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Happy Halloween in Twinity! – itsReal

Happy Halloween in Twinity!

Trick or Twist? This year, Halloween is going to be one creepy, crazy twisted scene at Eleanor´s Titty Twister! Get in the Halloween spirit and dress to kill on All Hallow’s Eve.

Bask in the gloomy glow of jack-o’-lantern lamps, dance all night to monster Rock´n´Roll tunes and scare the virtual hell out of each other. Look in your Gifts folder to get your free Halloween Masks and Lamps!

Twinity’s Twister Halloween Party will be held at two convenient times, so Halloween fans in different time zones can enjoy the holiday spirit of tricks, mayhem and madness!

Happy Halloween in Twinity!
Happy Halloween in Twinity! Be there if you dare…who’s up for a night of wicked treats?

Where: Titty Twister

Date: Friday, 31 October
Time: 19:00 (CET), 1pm (EST), 02:00 (SST) AND
Date: Saturday, 1 November
Time: 03:00 (CET), 9pm (EST), 10:00 SST

Special Halloween Treat: Find the hidden jack-o’-lanterns in Berlin and win! Become a friend of Quiz Master and send her a message explaining where they are and you can win 100 Globals per pumpkin!
Happy Halloween from Twinity!


PS: Boo! Send a Halloween Gift to your Facebook friends with Twinity’s new Greetings application.
Virtual Berlin in Twinity!

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