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I won’t tell you the naked truth about world wide rave

I won’t tell you why a massive amount of the population who should read David’s book never will…

I won’t tell you the secrets in world wide rave as ALOT of people already know them, the ones who have the book…

I won’t tell you why the book is like carrot cake with extra icing…

world_wide_raveI won’t tell you how you may change once you participate in social media…

I won’t tell you about the ordinary people who have created massively successful world wide raves…

I won’t tell you how a world wide rave will change the life of a CEO…

I won’t tell you how being naked could generate a world wide rave…

I won’t tell what happens when you lose control…

I won’t tell you how being negative leads to positives…

I won’t tell you if David Meerman Scott is real…

I won’t tell you why social media makes you quit your job…

I won’t tell you how  to discover your virtual self…

I won’t tell why millions of people would spread your ideas willing…

I won’t tell what it means to put done roots…

I won’t tell you the naked truth about world wide rave – itsReal

Book Review: World Wide Rave Author: David Meerman Scott http://worldwiderave.com

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it’s hard to stand out – not so at AVW – go platinum

it’s hard to stand out ? not so at AVW – go platinum on AVW – Association of Virtual Worlds and enjoy international virtual & real recognition that will drive your busines development strategies immediately.
You don’t need to be Linden Labs or redlightcentre.com or facebook or even war of warcraft to make your mark on what is still an emerging yet strong and progressive industry !
The AVW is where virtual worlds, games, social networks, and those who wish to explore the technology, come together.
AVW is everything Virtual – let us help you drive your exposure and business development strategies


What is Platinum Membership

AVW Platinum is a new high visibility premium membership package that offers members the opportunity to showcase their companies, products and services in order to build both sales and brand awareness. This is an exciting way to stand out on the main AVW site, on the active and growing AVW business and social network and inside the AVW Global Virtual Headquarters.

AVW Platinum Membership includes:

1.     Logo on front page of the Business & Social Network (rotating basis) with link to member site. (http://www.network.associationofvirtualworlds.com).

2.    Logo on the Main site’s Home Page (rotating basis) with link to member site. (http://www.associationofvirtualworlds.com).

3.    Poster in the AVW’s Global Headquarters containing an embedded image of that member’s choosing and a click through to a website

4.    10% discount on sponsorship opportunities (such as upcoming discussion forums and conferences).

BONUS: AVW Platinum Members also have the opportunity to present their products and services in a Platinum Showcase presentation to be held inside the AVW Virtual Headquarters. In addition, the AVW will send out an email invitation to the entire membership of over 2,700 members—and counting!

AVW Platinum is offered at the introductory membership fee of USD99 per month.

Contact me: To Secure Your Premium Membership & Privileges – apglobal @ gmail.com

Check out the new AVW facebook group at


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GEEK PASS – First in Singapore! its almost Virtual -itsReal

True to its name and vision, Geek Terminal has again adopted technology in a unique, and innovative way to enhance the lifestyle of its patrons and business.

GEEK PASS – First in Singapore! | Ezprezzo

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Imagine – Sending your Hologram to a meeting – itsReal

The other day I was running late for a lunch with one of my clients – I sms’d him that i was in a taxi and would be there soon – i could have also called and engaged him on the phone while the taxi made its way to the venue – pondering this I then thought – how cool would it be to send a hologram of myself that would sit with my client and talk with him until the real me was able to join – now this is all science fiction but…. I wonder what the call charges would be for sending your hologram – APLINK


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RoundUp: Second Life – Supermodel, real estate options, skytran sim, vBiz, colgate smile, architecture – itsReal

Big-Bit Logo

Google News Alert for: “Second Life”

Second Life finds new customers
Malaysia Sun – Malaysia
The Second Life virtual computer world, in which users can create characters representing themselves, has had a dramatic shift.
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RoundUp: Big Week in SecondLife, Cory Jumps, Outreach, Efficiency, Sexual Health, Boston’s Virtual Key n reel intruding on real – itsReal

Ondrejka forced out of Second Life’s parent company?

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From Wired

On Tuesday, Cory Ondrejka, CTO of Second Life developer Linden Lab, gave the company notice that he would be leaving the firm at the end of the year.

According to CEO Philip Rosedale, Ondrejka, who was the company’s fourth employee, has decided to leave to “pursue new professional challenges.”

“Cory and I are in agreement that our paths, at this point in time at least, lie in different directions,” said Rosedale.

Aside from the code that he created for Second Life, Ondrejka’s greatest contributions to the company were his efforts to give players complete legal control over their virtual goods, an idea considered radical at the time.

Ondrejka’s departure could signal a blow to a company whose title has consistently come under fire for technical glitches. His team was responsible for adding streaming video and web-integration to Second Life — technologies which have been hailed as huge advancements, but also decried as methods through which hackers can deface the virtual property of others.

Google News Alert for: “Second Life”

Living a Second Life
Macworld – San Francisco,CA,USA
by Joe Hutsko You’ve no doubt heard the buzz about Second Life,

the online world where people create virtual second selves.

Mac users are as welcome as
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‘Virtual’ training in Second Life
HRZone.co.uk – Bristol,UK
A UK law firm has launched a ‘virtual office’ in Second Life,

to offer interactive online training to its employees.

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Disabled People get a Second Life – itsReal

SL can be a Social network for those confined to thier homes due to the disabilities offering them a new life a Second Life

clipped from www.reuters.com

Disabled could think their way around Second Life

TOKYO (Reuters) – People with severe paralysis could find new opportunities from shopping to doing business or making new friends in the virtual world of Second Life by just thinking about it, if experiments being conducted by a Japanese university bear fruit.

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