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ReLIVE08: Researching Learning in Virtual Environments – itsreal

www.open.ac.uk/relive08 ReLive08 – 20th and 21st November 2008

Virtual worlds such as Second Life, CyberTown, Twinity and There are increasingly popular environments for augmentative and immersive business, education and artistic activities as well as the leisure and entertainment activities for which they first became known.

ReLIVE08 conference, hosted by The Open University, is one of the first international conferences to bring together educators and technologists to explore the potential of such virtual world environments in relation to learning and teaching.

The conference will showcase innovative work from across the globe – highlighting the learning potential of these immersive worlds beyond gaming and social networking.

ReLIVE08 or Researching Learning in Virtual Environments – has an exciting conference programme dealing with all aspects of researching the transfer of knowledge within artificial worlds, including presentations from notable keynote speakers Edward Castranova and Roo Reynolds.


Quanta Security: ReLIVE08: Virtual Dreams in Milton Keynes.

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