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Tattooink.tv Sponsor of the Singapore Tattoo Show 2010



Flash your Tats at the Singapore Tattoo Show 2010 and you could be one of the many FACES in the coverage of the Singapore Tattoo Show by Tattooink.tv. Have a global audience admire your pride and joy tattoo/s – see you at the show.

Contact: Tattooink.tv

Call: +61 2 83070860



PO BOX 20519 World Square
Sydney NSW 2002

Website: http://tattooink.tv

Singapore Tattoo Show Tat2 2010 – Jan 8 to 10 Singapore Expo

Join us till then on Facebook – http://facebook.com/tattoopride


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Venturing into one of the many subcultures – Intel by aplink – Qondio Singapore

Deriving from the Polynesian word tatau, the English language loaned this word and eventually the spelling was changed to fit the pronunciation of the English phonology, to tattoo. Tattoos have very different reactions on different people. Some outright frown upon it and some are avid collectors of them. Especially in recent times, it has been more and more well received by the general public compared to a couple of years ago. It is not for no reason that some people have distasted tattoos. Due to religion or historical reasons, tattoos can be a negative reminder of the things that happened to people. And in some countries, tattoos are used as a marking of identification to a certain gang, and that naturally result in the general public having a biased opinion on tattoos.

Submitted by Guest Blogger : Mandy Liew

via Venturing into one of the many subcultures – Intel by aplink – Qondio Singapore.

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