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brightkite many glitches but – itsReal

What is Brightkite?

Brightkite is the simple way to keep up with friends and places. It lets you see where all your friends are, so you can spend more time with them. You can also discover places in your neighborhood and meet other locals along the way.

What Does APLINK Think?

Brightkite reminds me of the early facebook days and then also Twitter – I could at first see little use for both of the before mentioned social platforms, however today I mock that I spend 36 hours a day in facebook and now manage around 8 twitter accounts.

But unlike facebook & twitter. Brightkite has many – let me call them – glitches but after re-attempting different things it seems like magic brightkite does what it is kinda meant to do. The best thing about brightkite is its ability to connect facebook & twitter to your travels via your smartphone, I have an HTC Hero which is android based and there is a brightkite app – hey and it works !!!

So, what do I think – APLINK can’t help but be on as many social platforms he can find and that make sense. Brightkite seems to make sense for now & with an alexa rank of 12,581 – alot more people than me must seem to think itsReal too.

note: to find me on brightkite my nick is OZAWESUM – that’s one of the glitches I can’t seem to fix. I forgot my APLINK password and can’t seem to generate a reset – so have had to re-register with a new account.

TIP: if you have a business especially a venue, restaurant or bar – register and create your business location – it’s free and yet another signpost to your doorstep courtesy of SOCIAL MEDIA.

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Top Ten PR Tips for Small Business – itsReal

Courtesy: Web Ink Now

1. The old ways to get noticed were to buy expensive advertising and beg the media to write about you and your products. The best way to get noticed today is to publish great content online.

2. Don’t talk about what your products and services do. Instead talk about how you solve problems for your customers.

3. Be enthusiastic and have fun. People want to do business with people they like.

4. Don’t rely on spamming the media with your press releases and PR pitches.

5. Use press releases to reach buyers directly.

6. Comment on blogs, forums and chat rooms (but don’t talk about your products and services).

7. Read the popular books in your market and write a review on Amazon. Use your real name and affiliation.

8. Shoot a short video and put it up onto YouTube

9. Know what search terms people are using to find products and services like yours and create content that search engines will reward with high search engine rankings.

10. Don’t be egotistical. Nobody cares about you and your products. Your buyers care about themselves and solving their problems.

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