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THIRD PLACE: Wake up class with holograms GRADES 9-12 | APP.com | Asbury Park Press

APLINK is glad there are others out the that think like i do… hologram technology has the potential to transform life as we know it ! Applications are only limited by imagination and funding now between imagination and funding which is the hardest to make a reality !

What if…

there was a way to keep kids entertained, enthusiastic, and well-educated? I believe a new frontier in educational technology could do just that. Holograms would open whole new worlds

Technology could help make Alexander Hamilton a lot more real. Holograms could be used to display lifelike historical figures to the class. A hologram is a

three-dimensional image produced by rays of light. The holograms could be programmed to answer questions as well. Instead of sitting in class listening to someone else describe Alexander Hamilton, students would see the man with their own eyes. Not only that, but they could ask him questions. It’s much easier to learn through hands-on experiences, and that’s exactly what the holograms would provide. To some, historical figures are just dead guys who did important things. Being able to meet and question them would break that stereotype and increase learning. By interacting with these famous people, student would be able to truly become part of history. History would become alive for them.

read more: http://www.app.com/article/20090225/OPINION03/90225020/1028/opinion

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ReLIVE08: Researching Learning in Virtual Environments – itsreal

www.open.ac.uk/relive08 ReLive08 – 20th and 21st November 2008

Virtual worlds such as Second Life, CyberTown, Twinity and There are increasingly popular environments for augmentative and immersive business, education and artistic activities as well as the leisure and entertainment activities for which they first became known.

ReLIVE08 conference, hosted by The Open University, is one of the first international conferences to bring together educators and technologists to explore the potential of such virtual world environments in relation to learning and teaching.

The conference will showcase innovative work from across the globe – highlighting the learning potential of these immersive worlds beyond gaming and social networking.

ReLIVE08 or Researching Learning in Virtual Environments – has an exciting conference programme dealing with all aspects of researching the transfer of knowledge within artificial worlds, including presentations from notable keynote speakers Edward Castranova and Roo Reynolds.


Quanta Security: ReLIVE08: Virtual Dreams in Milton Keynes.

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Striking a new path together for education in SL – y.s. authentics supporting eduate.eu – itsReal

eduate.eu wants to use a virtual environment with Second Life to present national and international projects regarding lifelong learning. The presentations shall offer both information about the project works and suggestions for other project executing organisations, in order to implement Second Life as a learning and communication tool for their project work.
eduate.euPeople interested in the realisation of education projects in Second Life can stroll on a learning path and follow the individual steps of such implementation. Of course, eduate.eu is also available for other educational institutions, that wish to include Second Life in their project work.

Read more at y.s. authentics

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