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Revisited 2008: Singapore’s IT Show attracts 725,000 visitors and they SPENT – $53 MILLION – itsReal

Last years heading:  Singapore’s IT Show attracts 718,000 visitors and they SPENT – $48 MILLION – itSreal – WOW

This year per person the spend was appox $73.10 per person – no wonder there is no cover charge to go to the IT Show in Singapore and that there are 8087 technology related jobs on offer in Singapore right now.

This year I got to see my mate Melvin Koh on prime time TV – as well as hearing that the show had gone GREEN – can u imagine the paper needed to sustain 725,000 eager consumers, looking for computer, printers, phones and memory cards ?

Today’s mypaper picked up that in the 45 minutes they were stationed at city hall – no one was checked – when carrying their IT Show Singapore goodies home – so homeland Security for the first time came into the hugely successful IT SHOW in Singapore.

All that aside – well done to the organisers and see you next year !

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