list right inside of Gmail. Just click and type to add new tasks, convert emails into tasks, and (most satisfyingly) check them off as you’re done. Once you turn on this Labs feature, look for the Tasks link to the left of your inbox under Contacts. Turn on tasks and more from the Labs tab under Settings. Learn more


New in Labs: Photo previews, offline access, and more

Try out these and other experimental features from the Labs tab under Gmail Settings:

YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, and Yelp previews

Instead of just links, see previews of photos, videos, and reviews right in your email.

Undo send

Oops, hit “Send” too soon? Give yourself a grace period of a few seconds to cancel sending, then edit your message before sending again.

Tasks mobile

Take your to-do list everywhere you go. Just go to gmail.com/tasks from your mobile browser.


Make Gmail work even when you’re not connected to the internet.

See more by following the link below…

via Gmail: What’s been keeping the Gmail team busy.

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