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Blogs, Tweets, Reviews – Your Guests Are Socializing

APLINK found this interesting article and feels relief the Berjaya University College of Hospitality is educating their students with social media engagement to enrich students on-going professional careers.

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How Social Media Impacts Travel

No matter where people are traveling, they know that doing a little research ahead of time can make or break their vacation. Scouting top local hotels, restaurants and the treasures off the tourists’ beaten path is now the norm for your potential guests. And the resources available to help them conduct their research seem to be increasing all the time. These days, consumers are doing their travel homework whether they have a short business trip or a long stay abroad.

A few years back, only travel agents and some travel book authors were privy to such information. With social media taking off, your customers are quickly learning the ropes on how to access valuable information, whether it’s on avoiding tourist traps or finding true locals with a wealth of knowledge and expertise on their area.

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think Immersion Education as it relates to Hospitality…

What does it mean… “in traditional educational instituitons that do not apply the immersion methodology, it is just learning theories in classes and that is it. however in the application of this methodology, the classroom is expanded in the sense that it “throws” the students directly into the industry itself whereby they apply the knowledge that they learn to polish up their skills. in other words it is the application of theories in the practical world as hospitality is not a “book” industry it is a “practical” industry. beyond books it is also the exposure to the environment as well as it is vital that the environment reflects what the students are learning. imagine students learning medicine who do all thier learning in a classroom but when they go into an operating theatre, they are unable to apply the knowledge they have learned .. same concept. i hope this answers your query in the immersion methodology.”

Shiela from the hospitality matters group on facebook believes it is the above… what are you thoughts – visit http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=180280445509 to voice an opinion…


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