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Jailed for killing Virtual Husband – itsReal

Tokyo – A 43 year old woman, a player in a virtual game has been jailed for killing a digital persona of an online HUSBAND after he dumped her – in a virtual divorce. She stole his ID and password and logged in and killed his virtual Character in Maple Story. If convicted she faces five years in prison and US$5000.00 in fines for stealing his ID & Password, she has been detained but yet to be charged – The women did not make any threats to the man’s real life, but the owner of the digital character made a police report which led to her arrest – now is this taking VIRTUAL LIFE just a little too far ?

New Straits Times - Malaysia

New Straits Times - Malaysia

Yet in other instances which involve virtual worlds an LA woman was charged with plotting the real-life abduction of a boyfriend she met thru Second Life and again in Tokyo a 16 year old boy was charged for stealing the ID & password of another player to swindle US$360,000 worth of virtual currency – these ones I do understand.

Who has heard of other breaches of real world law related to incidents from Virtual Worlds ? Could Twinty be exposed to these forms of illegal or undesirable behavior ?

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