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Program Guide Singapore Tattoo Show 2010

8th January 2010

Singapore Tat2 Show Day 1


1PM – 1.30PM

Meet-N-Greet session with Kim Saigh


2PM – 3PM

Autograph signing session with Kim Saigh


3PM – 4PM

Art Fusion Experiment – Charcoal Sketching


7PM – 8.30PM

Tattoo contests Judging


9PM – 9.30PM

Tattoo contests winners announcement and prize ceremony



End of Day 1






Trade Seminars



Oil painting with Shawn Barber


Neuma Tattoo Machine with Carson Hill



9th January 2010

Singapore Tat2 Show Day 2


1PM – 2PM

Autograph signing session with Kim Saigh


2PM – 2.30PM

Contortionist “RUBBER BOY” performance


2.30PM – 2.45PM

Meet-N-Greet session with” RUBBER BOY”


3PM – 4PM

Photo taking session with Rubber Boy


3.30PM – 4PM

Traditional Borneo Dance performance


7PM – 8.30PM

Tattoo Contests Judging


9PM – 9.30PM

Tattoo contests winners announcement and prize ceremony



End of Day 2






Trade Seminars



Blood borne Pathogens Course Seminar



Black and Grey Techniques with  Bob Tyrrell



10th January 2010

Singapore Tat2 Show Day 3


1PM – 2PM

Autograph signing session with Kim Saigh


2.30PM – 3.30PM

Miss Tattoo Asia contest


4PM – 5PM

Best Female and Male Tattoo contest


6PM – 7.30PM

Tattoo contests Judging


7.30PM – 7.45PM

Traditional Borneo Dance performance (Closing Ceremony)



Tattoo contests winners announcement and prize ceremony



End of Day 3






Trade Seminars



Colour Realism/Colour Portrait with Nate Beavers





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a tattoo IS for life – createmytattoo.com

Getting the right tattoo design can often be a challenging prospect. You can get anything imaginable and this is a design you are going to have for the rest of your life! Now thanks to the internet you are able to reach to a global market of tattoo artists that can provide you a design you can take into your preferred local Tattoo studio.

A team of tattoo enthusiasts has created a website where hundreds of artists compete to design your perfect custom tattoo.

The site is called Create My Tattoo http://www.createmytattoo.com and it’s all about helping you get the perfect tattoo design. The site works like this, you described your tattoo design and say how much you’re willing to pay for it, then artists submit concepts for you to rate and comment on and eventually you choose a design as a winner.

Seriously, this is a cool concept and some people get dozens and even hundreds of designs through contests to choose from.

Here is the really good news, The Singapore Tattoo Show has got an exclusive offer from them. Create your design contest http://www.createmytattoo.com/contests/create/2 and use the promotion code SGTat2 at checkout to get 50% off.

You could also win a free $200 design contest by being one of their first 500 Facebook fans http://www.facebook.com/CreateMyTattoo. There are only about 30 spots left, so join now.

Here’s a short video describing the service:

Join our virtual journey as we lead up to the 2nd Singapore Tattoo Show – Tat2 2010 – it’s going to be an awesome ride


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Tattoo Studios appearing at Tat2 2010

For News Updates please join http://facebook.com/TattooPride . .

After the overwhelming success of the First Singapore Tattoo Convention, Tat2 2010 Show is arriving in January with a bang.

show logo 2010With an estimated 300 renowned artists from all over the world, an unrivalled line up of unique contests, stage performances and entertainment, the 3 day event, held 8th to 10th January 2010 at the Singapore Expo, is set to put Singapore on the regional map as a platform for artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike.

Tat2 2010 Show highlights include:

– Guest celebrities Kim Saigh (L.A. Ink), Chris Garver (Miami Ink)

– VIP Guest Matt Booth www.Room101silver.com
– The first ‘Miss Tattoo’ contest held in Asia
– Performances by Rubber Boy, the ‘Most Flexible Man Alive’
– Live art, graffiti and tattoo demonstrations
– Tattoo Contests
– Tattoo Seminars
– Battle of the Bands
– Art Exhibitions
– Design Competitions

Tat2 2010 aims to advocates the act of responsible tattooing and to educate the public about tattoo as a form of body art appreciation and culture.

3-Day Tickets are on an Early Bird Promotion from now until 15 Nov 2009. visit www.tattoo.com.sg for details

Tattoo Studios attending to date –
Studio Name Country
Tatudharma Australia
Calypso Tattoo Belgium
Duck Art Tattoo Belgium
Klaktat2 Belgium
Smokov Tattoo Bulgaria
Canglong Tattoo China
HE Tattoo China
Lengyan Tattoo China
Long Tattoo China
Mummy Tattoo China
Needles & Pins China
Tang Tattoo Studio China
Tian Zhi Long Tattoo China
Tian Zun Tang Tattoo Studio China
Wushang Tattoo China
Yaksa Tattoo China
Yi Xiu Tang China
YZ Tattoo China
Ziyou Tattoo China
Positif Tattoo France
Shitoujii Tattoo France
Lovisa Tattoo French Polynesia
Akira Tattoo Germany
Dark and Brightside Germany
Dark Shadow Tattoo Germany
Gestochen Scharf Germany
Iron Monkey Tattoo Germany
Norman’s Tattoo & Art Gallery Germany
Red Star Tattoo Germany
Scum Art Tattoo Germany
Smilin’ Demons Tattoo Germany
Tattoo Galerie Germany
Tattoo Jimmy Germany
Tattoo Mangon Germany
Tommy Lee Tattoos Germany
Zoe Thorne Tattoo Germany
Burning Heart Tattoo Holland
Classic Ink & Mods Holland
Tattoo Zeist Tattoo Holland
Yugen Tattoo Holland
Star Crossed Tattoo Hong Kong
Aurora Tattoo Indonesia
Black Dragon Tattoo Indonesia
Brisik Tattoo Indonesia
Morganic Heart Tattooing Italy
Murran Tattoo Italy
Positive Vibrations Italy
Sundance Tattoo Italy
Sunskin Art Italy
Sunskin Tattoo Italy
ZOP Tattoo Italy
Asakusa Horiyasu Studio Japan
Knuckle Energy Tattoo Japan
Nippon Tattoo Japan
Tattoo Studio Desperado Japan
Dragonfly  Tattoo Malaysia
Inkology Tattoo Studio Malaysia
Jeff Tattoo Studio Malaysia
Monkey Tattoo Malaysia
Sunskin Studio Malaysia
Tattoo City Art Studio Malaysia
Mohan’s Tattoo Inn Nepal
Arctic Tattoo Norway
Arts Elemental NZ
Moana Moko/ Steedman Tattoo Machines NZ
The Left Hand Path NZ
Pintados Tattooo Philippines
Tinta Tattoo Shop Philippines
Kult Tattoo Poland
Tattooism S.Korea
8 Volts Tattoo Studio SG
Art Addictive Tattoo SG
Body Décor Tattoo & Piercing SG
Dream Body Art SG
Elvin Tattoo SG
Exotic Tattoos SG
Fly Back Tattoo SG
Imagine Tattoo Studio SG
Ink-credible Tattoo Studio SG
IN’s Tattoo SG
Kustoms 7 Tattoos SG
Marc Pinto’s Primitive Tattoo SG
Shark Tattoo Studio SG
Skin Label Tattoo Studio SG
Think Tattoo SG
Visual Orgasm Tattoo SG
William Tattoo Studio SG
Evil Twins Tattoo Sweden
Temple of Art Sweden
Ink Tank Tattoo Switzerland
Fo Guang Hang Thai
Fulltime by Eak Thai
Golden Needle Tattoo Thai
Siam Ink Tattoo Thai
Ton Thai Tattoo Studio Thai
Alien Tattoo TWN
Belleza Tattoo TWN
Body Processing Tattoo TWN
Chi-Tattoo Family TWN
Cimo Tattoo TWN
Daio-King Tattoo TWN
Diao Chen Tattoo TWN
Diau An Tattoo TWN
Diau Chang Tattoo TWN
Diau Chi Tattoo TWN
Diau Chung Tattoo TWN
Diau Fu Tattoo TWN
Diau-Hu Tattoo TWN
Dow Jenn Tattoo TWN
East Tattoo TWN
Evil Devil Tattoo TWN
Fright Tattoo TWN
Holy Mark Tattoo TWN
Hsinyi Tattoo TWN
Hwa Kwe Tattoo TWN
Lion King Tattoo TWN
Mayin Tattoo TWN
Mi Feng Tattoo Studio TWN
Mr Tattoo TWN
Mr Tattoo TWN
Night Action Tattoo- TWN
Taiwan Diao Tattoo TWN
Tiao Fang Tattoo TWN
Top Tattoo TWN
Vic Tattoo TWN
White Tattoo Studio TWN
Yong Mo Tattoo TWN
Forever True Tattoo UK
King Cross Tattoo Parlour-3pax UK
Magnum Opus Tattoo UK
Sacred Ink UK
The Bolton Tat Shop UK
Art Junkies Tattoo USA
Atelier Tattoo USA
Body Armor Tattoo USA
Burly Fish Tattoo USA
Carson Hill Tattoos USA
Chris Garver of Miami Ink USA
Daredevil Tattoo USA
Devine Street Tattoo USA
Divinity Tattoo USA
El Drako Tattoo USA
Epoch Tattoo USA
Federico Ferroni Tattoo USA
Gold Rush Tattoo USA
Great American Tattoo Company USA
Hope Gallery USA
Inkworks Tattoo USA
Iron Age Tattoo USA
Lucky Devil Tattoo USA
Mike Cole Art USA
MY Tattoo USA
New York Adorned USA
Night Gallery USA
Outer Limits Tattoo USA
Sovereign Collective USA
Star Blood Studios USA
Studio Shagoo USA
Symbolic Tattoo USA
Tattoo Syndicate USA
Tribulation Tattoo USA
Marc Pinto’s Primitive Tattoo Australia
For News Updates please join http://facebook.com/TattooPride

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