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titanic raised – in UNREAL – itsReal

Joe Rigby a member of the Association of VirtuaL Worlds hooked me up on skype recently and did a live demo of his virtual world – based on UNREAL a gaming platform. What hit me as amazing was Joe’s passion for what he is doing – of all the AVW members he could have contacted he targeted me (maybe he knew i would blog about his efforts) and so I feel compelled to blog about his endeavours.

joe’s company is called MellaniuM, but please don’t judge his website – They are in EARLY early start-up mode similar to my client Twinity, but i guess Twinity is further along – for MellaniuM their focus is spot on – Education, archeology andĀ  architects – they don’t want to be a second life or twinity, they want to create 3D virtual experiences that people can learn and profit from. Their company tagline is – Widening your horizons by simulating the world

From my perspective, I applaud Joe for contacting me, and in return here is my blog post – the Virtual Worlds industry whether startup or like second life and its ups and downs is innovation that can only become more powerful in the decades ahead – watch the titanic video on Youtube from MellaniuMĀ  – itsReal

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