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Twinity interview – CMO Mirko Caspar speaks – itsReal

Twinity is one of the growing swathe of mirror worlds in development. We took the opportunity this week to fire some questions at Dr Mirko Caspar, who’s the CMO and co-founder of Metaversum, the company behind Twinity.

twinity.jpgLowell: Can you outline the history of how Twinity came about?

Mirko: Connecting the real with the virtual world will be one of the major Internet trends in the coming years. Such a virtual world will be both playful and useful, with positive benefits for the ‘real’ lives of those who explore and populate it. Twinity is designed to enrich people’s real lives. Most of the current virtual worlds focus on fantasy environments without reference to the real world. Twinity will blur those boundaries and create that missing link. With that vision in mind, Jochen Hummel (CEO), Dietrich Charisius (CTO) and myself (CMO) founded Metaversum in 2006. Metaversum has since developed Twinity, which is now in private beta.

Lowell: You’re competing in an increasingly crowded space – who do you see as your core market?

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